Transcript: Sobo Live from Indy!

The OBR's resident draft guru discusses what he's seen so far at the NFL Combine. Join us again on Monday night at 9PM for our third and final Combine chat!

<howldawg> 5,0where's SOBO and Barry?
<BarryMcBride> Dunno

<ramllov> Barry thanks for the great coverage
<BarryMcBride> No problem... man, those guys in Indy have been firing off a ton of updates.

<SOBOdawg> sorry, on the run from dinner with a few agents

<SOBOdawg> looks like a rowdy Saturday crowd!

<ramllov> SOBO, how many OTs go in the first round 6, 7 or 8?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  It's yet to be determined but you're looking at a five in the first round

<Erieandy> Best TE today?
<SOBOdawg> EA: Jimmy Graham turned a lot of heads.  Dennis Pitta always benche and ran better than expected

<ramllov> They were saying four in the top 10 picks is that realistic?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Trent Williams is the wild card.  I've had guys like Okung, Bulaga, and A.Davis in the top 10 for a while.   Bruce Carter could be a Raiders favorite with THAT workout
<crazydog> Campbell?
<SOBOdawg> CD: Yes Campbell.   Sorry, Bruce Carter was a favorite of mind who did not declare.

<dawngregry> Can u comment on the rumor the Browns are attempting to restructure DA's contract and then ship him off to Ariz for a conditional 5th round pick? Why would be the urgency for Ariz as opposed to just waiting for the Browns to release him.
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Honestly, the DA stuff hasn't really made it's rounds.   If their are leaks to the situation, they are few and far between on anything Anderson.  Though all team officials have stressed how a decision has not been made on either QB repeatedly.

<brownsclown> Whats your best guess on Kurt Coleman draft spot. Does he have range to play in NFL?
<SOBOdawg> BC:  5-6th rounder on Coleman.  Very good football player, but his size is a worry.

<crazydog> Sobo third round OL?
<SOBOdawg> CD: Jared Veldheer has been very very popular.   A guy like Kyle Calloway could be in the coversation, though he didn't test well.  John Asasmoah would be in consideration once he passes medicals.

<ramllov> The reason why I asked about so many LT candidates in the top 10, maybe the Browns could raffle off the seventh pick, for better value, if two or more teams wanted the next available LT?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  It will be interesting to see what happens at no.7 if none of the defensive studs fall and a QB isn't the answer.   As a matter of fact, one of the agents I spoke with told me some NFL defensive backs' coaches are no where near as high on Haden as he is generally perceived

<dawngregry> Do the Browns have any interest in talking to Dunta Robinson?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Free agency is a huge question mark all around.   I know it's not fair to dance around the situation, but guys simply don't know how things are going to play out in the next couple of days

<brownsclown> Does Dez Bryant not running throw up more red flags. How do you see him?
<SOBOdawg> BC:  There has been some conversation that if a team finds out Bryant if "faking" the injury (and there is no indication he is), then that would raise a MAJOR red flag

<crazydog> SOBO that surprises me on Haden.... do they rate Wilson as the #1 CB?
<SOBOdawg> CD:  The conversation didn't go much further than that, because there were strong opinions otherwise
<SOBOdawg> CD:  The surprising thing with Suh we found out today is that he has yet to meet with the Rams, yet has met with the Lions twice already sitting at the same table

<dawngregry> I watch you tube game film (LOL) and Brandon LaFell pretty much had his way with Haden. That kind of worried me. Howvere, guys like Mike Mayock grade him very highly. I believe Mayock has him ranked as a top 5 overall talent.
<SOBOdawg> DG: Never watch you tube game film....ever.   If you can't watch actual game film, like most cant', watch as many games possible on a particular player.

<crazydog> Wo this going to get intersting....any chance Suh falls from favor and falls to #7?
<crazydog> Really? how could STL pass on Suh?
<SOBOdawg> CD:  I'm not saying St. Louis is going to pass on Suh...they simply have yet to meet with him.   It just seemed surprising to many.   But their GM Billy Devaney did say he was one of the four talents the team is strongly considering

<howldawg> how would you classify that split 50/50?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  I apologize, split on what?
<howldawg> 5,0opinion on haden
<SOBOdawg> HD:  That was merely one source on Haden.  I simply mentioned it because it does go against the grain and should be digested

<ramllov> SOBO, did you see anyone surprise you on the offensive line players in today's workouts, once you get past the OL men who ran 5.10 and under?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  A lot of the linemen basically solidified what you already saw on them in film.    Some of the small school guys were more talented than expected

<daddywags> Golden Tate measured only 5'10" I think.  Could he fall to 38 if he's only 5'10"?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Tate was believe to be 5'10' or 5'11' entering this week.  No surprise.

