Are You Buying a Used Carr?

There's something a little odd going on around the latest quarterback rumors in Cleveland. John Taylor looks into the latest name to get tossed onto a growing pile.

A couple of local hacks – and we use that term in the least endearing kind of way – have trumpeted the Browns' supposed interest in quarterback David Carr.

Two sources have told theOBR's John Taylor this evening that the Browns' supposed interest in Carr is "being manufactured by his agent."  Regarding the Browns' supposed interest and there being some agent subterfuge going on, theOBR's Lane Adkins told… ummm… theOBR via email that's "EXACTLY the case."

Seeing as how the esteemed Mr. Adkins all-caps yelled a portion of his response, combined with the less-esteemed Mr. Taylor's two sources saying as much, we'll safely assume that some members of the local and national media are being played and serving as pawns in Mr. Carr's attempt to add some zeroes to his bank account.

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