Greetham: Wallace the Starter? Not so fast.

Fred's quick thoughts on the Browns trade for Seattle QB Seneca Wallace.

Mike Holmgren has spoken often recently of resolving the quarterback position. Assuming the trade to acquire Seneca Wallace is true, that could begin to settle the cloud hanging over the quarterback position.

Most Browns fans I'm sure are saying, you've got to be kidding me?

Seneca Wallace?

The way the early part of free agency has gone, most fans are assuming Holmgren was going to acquire a veteran quarterback to come in and be the starter.

I say, not so fast.

With rumors that David Carr, Matt Flynn, Charlie Whitehurst, among others were on the target list and now Wallace, I'm not sure Holmgren is bringing in Wallace to be the backup to Brady Quinn for the 2010 season. None of the reported names on the list linked to the Browns in free agency appear to be a sure-fire starter. Most teams don't acquire their starting quarterback for a fourth, fifth- or sixth-round 2011 draft choice.

If the Browns would've acquired Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb, I would say that both Quinn and Derek Anderson would be gone with Wallace being the backup.

Obviously, the Browns could still acquire the veteran starter and make Wallace the backup replacing both 2009 quarterbacks, but I'm just saying don't be surprised if Wallace is coming here to be the backup—not the starter.

With Holmgren saying it takes two years or 32 starts—in a perfect world—to evaluate a quarterback, he might be leaning on seeing what Quinn can do with the same system, same coaching and the added confidence of being the starter from day one.

Just a thought.

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