<crazydog> This is a really fun draft year lots of stories and draft day will be fun to watch
<SOBOdawg> CD:  Believed we have stumbled on a lot of great stories so far with this Combine.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, what have you heard as far as how Bryant's body looked at the weigh-in? Did see that he came in 5 lbs heavier than his playing weight.
<SOBOdawg> Alo:  I mentioned that Bryant came in heavy and openly wondering in a blog whether or not it was due to his hamstring and not working out fully

<howldawg> so is tate first or second round?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  Tate was considered a 'tweener, in that 1st or early second before all of this.  I don't see that changing much at the moment.

<howldawg> Sobo how bad did Cody look?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  Did not see Cody yet, but I know his weight is down 16 pounds already from the Senior Bowl

<dawngregry> What is the scoop on the OL with the last name of Wang I believe? He looked like a good athlete today.
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Ed Wang is a former TE who grew into the position.  He is a nice player in the 5th round range to develop because he has some athleticism, moves well, can pass block, and has potential to develop into a LT.

<crazydog> Pitta and Dickerson both looked good any insight?
<SOBOdawg> CD:  Those TE's are what they are.   Dickerson has no position but can be a very good mismatch with a creative coach.   Pitta is a solid and reliable receiver.

<ramllov> SOBO, do you know anything about Clay Harbor, TE, small school?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Coming into this week, Harbor has certainly performed better than expected.   Though his football speed isn't quite as good as him timed speed.

<AloAloysius> Who was the guy who impressed you most during your interviews?
<SOBOdawg> Alo:  Well as I have ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, Bruce Campbell immediately comes to mind.   Not because of the interview itself, but rather that he is SO physically imposing.   Jimmy Clausen was much better than Sam Bradford today as well.

<howldawg> who is the best of the not first round TE's?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  A guy I've liked all along but didn't participate today is Alabama's Colin Peek.

<ramllov> SOBO, is it accurate that the Browns could find a good TE with their late third or fourth pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Certainly the team can find a good tight end in that third or fourth.   Guys like Jimmy Graham, Peek, Pitta, etc.

<mikehey> what is the earlierest hear something on the qb's, and browns go offense or defense with first pick?
<SOBOdawg> Mike:  Still believe the Browns go defense earlier, until we find out about these QB's one way or another.

<howldawg> SOBO clausen didn't come across with an attitude?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  Not at all.  Clausen was confident and came off well.   Bradford appeared much more "coached" and even guarded answering the questions.

<brownsclown> Could dwyer be around early 2nd, a good fit for Browns?
<SOBOdawg> BC:  Admittedly, I've never been high on Dwyer and feel he's an early 2nd rounder.   One thing I've learned, and I've reported, is that the Browns really seem to be looking for a RB out of this class.

<dawngregry> Trent Williams kind of stood out in my mind as another very good athlete today. Is he a RT ot LT?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Williams can play both, as well as center.   His versatility is my favorite quality of his game.  Though quite a few teams see him more as a RT.

<ramllov> SOBO, if you were going to put a percentage on the Browns trading Shaun Rogers, would you say above or below 50%?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Below 50% at this point simply because he is such a good talent.

<dawngregry> What is your opinion on Ryan Matthews at this point?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Matthews is the 2nd best running back in this class.  A natural runner who presses the hole and explodes through.  Reminds me a lot of Donald Brown from a year ago.

<ramllov> SOBO would you take a RT, who can play guard and LT with the Browns second pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  As in the second round pick?  Depends on who is available.  I wouldn't mind a guy like Charles Brown of USC, if you think outside of the box a bit.

<LordHelpus> If both Bradford and Clausen are gone, who, in your opinion, is the most likely QB the Brown would draft.
<SOBOdawg> LH:  Been pretty consistent that I believe Tony Pike is the next best QB and someone the Browns are interested in.

<dawngregry> It was fun to listen to Charlie Casserly today - he said the Raiders will likely select Bruce Campbell because of his 4.85 40 time and all the holes he has in the rest of his game. : )
<SOBOdawg> DG:  I said that a couple weeks ago, because it was common knowledge he was running like that.  Though Trent Williams wasn't far behind.

<brownsclown> Is there a RB or WR worhty of number 7 even if its a bit of a reach?
<SOBOdawg> BC:  I believe CJ Spiller is a top ten talent.  But he's a situational player that needs the right coach and system to fully succeed to that level.

<daddywags> Would any of Mathews, Pike or Tate be legit options for the Browns at 38 if they are there, then?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  I would think that Matthews and Pike would be.  Tate not as much because he doesn't have that top end speed that Tom Heckert admitted to looking for at the position

<ramllov> TO and Jets RB, look like they will be free agents this year.  Will the Browns have any interest in either?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  T.O.....definitely not.   Leon Washington is worse off than some suspect due to last year's injuries.

