Transcript: Sobo Wraps up the Combine

Brent Sobleski's final brain dump from Indianapolis. Your questions, answered, in volume.

<SOBOdawg> Hello all. Hope you enjoyed the show tonight.
<SOBOdawg> I had other committments which needed finished unfortunately.
<SOBOdawg> Wish I could do more but based on time, multiple working engagements, plus just the rush of information, it's hard to keep up with anymore than just a running blog while slamming updates in the forums as much as possible

<mikehey> what is your top 5 players in draft
<SOBOdawg> Mike: 1.Suh, 2.G.McCoy, 3.Berry, 4.Bulaga, 5.Okung

<joeburt24> How much did Haden fall with his poor 40
<SOBOdawg> JB24: Odds are that Haden falls to the 10-15 range unless a solid reasoning as to why he tested slow comes out. As I stated in the ATI today, no corner which ran over a 4.5 has been taken in the top ten in the past ten years

<howldawg> Ok so then what do we do now?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: There are multiple solid options still available even if Berry doesn't fall. Names like Earl Thomas, Dan Williams, Jared Odrick, and Rolando McClain should all be very much in the conversation
<howldawg> AT 7?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Yes at no.7.

<ramllov> SOBO did your CB and S ranking change that much from the results of the combine?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I have yet to sit down and really rehash my rankings yet. But basically my top rankings at each haven't really changed all that much

<shays82cle> so Haden has to run much better in his pro day
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: It would be amazing to see Clausen drafted twice in the top 5. Don't think that's every happened.

<BagdadHob> Any possibility of taking Bulaga @ #7?
<SOBOdawg> BDH: I can't imagine a team investing top 7 money in both of their offensive tackles. It's never been done in recent memory.

<shays82cle> Sobo.. do you think the Skelton from fordham has any chance to be a good pro?
<SOBOdawg> Sh82Cle: I talked to someone who was sitting next to a bunch of pro scouts when Skelton was throwing this past weekend. They were slobbering over his physical tools by most indications. Problem is he lacks that top indicator for me when it comes to QB's...consistent accuracy.

<Pazienza> Spiller at 7?
<SOBOdawg> Paz: Spiller is a top ten talent, but he won't go that high because of the position he plays and the way he plays it.

<mikehey> what qb would you take in the second or third round if you were the browns

<SOBOdawg> Mike: Still like guys like Pike, Brown, Kafka, and even C.McCoy or Tebow in the right situation.

<redright> Who is your top OLT...Looks like the Redskins have to go OLT even though many expect a QB to go at 4.
<SOBOdawg> Red: Bulaga just nudges out Okung as my top LT in this class.

<TwoHundredOK> Is it still too early to speculate on if we'll be doing the kind of trades we did last year? Or will we just pick at our slot for the most part?
<SOBOdawg> THOK: It really is too early to speculate on those type of things, though the new front office has brought up the possibility quite often already making sure it's known they're willing to deal.

<ramllov> SOBO you list four very find defensive players who could be picked with the 7th selection. Since Haden is no longer there do you see a bigger chance of a trade back to pick up another pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: A trade down is obviously a possibility, but this isn't like last year when the talent in the top ten is very weak.

<Pazienza> After Bradford who is the most accurate QB in the draft?
<SOBOdawg> Paz: I'm a fan of Clausen and have him rated higher. He throws the ball into tight windows accurately and often.

<Hogan> Would you swap first rounders and add a fourth or so - to get Kolb?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: I believe this team should do whatever it takes to land the player they feel is a franchise QB.

<mikehey> between pike brown kafka which one would you pick
<SOBOdawg> Mike: I'd take either depending on the situation at the time. Pike is more an early third at this point while Kafka is in the fourth. Pike has more size and a bigger arm, so he gets the nod in ratings.

<ramllov> Did you see any surprises today on the CBs or Ss in the combine play today?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Devin McCourtey (Rutgers) didn't get much conversation today despite very good workouts and he's slowing been climbing boards all year with his stellar play and tremendous special teams' ability

<shays82cle> quinn vs Clausen.. how do they comapre coming out of college?
<SOBOdawg> Sh82Cle: Clausen physically is less developed and smaller. He is much tougher though than he is given credit and probably a little more athletic. He is more of a natural passer than Quinn ever was.

<ramllov> SOBO it seems a team can get a good corner in the second or third round, it that accurate, considering all the linemen goin going in the first round?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I do believe there will be a strong run on secondary in that 2nd to 3rd round range. Very deep at that position at that point.

