Transcript: Friday Morning Braindump

World record holder in the Free Agent Info marathon, Lane Adkins, was in our chat room this morning dropping some serious scoop. The latest on potential deals for quarterbacks, a star wide receiver, another offensive lineman, and more...

<LaneAdkins> Hey Guys
<SirPaul> Morning Lane
<LaneAdkins> Morning

<mtbbpres> Busy?
<LaneAdkins> They've been busy, contrary to the early perception

<SirPaul> anything new on the qb thing?
<LaneAdkins> They've talked to no less than four teams within the past 12 hours regarding the QB and WR positions.
<LaneAdkins> It may take a couple more days on the QB front

<BigDaytonDave> Lane, signings or trades?
<LaneAdkins> Trades are on the fore-front for the Browns.........they are not done in this aspect
<LaneAdkins> They've talked to Seattle and Philadelphia overnight
<LaneAdkins> Browns attempting to move players for players and draft selections

<SirPaul> Are they getting any interest in Quinn?
<LaneAdkins> No on Quinn

<dawgbacker26> DQ for Choice and pick one that you are hearing Lane?
<LaneAdkins> Nothing on Choice
<LaneAdkins> As we noted overnight in the chat, the Browns have done what was noted above, as well as --
<LaneAdkins> Talking to Bannan rep, Walter rep, Pennington, Clark
<LaneAdkins> Harrison and Rogers are available
<LaneAdkins> Browns interested in Rob Sims and he is of the Browns as well

<DawgEDue> Why is the new FO still not sold on Harrison?
<LaneAdkins> Not as much being sold as it is getting a great value return
<DawgEDue> does this mean they are high on James Davis?
<LaneAdkins> I would say Davis has an opportunity

<mtbbpres> Sims would be good.  Any interest in Gilles?
<LaneAdkins> Nothing on Giles yet

<smootjr> Hell I would get Spiller and put him with Davis again
<LaneAdkins> The Browns scouted Spiller hard
<LaneAdkins> Many see Spiller much like a Chris Johnson
<DawgEDue> that's an okay comparison I guess. What sort of value does Harrison have?
<LaneAdkins> Harrison value is determined  by team, scheme and need. I am not saying he will be dealt, just availble

<ramllov> Lane is there any chance that the Browns are in the Thomas Jones world?
<LaneAdkins> Yes, TJ will receive some love from the Browns

<mikehey> mr.adkins- see browns making trades today or over weekend
<LaneAdkins> A trade can occur at any time, seriously

<CoNfUsEdDoG> Lane,  how does this Front Office 'feel' compared to previous editions?  They are less clueless for getting any different vibes?
<LaneAdkins> Appears there is a common direction now

<mikehey> what wide outs could they trade for?
<LaneAdkins> Brandon Marshall

<ramllov> When you say common direction, do you mean MH, TH and EM are on the same page ging the same directions?
<LaneAdkins> Yes on the FO

<dawgbacker26> lane, what are your thoughts on the philly qb situation.... who goes if any?
<LaneAdkins> Philly rather paranoid to move either QB due to past McNabb injury issues and some uncertainty

<smootjr> Really we could get Marshall, that would involve Quinn??
<LaneAdkins> Quinn does not have mucg value

<SamAtlanta> 5,0Is Marshall the kind of guy this organization would even take a chance on?
<LaneAdkins> Yes on Marshall

<ramllov> Lane would you be happy with Pennington?
<LaneAdkins> Could live with Pennington

<DawgEDue> Why hasn't DA been cut yet? There's no chance we pay that bonus, is there?
<LaneAdkins> No reason to release DA yet, they have a couple weeks

<fsubrowns9510> Are we really looking at Brandon Marshall?
<LaneAdkins> Seeking a WR and Marshall is available -- talked to Denver at the combine
<LaneAdkins> Don't know whyat progress was made following initial discussions

<SirPaul> anyone showing interest in Jackson?
<LaneAdkins> No on Jackson at this time

<ramllov> Would Marshall come to Cleveland?
<LaneAdkins> Marshall will follow the money trail

<FtheElephant> Lane are you hearing the Reid (holding up a McNabb deal) story?
<LaneAdkins> I've been eluding to the Philly situation for the past week and running overnight -- the Philly end is holding this up

