What Pashos Brings to the Browns

Four team and NFL experts (Lane Adkins, Michael Erler of SF Illustrated, Charlie Bernstein of JagNation.com, and Scout's Adam Caplan) offer their thoughts on the Browns new free agent signing.

Lane Adkins, The OBR: Heading into the off-season, the Cleveland Browns identified the right tackle position as one requiring upgrade.

With the addition of Tony Pashos, the Browns have effectively filled the void.

Known as a run-blocker, Pashos tough and physical play equates to what the Browns look to build upon in the 2010 season.

Pashos is very strong at the point. His strength in engaging and driving has made him valuable to a team seeking strong-side line talent.

During his stay in San Francisco, Pashos worked on his lateral movement, which an improvement in agility was the reward.

While Pashos should not be expected to be an All-Pro caliber player for the Browns, his stabilizing presence and workmanlike type play will benefit the team.

Michael Erler, Editor, SF Illustrated: Pashos is an interesting pickup by the Browns. He looks like a hulking brute at 6'6, 325 lbs., but he's actually quite thoughtful and a positive presence in the locker room.

A right tackle his entire career, he balked when the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to play him as a guard during his walk year and thought it would hurt his value to be thought of as an interior lineman, so he demanded his release. He signed with the 49ers to reunite with Chris Foerster, his line coach when they were both with the Baltimore Ravens. There was speculation that with Foerster moving on to the Washington Redskins to be closer to his family that Pashos would join him for a third time, and indeed he did visit with the Redskins, but apparently it wasn't the right fit and now he's signed with Cleveland.

Pashos was an above average player for Jacksonville, but certainly not a dominant one, and his strength was more run blocking than pass protection. Giving him a scouting report as a 49er is more difficult because he participated in just five games last year and started only one - at Houston on Oct. 25 - before suffering a shoulder injury and going on Injured Reserve. When he did play, he wasn't that impressive, but it's difficult to join a new team in the second week of the season and be effective right away. Pashos will likely be better with Cleveland with the benefit of minicamps and a training camp to work with his new teammates from the beginning.

Surprisingly, Pashos' biggest contribution for the 49ers was in the locker room. Usually guys joining a new team mid-season keep to themselves and try to blend into the background, and players who are on IR really go into a shell, but Pashos was different. He served as a mentor for his offensive linemates and even created Powerpoint presentations of their AFC South opponents (such as Colts DE Dwight Freeney) who he was far more familiar with than San Francisco's other linemen. Basically, he was another coach on the sidelines, and he still found a way to be useful even when he couldn't help on the field. He will be missed in San Francisco.

Charlie Bernstein, JagNation.com: Pashos is a great community guy, very cerebral player who is much better in run blocking than pass protection.  He's a guy who always stayed late after practice to work extra, but he has physical limitations.  Poor footwork in his last year in Jacksonville caused him to try and cheat and he picked up plenty of false starts.  I still think he can be a starter but for him to really be effective it has to be with a team who leans on the run heavily.

Adam Caplan, Scout.comGood run-run blocking right tackle. Can be very physical at times. Fairly durable and is known as a tough guy who will mix it up in the trenches. He should bring some stability to the right side of their offensive line.

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