<brownsclown> Could Brandon Graham add that speed and atheletism we need at #7. Trying to think a little out of box
<SOBOdawg> BC:  Graham isn't the guy I would suspect at 7.  Now Dan Williams or a Jared Odrick would seem more likely.

<dawngregry> Is Spiller that much better than Matthews? I like Matthews because he appears to avoid being brought down by the 1st guy he makes contact with.
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Spiller has those truly elite explosive qualities that very few posses.   Now a name I found interesting today was Dexter McCluster

<daddywags> Speaking of top end speed, where does Jacoby Ford go?  (I know it's hard to say before he's even run)
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Ford is likely a 3rd round guy based on speed, but rawness at the position.

<ramllov> Is McCluster a second or third round pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: 2nd.
<howldawg> why did that suprise you on McCluster?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  It wasn't anything special about McCluster.   He did come off great in interviews and that clicked in my head.   Then I'm the one who asked the McCluster/DeSean Jackson question of Heckert and he really liked to see the line of thinking which I was taking.

<ramllov> SOBO what is your opinion of guard Roger Saffold, could he play RT?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Saffold will have value as a potential LT.
<SOBOdawg> probably early 3rd

<LordHelpus> With all the TE activity today, I did not hear much about Hernandez or Gronkowski. What is happening with these two? Is Gronkowski still hurt?
<SOBOdawg> Lord: Hernandez did nothing today.  Gronkowski is still nursing the back

<dawngregry> I like Saffold because to this point he says he has been a lifelong Browns fan!
<SOBOdawg> DG:  So is Tim Hiller (QB W.Michigan) but I wouldn't draft him.

<daddywags> Does McCluster fit Holmgren's description of a running back who's ready to play now?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Technically, yes McCluster is that type of back simply because he can make plays immediately in a manner of ways.

<dawngregry> now thats funny - i think it was reported Hiller and Heckert are part of the same Hillsdale fraternity.
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Jared Veldheer is from Hillsdale.

<dawngregry> I assume you would take Veldheer in the appropriate round.
<SOBOdawg> DG:  The scary thing about Veldheer is that he has the shortest arms of any of the true tackles here. Now that's not a huge concern, but something that should be noted.  Think he has the talent to be a very good tackle, but it will take time.

<daddywags> Who are the best running/pass receiving combo RBs in this class (thinking WCO)?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  C.J. Spiller is the best all around back.  Guys like Ben tate (Auburn) and Montario Hardesty (Tennesse) would be nice additions in the 3rd/4th range.

<mikehey> holmgren sounded like he wants to build the offense up early in the draft
<SOBOdawg> Mike: that's exactly the opposite of what Holmgren stated when just hired.

<ramllov> How much is Veldheer going to rise in this draft, they are saying he is either 7th or 8th LT?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Veldheer is likely going in the third at this point.

<ramllov> SOBO would you talk Veldheer over Calloway for the Browns with a third pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Depends on the return you expect.  If you need something immediately, Calloway is a safer bet and he has also started at guard.   Veldheer certainly has more upside overall.

<dawngregry> Did the stock of Bulaga or Iupati change any at this point?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Bulaga still my no.1 rated tackle.   Iupati is still a late first round guard prospect.

<mikehey> saw article today that holmgren said browns need speed at wide outs and running back depth at offensive line
<SOBOdawg> Mike:  Yep Mike, I reported that is exactly what Holmgren stated.

<daddywags> Is the small school guy Joique Bell an option for us or is he too raw?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Bell is a nice powerful back, but he is a pounder with nimble feet between the tackles.   He isn't exactly a speed back and will have some trouble against top competition

<ramllov> SOBO how well do you like Eric Cook, C/G, New Mexico and when is he going to be drafted?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Cook did not do well at all today.

<dawngregry> What do you think of TE Nate Byham?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Byham is the best "draftable" blocking TE in this draft class.   He has his niche in this league.

<gusdawg444> Is Dez Bryant a good bet for #7 pick if the qb/s/cb the browns like fall thru?
<SOBOdawg> GD:  I dont' think Bryant is on the Browns board as well.  By all indications, they are being VERY VERY strict with any off the field problems.

<butchdawg2> Out of our first three draft choices, should we be able to get starters for some of our weakest positions
<SOBOdawg> Butch:  You should expect starters or heavy contributors from your top two.  Once you get past that point, it's expecting a little too much.