<redright> Sobo, who are the OL that may be available after the first day that you would like to see in an orange helmet?
<SOBOdawg> Red: Don't forget the first day is only the first round now. But if you're looking at rounds 4-7....Jason Fox will slide due to off season surgery, but he would have been a late 2nd prior. Marshall Newhouse tested very well, showed up on film all year, and is versatile to play both guard and LT. Inside, guys like Shawn Lauvao, Thomas Austin, and Jeff Byers are all tough physical and veratile blockers as well.

<howldawg> Clausen?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: I admit to being higher on Clausen than most. He could slide slightly but I seriously doubt the Notre Dame product makes it past Buffalo at no.9 at the latest.

<ramllov> It sounded like he was hurt or recoving from a previous year's injury
<SOBOdawg> Whit: Well I have been touting D.Williams and Odrick quite a bit the last couple of weeks as legit top 10 talents.

<ramllov> SOBO has your opinion on Taylor Mays changed much after the combine?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: My opinion on Mays hasn't changed much at all. Basically, all I got out of today is that he may be worth a late first rounder by a good team willing to take a chance, instead of him landing squarely in round 2.

<BagdadHob> Al Davis is salivating over drafting Mays right now I bet
<SOBOdawg> BDH: Mays and Bruce Campbell have been getting the most mention in regards to the Raiders, but the best football player who fits a need and tested rather well in his own regard was Oklahoma's Trent Williams.

<mikehey> if you were picking for browns with first pick who would it be
<SOBOdawg> Mike: If I'm picking for the Browns and the top 3 are off the board, I probably look at Earl Thomas of Texas.

<redright> Sobo, Knowing the needs of this team, would you be comfortable in waiting until day three to get your OL draftees?
<SOBOdawg> Red: I don't expect this team to wait much longer than round 3 to address the Oline with the history of the talent evaluators now in charge.

<TwoHundredOK> Will any local heroes make it to Cleveland this year? OSU, Kent, YSU..?
<SOBOdawg> THOK: There are a few names from each of the schools. Tony Pike from Cincinnati and Tim Hiller of WMU can be thrown in there as well. YSU has a solid WR prospect in Donald Jones who tested relatively well and got a shot to play at the Senior Bowl.

<Hogan> depth at S mean that Berry could slide? along with historical value for position AND with the uncapped year do they add a sixth year guarantee to the drafted player?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: Berry is a different cat and he is a legit elite talent no matter how you slice it. The only reason he'll fall is because of positional value.
<Hogan> thx - doesnt sound like you think berry will slide
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: I don't expect Berry to slide.

<shays82cle> What are the basics on Earl Thomas?
<SOBOdawg> Sh82Cle: The knock on Thomas entering this process was size. But as a 3rd year sophomore, he is young and obviously still maturing physically. That is why when he showed at the Combine at 208 lbs. it was a big deal. And it's natural weight. On the field, he has always been a playmaker, a nose for the football type, as a pure centerfielder at safety.

<milanbo> do you see the the rams taking bradford as the best way for berry to fall to 7, considering the line needs of the skins, chiefs and seahawks?
<SOBOdawg> Mil: Berry is such a fantastic player, he's the type you can legitimately build a franchise around, plus all those same teams need safety help as well. It really is hard for me to see him drop too far.

<ramllov> SOBO, there is a corner for Kansas or Kansas State and a corner for USC, who have not gotten much attention, but I thought they looked good at the combine, your opinion?
<ramllov> Joshua Moore
<ramllov> and ?
<ramllov> Kevin Thomas
<ramllov> USC
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Are you referring to Darrell Stuckey of Kansas? A safety that did not play as well as he did as a junior, though he certainly did test better than expected. The corner at USC is Kevin Thomas and he's struggled with injuries. Much like teammate Josh Pinkard.
<ramllov> I thought the CBs name was Joshua Moore Kansas?
<ramllov> I ask Kansas or Kansas state in the original question, I could not remember
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Sorry, I was just confused on who you were asking about. Moore looked good in drills, but didn't test the fastest for a smaller cornerback prospect

<ramllov> Does Earl Thomas have enough potential to fall to 7 to 10?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I think Thomas' glass ceiling is at 7 with Cleveland and shouldn't fall much further than into the early teens.

<redright> Sobo, are there any large WCO type WR that you think have good value in their draft position so that the browns have to seriously consider them?
<SOBOdawg> Red: Nyan Boetang of Cal has been on their radar. Emmanuel Sanders of SMU played fantastically this year and tested very well recently.

