Saturday Morning Braindump

The latest on Donovan McNabb, a high profile restricted free agent who may be in play, and answers to your pressing free agency questions. Buckle up... the weekend could be bumpy.

 UPDATE 1: McNabb Talk to End Soon

There is speculation according to a league source, that the Philadelphia Eagles (head coach Andy Reid) is going to either deal McNabb or end all trade discussions for the veteran QB no later than Sunday.

The speculation has created an unwanted distraction, not only to the Eagles and McNabb, but the start of the off-season player movement.

No less than three teams have inquired about McNabb and/or backup QB Kevin Kolb recently.

UPDATE 2: Browns Chasing High-Profile RFA

TheOBR has learned the Browns have been in contact with the agent of a prominent RFA player within the past 12 hours.

While the identity of the player has not been secured, theOBR is working diligently to determine the identity of the highly productive player.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When do you see the next trade happening, and who would be involved?

A:  There is too much open discussion taking place to gain a perspective as to what exactly occurs next. We can note the Browns remain HOT on the QB and WR discussions.

Q: Why didn't the Browns go after Boldin. A third and a fourth sounds cheap.

A: The issue on Boldin was not dealing the draft selection(s). It comes down to the perception this WR is not a true #1 by some... but his contract demands are that of a true, top-tier #1. Make no mistake, Bolden has been highly productive during his career and should fare well in Baltimore but he is going to garner the attention a Larry Fitzgerald did in Arizona and that changes the complexion of player production. Lastly, there were concerns about his yearly hamstring issues.

Q: Would the Eagles have interest in DQ Jackson as part of a deal? Seems like they have let a few LB go.

A: May be something of interest, though we have not heard this specifically.

Q: What would McNabb cost the Browns?

A: I have many conflicting notes and only know it will cost multiple draft selections -- but not a first round selection out right, unless there is a selection swap and player inclusion.

Q:  It seems like Brandon Marshall is more of a longshot and I do not see how we could got both he and McNabb without giving away our first

A: A source within the Broncos organization tells me that the immediate and serious interest coming from Seattle was anticipated. Says the Browns inquired, but it never became serious.

Q: Tendering Harrison with a second almost shows that the Brown swould be happy to move him if someone really likes him.

A: Harrison is not a lock to be here 2010, and I still would like to see this young man be provided the opportunity to start.

Q: Is McNabb really a good move? He's been injury-prone of late and there's a lot of mileage on him.

A: McNabb can play at a high level, if the surrounding talent is improved for a couple/few seasons.  Likewise, I have reservations about the injury factor.

Q: Do the Browns have any interest in Jim Sorgi?

A: About as much as they have in George Blanda. Sorgi cannot play.

Q: What are your thoughts about the Seneca Wallace and Matt Flynn rumors?

A: Holmgren has had vast discussions and holds out hope he can sway them on Hasselbeck, which is not looking likely. Matt Flynn is an interesting prospect, but I have not heard any direct conversation between the Browns and Packers.

Q: Have the Browns shown any interests in David Carr? His potential intrigues me.

A: The issue I see with some of the names popping up is the majority are stop-gap measures. Unless the Browns lock on a QB prospect, this type of player really does not promote future growth potential and leaves this team basically treading water.

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