OBR Blog: 3/1/2010

The Combine ebbs away and moves prior to free agency crank up. Let's get to tracking it...

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/01/2010 10:52 PM ET

Browns Talk to a OT

Fans hoping that the Browns continue to work on their offensive line can take heart from the number of linemen the Browns talked to while at the Indy Combines. Ed Thompson will report tomorrow that the Browns had a formal interview with OT Rodger Saffold last week. Saffold is Chris Steuber's ninth ranked offensive tackle and could be just the ticket for a team that needs to look at solutions at RT as well as depth at both tackle positions. 

We know of other Browns interviews that haven't crept into the mainstream media yet and, as always, like to squirrel those away for the people who support the site via subscription. You can find more in our Insider Blog

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/01/2010 09:12 PM ET

Jones a Name to Remember?

No less a personage than Mr. Adam Schefter tweeted a couple hours ago that the Cleveland Browns were a possible destination for the Jets' Thomas Jones. Along with the Browns, Schefter mentioned the Seahawks, Chargers, and Texans, all of whom make a certain amount of sense given the perception that they need running backs.

The first question which would be asked is why the Browns would pick up another running back with about a decade of wear on his NFL tires, when they just dumped a possible Hall of Famer in Jamal Lewis, who was at a similar juncture in his career. Jones' situation is quite different from Lewis however. Jones was a late-bloomer who didn't break past 1,000 yards in his career until he had been in the league five years. Since then, Jones has piled up over 200 carries and 1,000 yards each season. In a lot of ways, his stats are getting more impressive, rather than showing the decline evident in Lewis' numbers over the last several seasons.

Jones would likely provide a solid back in a rotation for two years, perhaps three.

If one looks at the Jets and Browns situations at RB, however, they're somewhat similar. It was clearly time for the elder statesman to move aside to give youngsters like Jerome Harrison, and potentially James Davis, a shot. The Jets are moving Jones for the same reason. Unless Jones is willing to get fewer carries than he got in NY, I'm not sure that bringing him in wouldn't be, in some ways, a step backward.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/01/2010 04:19 PM ET

The Buzz Around Suh

While listening to sports talk radio this morning, I heard one of the local talkers mention "a story that is going around Detroit" that the Browns would be interested in trading up with the Lions to the #2 spot should Sam Bradford be traded and Ndamakong Suh become available to the Lions with the second pick. What's suggested is that the Browns are in love with Suh and would willingly spend the high cost to move up. The talker said word is that the Browns and Lions have "talked". 

As intriguing as this is, the Browns have "talked" to pretty much every team above them in the draft order and a non-trivial number below. Teams always talk this time of year, trying to figure out what their options would be. At this point, Suh is considered one of the best linemen in recent years, so a number of teams would undoubtedly be interested in trading up for him if he's available. Dealing for Suh would also free the Browns up to deal off Shaun Rogers, a beast of a NT with some on-field downsides that Lane Adkins has talked about on radio and in ATI for a while. 

From what I can tell, however, there's nothing thrilling about the Browns talking to any team in the order, and I wouldn't take the rumor as suggesting that the Browns are in love with Suh and must have him at whatever cost. Inquiries will be made this time of year that may or may not mean a thing...

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/01/2010 02:07 PM ET

Browns Middle of Cap Pack

It's highly unlikely that there will be a salary cap this year, and no one really knows how things will play out financially. One thing we can tell you is that the Browns are currently sitting in the middle of the pack financially. An NFL source tells the OBR that the team's cap would be at just shy of $98 million, about halfway between the high end (Cowboys at $140 million) and the low end (Chiefs at $58 million). Keep in mind that we're going into the double jeopardy round on Friday, where the numbers will really change.

Posted by:  Barry MCBride
at 03/01/2010 01:42 PM ET

From the You-Gotta-Be-Kiddin-Me File

One of my tasks this weekend has been to maintain the Scout.com Combine Story Tracker, which you can find by clicking here. I'm surfing around Scout now, looking for articles about the combine, and I encounter this from our friends at Viking Update: Fan Takes Out Full-Page Ad for Favre. People have been writing letters to the editor of the Hattiesburg American, a newspaper near Favre's hometown. Now a Vikes fan pays out of his own pocket to get his words to Favre via a full page ad in the paper (Reproduced on VU).

All of which begs the question: "Newspaper? What's that?". From what I understand, it's sort of a flexible iPad, but you can't change what's on it and it doesn't need to recharge. You just thow them away when you're done. I hear they're all the rage in local Tea Rooms. Quaint.

Posted by:  Barry mcbride
at 03/01/2010 01:12 PM ET

The Tebow Tracker

On WKNR, Fred talked a little bit about Scout's popular "Tebow Tracker". Yes, it's daily updates on Tim Tebow, provided by Bear Report's John Crist from the Combine, just as he did during the Senior Bowl. Of course, Tebow gets all this incredible hype, and a lot of folks can't stand it, but our stats indicate people read this like crazy. If you haven't seen it, here you go: Day 4  Day 3  Day 2  Day 1.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/01/2010 12:48 PM ET

Fred to Talk Combine, Free Agency on WKNR2

The OBR's Fred Greetham will be on "Lunch with Munch" on WKNR2 today to talk about his time at the NFL Combine and the upcoming free agency period on "Lunch with Munch" today. Click here to listen in! Dial 216-583-9527 to call in with questions.

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