<ramllov> Lane is Marshall now mature enough?  Has he grown up?
<LaneAdkins> When you have a star type on the roster, there are things you deal with

<SirPaul> So we could have a McNabb to Marshall in CTown
<LaneAdkins> Yes, McNabb is a realistic option right now
<LaneAdkins> I don't know how serious the Marshall situation is
<LaneAdkins> I believe anything on Marshall is going to take time -- the Broncos are indecisive in moving a stud after the Cutler deal when they themselves seeking playmaker

<LaneAdkins> Browns have interest in an available TJ

<ramllov> Lane do you see John Bannan, DT as a starting DE if he comes to the Browns?
<LaneAdkins> No, depth DT

<smootjr> Lane would you say McNabb is more serious than the Marshall deal
<LaneAdkins> Yes on Philly QB situation

<SpectreDawgTalk> Hey Lane, do we have any known interest in a bigger back like Dwyer to complement Harrison if he's still around?
<LaneAdkins> They like Matthews alot
<LaneAdkins> This org believes a team needs two backs'

<ramllov> Lane do you see the Browns picking up four starting type free agents in this free agent season?
<LaneAdkins> Browns FA will get moving within 24 hours

<dawgbacker26> Lane, if Reid is the only thing standing in the way of a McNabb to Cleveland deal, do you have an idea on potential compensation for him
<LaneAdkins> Multiple choice and/or a player has been discussed

<DawgEDue> all Denver got for Cutler, and as bad as he was for the Bears? I'd think they'd be willing to do trades like that 100 times a day if possible
<LaneAdkins> Josh knew he could win without Cutler, the same may not be a s clear on Marshall

<LaneAdkins> They'll be more open, but don't expect much

<mikehey> reid trying to hold up his friend for draft picks
<LaneAdkins> Reid loves Donovan, moving him is very personal

<mikehey> what will browns do with quinnn if they get mc nabb
<LaneAdkins> Unknown

<FtheElephant> several outlets now reporting Reid blocking McNabb deal
<LaneAdkins> I was saying that last night

<dawgbacker26> lane, do you see the mcnabb potential in the same light as Favre to Vikings or Warner to Arizona. A vet on his last legs getting another opportunity to change the face and tradition of a franchise? Warner and Favre were well worth the money spent and opportunities given
<LaneAdkins> He could play that role, yes

<BrownsBoy05> Are they looking at any LB. And on that front we have no chance at Dansby right?
<LaneAdkins> Never got involved in the Dansby derby

<Colt212> would you put the chances that mcnabb is a brown by the end of the weekend pretty high
<LaneAdkins> Depends on Philly

<dawgbacker26> smoot, robinson signed with ATL
<LaneAdkins> All knew he was going to the ATL
<LaneAdkins> As noted in the chat last night.................

<LaneAdkins> Browns contact Bannan, Clark, Walter, Pennington and Sims
<LaneAdkins> FA will begin for the Browns within 24 hours, they are attempting to complete a couple trades which impact FA plan

<smootjr> Vikes now interested in Clark as well per
<LaneAdkins> Been told about 6 teams have called on Clark

<ramllov> Lane do you know if the Browns are getting a 5th or 6th pick for Corey Williams?
<LaneAdkins> Heard 5th when the deal was going down

<DawgEDue> Any more insight into why Fraley was cut? That move seems weird as he is relatively cheap and was versatile and good for us last year.
<LaneAdkins> Absolutely none on Fraley

<smootjr> Clark would help us I hope they get him here
<LaneAdkins> Agree on Clark
<smootjr> Are we trying hard to sign him Lane?
<LaneAdkins> Browns are not pushing any FA negotiations yet

<ramllov> They know they have to improve the RG and RT, old players need to be replaced.
<LaneAdkins> S is critical
<LaneAdkins> I see them looking at OG

<smootjr> Getting Clark could help with our draft plans as well
<LaneAdkins> Established S would be an immediate help

<dawgbacker26> how good is Rob Sims? would that be a depth add or starter add
<LaneAdkins> I like Sims alot, great guy and perfect match here
<LaneAdkins> Correct
<nybrownie> Sims RG?
<LaneAdkins> Correct
<LaneAdkins> Womack would be the RT for now

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