<chuckwildcat> Is it possiable they trade up for a quarterback now and the chances?
<SOBOdawg> CWT: At this point, I honestly have no clue in which direction they get their QB. I'm as confused as that now as I was a couple weeks ago. I do see them doing something relatively drastic at the position. Not sure what yet.

<ramllov> SOBO, Do you see the Browns drafting two CBs and a safety or two safeties and a CB in this 11 pick plus draft?
<SOBOdawg> BdHob: No problem. I mentioned Marshall Newhouse already, another I always talk up is Steve Maneri, TE at Temple. Just a beast of a blocker. One of my favorite players to watch this year.

<shays82cle> what do you think of the TE from Oregon.. i think dickerson??
<SOBOdawg> Sh82Cle: Ed Dickson of Oregon. Solid athlete who can run good routes and create mismatches from the slot, but isn't much of an inline TE.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, just how big a deal was it that LeFevour didn't throw at the Combine? Were a lot of people in Indy talking about it?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: It was a big deal. As one scout put it, "Does he have something to hide?"

<chuckwildcat> And how bout the wr taylor price the receiver and what round would the browns be interested in him?
<SOBOdawg> CWCat: Price is someone I've scouted thoroughly all year. He very very quick in short spaces and it translates on the field. He didn't run as well as expected, but early third is a good projections

<ramllov> SOBO you have been mentoring us for the past 6+ years on the draft, I hope your getting the idea we are all asking you better questons?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I just want you guys to love the draft as much as I do. For me it's always been 24/7/365 thing. And yet it's still impossible to predict anything

<SamAtlanta> Sobo, how did my guys from USF (Selvie, Pierre-Paul, Allen) do at the combine? I know Pierre-Paul is raw, but how high could he go?
<SOBOdawg> Sam: Selvie was never expected to be a great athlete, but I was surprised how slow he did run (5.00 flat range). JPP has top ten talent, but it will be interesting on who will take a chance on his natural yet raw ability

<chuckwildcat> How bout running back anyone of interest for the browns?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: One of the things I reported this week is that the Browns are looking very closely at potential "pro ready" running backs. Many of them would have received attention as the week went along. I'm interested in seeing where guys like Ryan Matthews, Montario Hardesty, and Ben Tate eventually land.

<ramllov> SOBO, have you determined, or made a best guess, what positions the Browns will draft with their first four to five picks, which will be in the top 105 or so picks.?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I've kind of stuck in the safety/cornerback/Oline combination for the most part with a QB or running back thrown into that extra pick.

<chuckwildcat> And k wilson still be there in round 2?
<ramllov> Kyle Wislon, Boise, CB?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: Wilson is an interesting case. I had him as a solid 2nd all year. He showed well at the Senior Bowl to really step up as the 2nd CB. Then he didn't do a full workout this week due to injury.

<SamAtlanta> Yeah, Selvie got overshadowed last season. How about Nate Allen?
<SOBOdawg> Sam: Allen didn't work out due to injury either, but he interviewed well.

<SOBOdawg> Ram: Yes gamefilm is most of the evaluation, but there has to be a baseline. And if someone surprises dramatically one way or

another you have to go back and watch the tape to make sure something wasn't overlooked.
<chuckwildcat> yes

<ramllov> SOBO are you surprised by so many old RBs being on the market, or is it a combination of their age and their salary, where the teams can get rid of the current and future years?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Running back has become a young man's position and teams are more aware of that than ever.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, how far did Dezmon Briscoe's stock plummet this week? Did you get any impressions/info on his character while you were in Indy?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: Didn't get to talk to Briscoe, but I wasn't a huge fan of him coming into this week. Not a tough receiver and would have some mental lapses.

<greg1054> Are there any inside or outside linebackers the Browns might be looking at in the first 3 rounds?
<SOBOdawg> Greg: That's a question best answered in a week, when we all know if and when Matt Roth is re-signed. Otherwise there should be some nice targets in the round 2 or 3 range

<chuckwildcat> Which of the two looked worst at tackle calloway or ciron black and hurt themselves worst?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: Always thought Black was vastly overrated. Calloway hurts simply because some thought he could be a legit RT and he has not shown the feet for it over the past month or so.

<shays82cle> do you feel the Browns need to draft another young Wr or let robiskie and massaquoi develop?
<SOBOdawg> Sh83Cle: I do not feel the Browns need to add more youth to an already young WR corps. A savvy veteran would be much more welcome in my eyes. Though I can't argue drafting a talent like Jacoby Ford or Dexter McCluster to add some explosion to the position.

