Player Notes & Interviews Part 2

Some notes and interviews with players from the second part of Saturday's combine workouts. A number of players have talked to the Browns... find out who...

Player News and Notes


Jason Gesser
/ Washington St.

- Measured at 6'005/205

- Confirmed he has met with the Bears, Buccanners, Bengals, Panthers, Patriots, Titans, and Cowboys.

- Great grandfather was the quarterback for the Packers before Bart Starr. Green Bay is his ideal situation.

Chris Simms / Texas -

Confirmed his measurements as 6'4 1/2/221.

- Simms confirmed he has talked to the Steelers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Panthers, and Bears so far.

- Interestingly he said he was always a Cowboys fan and could let that be known once his father retired from the Giants. He's also a Bill Parcells fan.

- Simms said he has a pretty good idea who will draft him but, "I'm not going to tell you guys (the media)." Our money is on Dallas for obvious reasons.

Kyle Boller / California -

- Confirmed that he won't be working out here but will at his pro day on 3/13.

- Confirmed that he has met one on one with the Giants, Saints, and Broncos. He met with several quarterback coaches (Bears, Panthers, Raiders and a few others) in a group setting.

Brian St. Pierre / Boston College

- Confirmed his measurements as 6'2 1/2/218.

- St. Pierre training in New Orleans to get ready for his workouts next month for NFL teams.

- Confirmed that he has interviewed with the Raiders, Chiefs, and Panthers. Has interviews with the Vikings and Dolphins this evening.

Tight End

Donald Lee /
Mississippi -

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'3/244. His pro day is 3/6.

- Lee benched 225 lbs 26 times.

Robert Johnson / Aubrun -

- Johnson benched 225 lbs 18 times.

- Confirmed that he has met with the Raiders and Ravens.

Aaron Walker / Florida -

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'5/252.

- Walker confirmed he has talked to the Steelers, Ravens, Raiders, Bills, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Falcons, and Panthers. 

- Walker benched 225 lbs 24 times.

Wide Receiver

Paul Arnold
/ Washington -

- Confirmed he measured in at 6'1/213.

- Arnold will work out here and at his pro day.

Arnaz Battle / Notre Dame

- Has interviewed with the Ravens.

Walter Young / Illinois -

- Young measured in at 6'5/214.

- Young's working on his speed with former NFL WR Don Bebee.

- Will do everything here. Will workout at his pro day on 3/12.

- Fellow teammate Eugene Wilson is the best CB he's been up against.

- Has talked to the Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Bears, and the Browns.


Boss Bailey
/ Georgia -

- Bailey confirmed for us that he didn't have quite a 50' vertical jump recently but it was just a few inches short.

- Bailey will do a few things here. His pro day is 3/11.

- Measured in at 6'3/233.

- Bailey talked to eight teams including the Bengals, Lions, Raiders, Falcons, Dolphins, and Vikings. He said he'll also be talking to the Chiefs this evening.

- Has torn both ACL's--one was in high school.

- His best position he feels is strongside.

- Bailey considers himself a true student of the game.

Mike Nattiel
/ Florida

- Will not run here.

- Measured in at 5'11 1/2/228

- Talked to the Chargers.

E.J. Henderson / Maryland -

Confirmed he measured in at 6'1/245.

- Will not run here but will do so at his pro day on 3/19. Had a 30' vertical jump. Hand measured 10. Hopes to run a 4.6 at his pro day.

- Has interviewed with the Eagles, Browns, Bengals, Jets, Giants, Saints, and Jaguars.

Victor Hobson / Michigan -

- Measured in at 6'1/252.

- Benched 29 times at 225.

- Plans on participating in all drills here.

- Has talked to several teams including the Packers and Vikings.

- From South Jersey. He really liked the Eagle defense growing up and said he followed their linebackers as well as the Bill linebackers (Daryl Talley and Cornelius Bennett). Will meet with the Eagles this evening.

- Hobson said he's working on improving his gap discipline and depth on pass coverage.

Bradie James / LSU

- Measured in at 6'2 3/8/242

- Has met with the Texans and the Colts and also met with them at the Senior Bowl.

- James said he has run as fast as a 4.5/40 in the past.

- James told us he would like to play WLB.

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