Notes From Indy

The tidal wave of combine info continues to pour in. Here are some breaking news and notes regarding how some players are doing at the NFL combine...

Post Time 2:18 PM--FL ( second group )

Kevin Williams - Oklahoma St: good session, impressed with solid workouts

Johnathon Sullivan - Georgia: also impressed with a strong workout

Antwan Peek - Cincinnati: fastest so far in second half drills, "also stood out in LB drills"

Bryant McNeal - Clemson: also had a very solid second group practice

Andrew Williams - Miami: did not impress in workouts

DeWayne White - Louisville: did not boost his stock in workout.

Post Time 12:01 PM--FL ( first group )

Shurron Pierson - South Florida: had best work 40 time a pair of low 4.6, and had broad job 1/2 foot further from nearest competitor and looked exceptional when used at LB.

Tyler Brayton - Colorado: low 4.7 40 looked very well.

Rien Long - Washington State: Disappointing workout

Clint Mitchell - Florida: Disappointing workout

Post Time 9:50 AM---Team-Redskins

WR Andre Johnson - Miami: Mugged by the Washington Redskins. Redskins plan to work and watch Johnson, and are said to be "HOT" on Johnson.

Post Time 9:50 AM---RB

Derek Watson - S. Carolina St.: Performance highlights RB's at combine workout.

Larry Johnson - Penn State: Did not work out with the Rb's ( 1 - 12 who didn't work out )

Musa Smith - Georgia: Did not work out with RB's ( 1 - 12 who didn't work out )

Post Time 8:55 AM---LB

E.J. Henderson - Maryland: 6-1, 245 with a visible scar on his back from his surgery.

Terry Pierce - Kansas State: Checks in at 6-1, 251; Appears soft.

LaMarcus McDonald - TCU: checks in at 227, 18 pounds heavier than he was at the Senior Bowl.

Kawika Mitchell - South Florida: Passes eye ball test at 6-1, 253.

Nick Barnett - Orgeon State: Weighs in 16 pounds heavier at 236.

Pisa Tinoisamoa - Hawaii: Checks in at 231, 12 pounds heavier than the Senior Bowl.

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