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Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 08:04 PM ET

Is Pashos Your Next Starting Right Tackle?

Looks like Tony Pashos' agent just dialed up Mike Florio to tell him that his story about Pashos signing with the Redskins was wrong and that his client is flying to Cleveland

Just guessing, but it's good news however Florio got it. 

Pashos is a 6'6" 326-pound lineman without a lot of mileage on him who is ready to get a shot starting in the NFL. Anyone who watched the first twelve games of the season knows that the Browns need help on the right side of the line, and Pashos could provide it while the Browns try to build depth at the position through the draft. 

This is worth watching. I like this visit if the info plays out.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 07:59 PM ET

On the Jones-Watch

Now that he's available, Thomas Jones has drawn interest from the Chiefs and his old friends in the J-E-T-S organization. 

There's been a lot of speculation tying the Browns to Jones, but nothing solid yet. We're working it.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 07:40 PM ET

They Grow Up So Fast

Congratulations to Tony Grossi, whose sort-of self-evident "league source says Browns could have an interest in Seneca Wallace" blurb has already grown up into "Browns are interested in trading for Seneca Wallace" as it's re-phrased in another newspaper. 

The problem with a limited pool of information and competition to push as much info as possible every single day is that tiny info-ripples are magically turned into Rumor Tsunamis in matter of hours. The internet is full of story repeaters, and they all inadvertently add amplitude to the wave. Fans with a little free time can generally follow a story to its source and see how it has mutated along the way.

Within this context, running a service for a limited number of subscribers behind a paywall has some advantages, because our splashing in the pool is blocked by a breakwall and doesn't wind up drowning Tokyo.  

And so on. 

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 07:33 PM ET

Ignore This Name

I just have to say it. I can't help myself. 

Derek Fine.

He's a tight end that got dumped by Buffalo, and then picked by the Rams on waivers a couple of weeks ago. The Rams just freed him up again.

I mention the name because the Browns put a waiver claim on him at the time.

But don't pay attention to this because we have much bigger fish to fry.

I'm done now. Pellet.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 06:08 PM ET

Does This Name Ring a Bell?

 Scout.com's Adam Caplan is reporting that the Browns are among the teams who have inquired about 6-0, 225 running back Mike Bell. No word on a visit, but more proof the Browns are looking at what's available at running back. 

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 02:39 PM ET

So Long, Ryan

Still catching up a little bit with some of the news that's come out the last several days. We've been more focused on the current and next crop of Browns players than the old ones, so excuse us for missing Ryan Tucker's retirement announcement. 

The announcement on local radio didn't create much fanfare, which isn't surprising in a sport which tosses away gridiron heroes with casual suddenness.

Fans who have stuck around during the team's travails over the last decade will remember Tucker as a stalwart member of an offensive line that was occasionally outstanding (2007) but generally moribund (every other year). Through it all, after coming to Cleveland from the Rams, Tucker was typically the one player who could be relied on to bring a quality of play that would be welcome on any NFL team.

Some of those years, Ryan Tucker was arguably the best player on bad teams. You didn't hear a lot of complaint, didn't hear a lot of locker room pronouncements.

Through the injuries and a drug infraction, Tucker kept coming back and giving it all he had. These struggles and a career largely spent on a losing franchise means he won't be in anyone's Hall of Fame, nationally or locally, but for almost a decade, Ryan Tucker was a damn good player, and one fans could count on to represent them well every Sunday.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 12:16 PM ET

Seneca, Schmeneca?

There's not a lot of information on the Browns QB quest out there in the media beyond the "Brady is doomed, unless he's not" sort of speculation, and the general assumption that Derek Anderson is soon to be an ex-Brown. 

So, it's not to be unexpected that any new name dropped gets far more attention than it likely deserves, and such might be the case with Seahawks back-up quarterback Seneca Wallace. While players familiar to Heckert and Philadelphia make likely acquisition targets, Seattle Seahawks guru and occasional OBR contributor Doug Farrar disagrees with the scenario floated recently:

"It's questionable whether the Browns roster will shakes out in a way that makes sense for Wallace... and with their own roster in flux, it's doubtful whether the Seahawks would let Wallace go. He's been a very capable injury replacement for Matt Hasselbeck over the last few seasons." 

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 11:39 AM ET

Get to Clickin'

Releases, signings, franchise tags… how can a football fan keep up? First place to start should be the Scout.com Free Agency Database, which has been freshly updated with latest transactions and ratings. Dig into who's available by position, which teams have signed and lost the most free agents, and more...

Freshly updated by your friendly OBR webdork. Now, back to blog - pellet - blog - pellet.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 08:59 AM ET

Saturday Morning Brain Dump

This Lane Adkins guy, well, he knows stuff, and he's been talking to his contacts throughout the league trying to track what the Browns are doing. I've put together the latest on what he's heard from our Insider Blog and Ask the Insiders area. There's lots more there, so I'll point our subscribers to it and mosey off to finish updating the free agent DB. 

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/06/2010 07:34 AM ET

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's time to unwrap another beautiful day here in Cleveland, Ohio. Some of us are waking up bleary-eyed and trudging off to settle in for a day in front of a hot monitor. Some others of us are newly-signed free agents, and waking up bleary-eyed after sleeping on a pile of cash, and picking $100 bills out of various anatomical crevices.

There in C-town, the sun is shining down on decreasingly tall but increasingly non-white piles of snow. For what it's worth, I have no more use for winter. I'm done, no more, please.

On to more-or-less useful information: Today's Scout NFL blog has been cranked up, the free agency database is about halfway updated with the new free agents and signing info. I've got the offensive positions done, other than guard. I'm also putting together this morning's free agent brain dump and will be slamming away on that until some news starts to roll in.

Grab some coffee, or whatever beverage you use to start your day, and kick back for another day of player movement. Me, I'm going to save this first blog entry, wait for the first delicious beer pellet to roll down the tube.

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