<ramllov> SOBO, I heard Bill Polian (SP), Indy's GM say that the DT is so deep this year that DTs taken in this year's 4th and 5th round equal the

2009 DTs in the third round. Do you agree with that assessment and do you see some depth player selected in the fifth or sixth round for DT for the Browns?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: The Dline is easily the deepest in this class and one of the best every seen. I'm not and cant' argue with a great talented evaluator like Polian

<Hogan> before you leave -- give me realistic "gut feeling" rounds 1-3 that you would be happy with
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: Being completely realistic I could see it playing out something like this....1)E.Thomas, 2)Devin McCourtey, 3A)Tony Pike, and 3B)Jon Asamoah

<ramllov> I keep reading and hearing that the NFL is now a passing league. The idea that the safeties are just bigger corners who can cover and have ball skills. Does that also mean that RTs, are just bigger LTs, who need quick feet to pass block?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Not necessarily simply because most RT's still don't face the elite pass rushers. Very few teams tend to put their top guys on the strongside, as of yet.

<chuckwildcat> would say who you would want in round three for offense line ?
<chuckwildcat> Cause I don't think you could have two picks in that position without losing one to another team?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: Guys like Mike Johnson (Alabama), Jon Asamoah (Illinois), Roger Safford (Indiana), and even Jared Veldheer (Hillsdale) would all be welcome additions.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, any impressions on Linval Joseph (DT ECU)?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: I still have some tape to watch on Joseph in their bowl game. I know some view him as a 5 technique, some think he's a true nose.

<ramllov> SOBO what was your impression of Major Wright Safety today?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: As you know, I was very high on Wright entering this season. I feel he's a better athlete than often given credit and he could be a very solid football player selected early in round 3

<ramllov> SOBO another player, I was watching Chris Cook, a large CB, who looked very good today. Does he make your top 10 to 15 CBs in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Cook is certainly cooking. And it shouldn't be much of a surprise because he outplayed his two more heralded teammates at Virginia at cornerback. He definitely has the size and ability team slobber over at the position.

<ramllov> Thanks for taking the time on these questions.
<SOBOdawg> I always try to provide answers to the best of my ability. You guys are here to discuss the draft, not just get a couple words on each question

<ramllov> How good is the fourth, fifth and sixth round look in this draft?
<ramllov> The Browns have six picks and this is a deep draft.
<ramllov> I am not looking for starters, but players who could be factors in year two or three, maybe get lucky on one this year
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I know you love to find out those cutoff points in the draft. I have to sit down and really throw together a huge ranking list from all the positions. I do know that starting caliber players should be able to be found well into round 3. Which pushes good quality prospects down further that may need some development. What I'll say is this, it's a very good year to have 11 overall selections.
<ramllov> SOBO you know me too well. but I thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

<ramllov> SOBO we start the mock draft on Monday, your always welcome to come and comment on our discussion thread
<SOBOdawg> Ram: You know I'm always popping my head in and out around here. It's a great place for me to relax and just talk football. That's the way it has always been.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, do you think Maurkice Pouncey is a better prospect than Alex Mack was last year?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: Mack was arguably the best center prospect seen in a long time. I like Pouncey quite a bit, and feel he's worth a late first, but he doesn't have the power Mack did.

<chuckwildcat> Who was the most surprising of them all at the combine this year?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: It's hard to lie and not saying that Haden's timing wasn't the most surprising. The kid is such a fantastic natural athlete that I didn't expect him to test so badly.

<greg1054> I know this might be a hard question to answer but just how far down in the first round do you think the Browns might be willing to trade down to if that option come up?
<SOBOdawg> Greg: Obviously there is a lot to be decided yet, but good quality to fit their needs could be found right about the mid point of the draft.

<ramllov> SOBO Terry Pluto revisited the Mark Sanchez trade on Sunday, now a year later, what do you think about it?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Said it then and I'll say it again, it was the best deal and the best thing the team could do for the team at that time.

<chuckwildcat> And pouncey a good 2 round pick at g for the browns in the second round?
<SOBOdawg> CWC: I would take Pouncey if he slid into round 2. He did start his career at guard before moving to the pivot. I like his quickness off the snap into his blocks and his ability to get to the second level.

<AloAloysius> SOBO, any guys you interviewed at the Combine come across as ideal Mangini types?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: Not sure if you heard of some guy named Eric Berry.

<howldawg> SOBO is Pouncey more of a zone blocker rather than power?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Well Florida is more zone read based obviously, so that is his comfort zone. But he is a legit 300 lber. His twin brother Mike is the more powerful of the two, but Maurkice's quickness makes up for that area of his game.

