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Why the "Trade Brady" flare hasn't been lit... yet... What the Broncos and Eagles want... What the team expects from Seneca Wallace... Why the heck Delhomme visited... and more from 411 master Lane Adkins.

- QB Brady Quinn has been in the middle of speculation recently regarding the starting job with the Browns, and in trade discussions. While theOBR has been aware and reported on the precarious position the player has faced dating back to last year, little has actually changed. The Browns are not actively seeking a trade partner, which means the organization has not found a discussion they like. TheOBR has been told that if the organization secures the services another QB, Quinn will be dealt, as simple as that.

- Beyond the recent trade for Seneca Wallace, securing the services of another QB has been difficult for the Browns. The Browns have had discussions with the Philadelphia Eagles regarding both starter Donovan McNabb and backup Kevin Kolb. The issue regarding a trade with the Eagles has to do with Philly's high demands: The Eagles seek multiple draft selections, starting with a first rounder -- a price the Browns have not entertained to this point in time.

- In Seneca Wallace, theOBR is told the Browns view the seven-year veteran as a player that can step in and play. The question is "at what level" if Wallace has to fill in for an extended period of time. There has been plenty of speculation regarding the Browns offense heading into 2010 - some claim the Browns are going WCO, other claim the Mangini/Daboll offense will continue. All that being said, the addition of Holmgren confidant Gil Haskell to the organization means that  the current Browns offensive staff, including offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, are learning the in's and out's of the scheme – and that parts of Holmgren's offensive beliefs will be incorporated into the Browns 2010 offensive scheme.

- Bringing veteran QB Jake Delhomme for a visit was a smart move by the Browns. Heading into the 2010 season, the Browns seek either a dynamic presence at the QB position, or a potential care-taker to help the team develop, be competitive and possibly emerge as a contender. In Delhomme, the Browns see a potential stabilizing presence, but are holding back from offering the veteran a contract at this time. The organization may re-live the Delhomme option within the next week.

- A couple moves made by the Browns during the first weekend of free agency appear won't create a craze with the fan-base, but are two telling and much-needed moves. The Browns targeted LB Scott Fujita and OL Tony Pashos early in the process and the players came to Cleveland knowing the Browns were very interested and serious about adding them to the team.

In Fujita, the Browns believe they have secured the services of a player that displays leadership qualities, a great work ethic and represents a productive, relatively mistake-free type of player. All of the above are key attributes in the mind of head coach Eric Mangini and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's defensive scheme. It's unlikely you'll see Fujita as an All-Pro player… rather, he's a linebacker who simply knows his role, handles his assignment and makes those around him better.

Offensive lineman Tony Pashos comes to Cleveland with a single goal in mind: Solidify a position along the right-side of the Browns offensive line. A right tackle by trade, Pashos is extremely strong at the point of attack, which should only keep the running game focus in tow. Suffering an injured (shoulder) a season ago while a member of the San Francisco 49ers, Pashos spent the majority of the season working on his conditioning and lateral movement skills to improve his agility and quickness -- a necessity when facing off with quicker DE's and OLB's.

- Plenty of folks were surprised the Browns did not actively pursue veteran RB Thomas Jones. Jones is coming off another productive season as a member of the New York Jets, was  a player for Mangini in NY, and was believed to be a player of interest. TheOBR has learned the Browns displayed minimal interest in the RB, as age, scheme and contract concerns all factored into the equation.

- The Browns had not displayed an initial interest in FA RB Justin Fargas, but this changed quickly. Fargas came to Cleveland for a visit, which a source tells theOBR went well. Fargas left town without a contract offer, but the Browns are expected to be in touch with his agent, as the player is committed to visiting a couple other teams through the weekend.

- When WR Anquan Boldin was dealt to the Baltimore Ravens a week ago, the Browns organization did not bat an eye. Boldin has a history of injury and attitude issues, and received a contract averaging 8-million a season from the Ravens was something the Browns were simple not willing to entertain. The Browns were reluctant with Boldin because the injury factor is a great concern, as was the notion Boldin has never been a true number-one receiver. With no Larry Fitzgerald on the other side of the field, Boldin will be forced to see the double-coverage he was not often subjected to  while a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

- The Denver Broncos continue to appear poised to move yet another offensive standout this off-season, WR Brandon Marshall. Known at times as a malcontent, Marshall has outstanding talent that simply cannot be denied. Despite his star quality, the Browns appear to be on the outside looking-in on Marshall. At the present, the Broncos placed a first-round tender on the RFA and and want to recoup the same (if not more) in a trade. Otherwise, Denver has made it known they will match an offer for the player. It's clear the Broncos are open to moving the WR, but only at their price. The Browns are not shopping the number-seven pick in the draft… at least not yet.

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