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Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 10:00 PM ET

The Hank Fraley Story, Part VII

Hank is down, but not out, after being surprisingly cut by the Cleveland Browns. 

According to his agent, Ralph Cindrich, Fraley "should have" a visit or two lined up this week. 

Fraley is a solid, reliable lineman, who saved our collective butts after the Bentley-Hallen disaster of 2007. I wish him well wherever he winds up, as long as it's not Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, or Baltimore. 

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 09:39 PM ET

Sorry About My Brain

My apologies for my stupid brain interrupting the flow of news. 

I had an idea about how to integrate a real blogging platform (Wordpress) into these articles in order to make it easier and faster to update. I can get real impatient and obsessive about stuff like that and immediately start trying to hack up some code. So that's where I've been the last couple of hours.

Bottom line on my hacking attempts: Total, abysmal failure.

<nerdspeak>These pages you read are rendered in straight HTML. There no server-side includes, no PHP, no ASP, nothing that would slow down the delivery of the page. Which means no hooks for a webdork to try to screw Wordpress inside of an article.</nerdspeak>

If any fellow dorks out there have better thoughts, feel free to write me.  

I'll try to behave better in the future. Plus, my stockpile of beer pellets is running low now, and my brain deserves a good clubbing with some adult beverages. Back to blogging. I've got some front page articles to crank out as well, so that you good people have more Browns article awesomeness to enjoy. 

Stupid HTML with it's stupid not-coolness. Bah.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 06:02 PM ET

Browns' Geolocation Trackers Still Working Perfectly

Being a full-time webdork, suburban Dad, and all-around nerd, I'm generally not too far away from a computer at all times. The exception is when I'm running around on errands, usually at the request of my children, who are known to come into my office in a panic due to the last stages of chicken nugget deprivation, miscellaneous crap needed for some school project they forgot until 10PM the night before, or some sort of video-game related emergency. 

Thus, I will exit OBR World Headquarters on occasion. This will take me "out of pocket", as well-compensated executives are known to say. Or, it will render me #*%(#! useless, as my compadres on the OBR are wont to say.  

It is on those brief sojourns that the Cleveland Browns will inevitably announce a free agent signing or trade. It's to the point of just being assumed that any press release or major news will break as soon as I exit OBR World Headquarters.

Such was the case tonight when the Fujita signing broke. Lane texted me with the news that Fujita was basically done while I was waiting in a Wendy's for the aforementioned chicken nuggets. The press release arrived as we completed our urgent errand for desperately needed dog food. 

So, what I'm saying here, is that fans who doubt the capabilities of your home team should know that the precise tracking of webdorks is something they do very well, timing their announcements with a precision yet to be displayed by the team's passing attack in 20 years.

The upside, of course, is that my children's knowledge of the various different ways that curse words can be combined is unparalleled.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 03:58 PM ET

Browns Are On the Board!

The Browns have reportedly signed OT Tony Pashos to a three-year, $10.3 million deal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

I offer my thoughts on the new acquisition here.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 02:09 PM ET

I'm Intrigued, Yet Cynical

This one comes to me via Twitter, spurred by a fan in the Buffalo area who heard radio talk of a swap involving Derek Anderson and Trent Edwards. 

I guess I'm publicly in the skeptical-about-DA camp, and have been since 2006. Even in 2007, he never really won me over, although I had to shut up about it for a while to try in vain to hide my typical cluelessness. Anderson is a big strong-armed guy who flings the ball all over the field, doesn't always make the best decisions, and throws a lot of picks. He is that way, has been that way, always will be that way.

For some teams, like the Browns in 2007, that works very well. You need big strong receivers who can outmuscle opponents for the ball, good protection for the QB, and a savvy short-yardage receiver who can get open and get DA out of trouble. You have those things, and DA will make you proud. I don't see the Browns having them all at any point in the near future. 

Trent Edwards is a smart, accurate, big-armed quarterback who looks tailor-made for the pro game, with the minor issue that he's never stayed healthy or consistent enough to emerge as a top signal caller. If the Bills want to swap the two, I'd be all for it. I'd love to see if Holmgren and Haskell could revive Edwards' career. He's still young and still smart. But I'd be skeptical, because Edwards hasn't done much to justify a firm belief he can stay healthy.

Of course, this is all moot because I highly doubt that there's anything to it. I haven't heard a peep beyond second-hand relaying of radio chatter, and that's about as unreliable as one can get. Fun to ponder, though.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 01:57 PM ET

Travelosaurus Rex

Scout.com's Adam Caplan has confirmed that Browns OG Rex Hadnot has indeed visited the Denver Broncos this weekend, as the Denver Post reported would happen. No word yet on how well those talks went, but subscribers wanting more insight into Hadnot's travels and attitude towards re-signing with the Browns can find clickable goodness here

On one hand, if you're a local Clevelander like me, I wouldn't loan Rex $50 and tell him just to "catch up next time I run into you". On the other, Hadnot is ranked as just the 22nd-best available offensive guard this off-season.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 10:40 AM ET

Donte Whitner's Tweetfest 2010

There are a ton of rumors swirling around Donte Whitner at this point, and the Browns need some help at safety. 

Browns fans might want to keep an eye on Whitner's Twitter account, where he's commenting on the rumors and seems to have a less-than-negative view of returning to Ohio to play for the Browns.

His approach to replying looks to be putting his comments in parends at the end of a tweet. Whitner seems to be rolling with the punches when people ask him things like whether he knows he's coming to Cleveland along with Youboty for Rogers. (I haven't seen anything hard backing up that rumor.)

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 10:19 AM ET

Another Free Agent DB Update

Yep, Adam Caplan and I have been busy slamming updated in to the world-famous Free Agent Database. It's updated through this morning. 

I'm hoping by this time next year, the NFL Free Agent database will be as sophisticated as Scout's college recruits database, which has features like tracking visits to teams, level of interest between player and team, etc. Our database is one of a kind already, and that would make it even cooler.

Of course, it would mean more work to update, but be that as it may...

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 09:54 AM ET

Pool Gets a Visit

Brodney Pool will visit the St. Louis Rams as an untendered restricted free agent, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Pool would be a good signing for any team that has confidence that the concussion issues he's suffered are in his past. 

Very difficult decision for the Browns and any other team. Pool is a solid safety who shows flashes of why he was picked in the second round, but the constant concussions have to be a concern for teams, Pool himself, and all those around him.  

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 09:36 AM ET

Well, That's a Surprise

I was sort of expecting the morning to be kind of mellow, but I just got slammed with a bunch of updates for the Scout.com Free Agency Blog. It's like this blog, except it's useful, and I get hit more frequently with a stick if I type things that came out of my own brain. 

If you're getting bored with the slow movement of Browns transactions, it's worth a look.

Posted by:  Barry McBride
at 03/07/2010 08:50 AM ET

Retired Guy Can't Play Football

Another little blotch on Ryan Tucker's career has shown up, thanks to our friend Howard Balzer's report in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Apparently, the 34-year-old Tucker, would have been suspended half a season if he decided to come back and play.

This is all irrelevant now, of course, since Tucker isn't playing football any more. Whether the suspension influenced that decision, or whether the decision was coming anyway, is about as unimportant a news story as I can imagine. 

Tucker was the best player on some bad teams, a guy we could rely on when we could rely on few others. That's what I'm committed to remembering.  

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