<ramllov> SOBO, when you look at the Combination of Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert, do look at the potential draft selection process as an A, B or C type of a projected result?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: What I've seen of Holmgren and Heckert is that they're up front and honest guys who are willing to take the best players they feel fit their ideals

<BagdadHob> SOBO, as a supplement to Alos question: Would you say Myron Rolle would be a fit for Manginis system as well or not?
<SOBOdawg> BdH: Rolle is someone that teams fall in love with as a person, and he's a great story, but he didn't play all that well the last time he was on a football field full time.

<jakeevans> SOBO, how do you feel about Marty Gilyard?
<SOBOdawg> Jake: Gilyard needs a lot of work with his route running and technique, but he is explosive and could provide immediately help on specialties.

<Hogan> would you trade up to 5 or 6 to get berry? even if it takes a 3rd?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: Yes I would trade up for Berry if that's all a team would be asking (which is probably too little)

<TwoHundredOK> If we do trade up/down in the draft, would prior affiliations (Eagles, Seahawks, Jets) be the main trading partners, or does MH's renown and specific needs get us more opportunities with other teams?
<SOBOdawg> THOK: Honestly, I'm sure there is comfortability; but I don't know if that's the case. Both Holmgren and Heckert have been around long enough to know most everyone in the league and have good lines of communication. Unlike Mangini.

<Hogan> was there a different vibe in Indy iwth the way the Browns FO was viewed?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: There is a very obvious respect and aura around Holmgren. People are still getting to know Heckert a little bit more at this point, at least as a full time decision maker (remember Reid called most of the shots in Philly)

<ramllov> SOBO, I asked about A. J. Jefferson, CB earlier, does he look like a late riser in this draft? He maxed out on the measureble test today?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Problem with Jeffersion is that he's a lackadaisical performer on the field that never lived up to his own talent. He's always been a fantastic athlete, but that doesn't always show up on tape.

<SOBOdawg> Bill: Don't really think there are any true no. 1 receivers in free agency to be had.

<Hogan> Let me ask differently, would you trade the second rd to get Berry at 5 or 6?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: At 5...maybe. For the no.6; I call the bluff and see what happens.

<howldawg> 5,0SOBO i am like you higher on Clausen than most if he falls to 7 and Bery is gone do you take him or trade him away?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: I'll say this...he came off better than Bradford did, at least to me
<SOBOdawg> Howl: My contention on any selection or trade or signing of a QB at this time is simple....if Holmgren feels they can be the guy, I trust his track record.

<DawgHowl> SOBO: whats your take on Dennis Pitta after the strong Combine he had>? what round do u see him going and do the browns have interest in him?
<SOBOdawg> DH: Pitta has the same issues he did when he arrived in Indy, he is still a marginal to below average inline blocker.

<Hogan> what do you do with Rogers and Corey Williams? Trade one or both and get Williams at 7?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: I'd trade Rogers and select Williams if the deal is good enough. C. Williams is a little more interesting. He has enough talent to keep him around, and his contract isn't an albatross. Sniff around to see what may be offered or just keep him.

<ramllov> Good question Hogan
<SOBOdawg> CWC: Pike is bigger, better arm, more of a natural passer, and put up better numbers in the passing game.

<Hogan> second version - what do you do with DQ - and draft McClain at 7?
<SOBOdawg> Hogan: Re-sign DQ and consider McClain as a possiblity at 7 (though probably going in another direction)

<SOBOdawg> Dont' forget that Veikune is still lingering around
<SOBOdawg> Alright, anything else?
<Hogan> Can Coye be our CB that moves BM to nickel?

<howldawg> 5,0SOBO have you thought about what our FA tenders should beon our RFA
<SOBOdawg> Howl: I would personally tender Harrison, DQ, Roth, and Vickers as quick as possible with relatively high tenders. Then you move on from there once those are resolved.

<ramllov> SOBO, you don't have to answer this question, but, David Veikune, what do you expect from him this summer and fall?
<ramllov> It seemed like 2009 was a redshirt year for him.
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I asked his agent what happened this year? He just shook his head, "I don't know". I do expect more because there was an

obvious uncomfortability last year. He'll have a full off season in the NFL now, a year under his belt, and should know more about his role with this team.

<NapEsq> Browns rumored to be looking at TE position in early rounds; is that the best time and wouldn't the pick be better spent on the OL, Rb or secondary?
<SOBOdawg> Nap: A quality mid tier TE prospect can be had late in round 3 and into round 4.

<SOBOdawg> Alright all, thank you very much for having me and showing up. I'm sure we'll do some more things before the draft eventually comes.

Good night and good luck!


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