<dawngregry> How does Byham compare to a guy like Steve Heiden (relative to the type of player they are – ignore age)?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Byham isn't quite as big or athletic as Heiden.  As a younger and healthier player, Heiden could have started on a lot of NFL teams.   Byham is more along the lines of Robert Royal.  Whereas a guy like Steve Maneri is THE best blocking TE a could be a Michael Gaines type.

<ramllov> SOBO did you expect the TE class to look this good?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  I've stated this TE class could have been one of the best ever if injuries never set in for multiple projects.  Otherwise, it's pretty thin currently.

<gusdawg444> Who are your sleeper 34 rush olb types late in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Gus: You guys will not believe the amount of DE's that have been asked to perform linebacker drills this week. Basically 90% have.

<brownsclown> What do other NFL insider types think of our new braintrust?
<SOBOdawg> bc:  Most like the new braintrust more than what was seen previously
<SOBOdawg> (I know...obvious)

<gusdawg444> Is C.J. Spiller worthy of the #7 pick in your eyes if the big 4 are gone?
<SOBOdawg> Gus:  I believe Spiller can be worth that pick.  Will he be selected nearly that high?  Certainly not.

<daddywags> It's starting to sound like Browns fans should be bracing themselves for a defensive lineman at 7. How likely is that now?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Too much has yet to play itself out.  That is merely my opinion on a few prospects.   Someone like Rolando McClain certainly did not come off well in his interview, but that's just a very small example

<dawngregry> Would the Browns be crazy to take the best running back in the draft at #7?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Sure they would, when they can trade down and probably get the same guy or the same caliber.

<dawngregry> How does Spiller compare to Adrian Peterson?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  No comparison whatsoever.  Spiller is closer to a Reggie Bush/Chris Johnson type of back...for example.

<dawngregry> CJ has become a game changing RB wouldnt u agree?
<SOBOdawg> DG:  Spiller certianly does in a number of different phases of the game.

<ramllov> I was wondering if Spiller was like the guy the Raiders draft two years ago early. Arkansas?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Darren McFadden?   No, McFadden was never the receiver that Spiller is.

<ramllov> What ever happened to McFadden, no QB or just playing in Oakland?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  He's struggled for numerous reasons.

<SOBOdawg> Alright...a few more for the road?

<dawngregry> I meant if Spiller and Chris Johnson are in the same class (game changers)- I cant believe Spiller is
    going to last much beyond pick 10.
<SOBOdawg> DG: C.Johnson lasted until the end of round 1.

<gusdawg444> biggest need for browns in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Gus:  Can we just state what the Browns do NOT need?  That list would be shorter.

<ramllov> What do you think of Tony Washington, OT?
<ramllov> Abiline Christian?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Tony Washington will not be drafted due to off the field issues.

<gusdawg444> what do you feel is their biggest need?  sorry, lol
<SOBOdawg> Gus:  Quarterback is the number one issue by a wide margin.  Now how does this team address it?  That is the multi-million dollar question.

<ramllov> Did Selvish Capers, sp, look?"
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Capers has a lot of technique work to do before he every sniffs legitimate playing time.

<SOBOdawg> Throw a few more questions before I head out gents.  I'm game.

<ramllov> How do you rank the top five guards now?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  1) Iupati, 2)M. Johnson, 3)Asamoah (if healthy), 4)Petrus, 5)J.Jerry

<brownsclown> Brandon Spikes? Your opinion
<SOBOdawg> CB:  Spikes is a very good player who has continually to slide for some unknown reason.  He is not as slow as some are predicting.  He is physical, can rush off the edge, and a leader

<gusdawg444> who is the biggest name that unexpectedly slips in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Gus:  Taylor Mays is my biggest slider.   Wouldn't be surprised to see Rolando McClain or even Spiller depending on situation.

<howldawg> Have you seen kindle yet?
<SOBOdawg> Howl:  Talked to Kindle today and I questioned him on his incident earlier this year.   He didn't seem comfortable answering any of the tough questions.

<ramllov> Petrus, how much do you like him, he is very strong
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Petrus was rather hgihly rated at the position before th bench.  He does have some trouble moving in space and bending at the waist.

<daddywags> I should know this but who is your favorite QB target beyond round 2?
<SOBOdawg> DW:  Like Mike Kafka of Northwestern quite a bit past round 2.
<ramllov> Do they have a height on Mike Kafka?
<SOBOdawg> ram:  Kafka is 6'2' and 226

<dawngregry> I hear Kindle can be purchased for 259.00 via

<SOBOdawg> Alright gents, looks like another long day wrapped up.  Appreciate you showing up on a weekend night.    I'll keep trying to pump some info your way before anyone else has it.

<SOBOdawg> Later all and enjoy the coverage from all over!

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