Holmgren Speaks, v2.0

More combine wisdom from the new Browns president, from quarterbacks to Jerome Harrison to Josh Cribbs to, yes, The Tebow Child...

INDIANAPOLIS—Mike Holmgren answered several questions pertaining to the Browns, but didn't offer a lot of information.

Q: Are you tendering a contract to Jerome Harrison?:

Holmgren: "We will tender him a contract that will make it very difficult for some team to sign him."

Q:  Can Harrison hold up for the whole season?:

Holmgren: "It's hard for a guy to hold up for the whole season. We want to get him some help. We hope to draft a running back in this draft."

Q: Who else will you tender contracts to?:

Holmgren: "We will, but I won't tell who'll will tender."

Q: Do you expect Josh Cribbs' contract to get done soon?:

Holmgren: "It isn't settled yet, but we're having very healthy dialog. It's possible it will be done this week, but I doubt it. I love Josh. He's under contract for three more years, but I wanted to do something to show (Cribbs) we want him. The talks are moving and I'm pleased the way it's going."

Q: How big do you see the job in turning the Browns around?:

Holmgren: "It's a challenge because it's been a while since Cleveland has been in the playoffs. We can do this and we will do this. It's been done before. Patience wasn't a virtue in dealing with the staff in terms of getting the team better there has to be an urgency to get better. We want to turn the team around quickly and build on what the team did late last year."

Q: What are the Browns priorities right now?:

Holmgren: "It's part of the evaluation process we've had a number of meetings and we're trying to prioritize our needs. We need depth on the offensive line and solve the quarterback question. We've been throwing things outs there for trades to see where that goes."

Q: What are your thoughts on Tim Tebow?:

Holmgren: "First, I think Tim is a great young man. The first question does his greatness in college translate to greatness in our game.  I read somewhere that he was trying to change his motion. In my opinion, I think changing the motion is the hardest thing to change on a quarterback. Do you want a player like Tim Tebow on your team? Absolutely. That is a debate and an ongoing study for us that will go up until the draft."

Q: What quarterbacks will you interview or work out?:

Holmgren: "We approach it a little differently. The ones that we're interested in, we'll bring them in to Cleveland. We'll talk to some, but we use this as a tool to gather information."

Q: What's the most important thing for you in evaluating a quarterback?:

Holmgren: "He has to have an innate ability to throw the football. Accuracy, rhythm and how he delivers the football. The second thing is his movement in the pocket. The third thing is how the young man can handle pressure."

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