ATI: Deciphering the Delhomme Decision

What in the name of broken-down quarterbacks is going on in Berea? The Insiders take a whack at explaining the seemingly inexplicable...

Smooth32: With Delhomme signed and with the recently traded for Wallace now on the team, is a given that Quinn is gone? If so what would the time frame be for a move?

Lane: It's not a definite, but the odds have greatly increased. No later than the draft, if this is ultimately the plan.

Erieandy: Last time I checked Quinn's contract is pretty team friendly and the last views of Delhomme in actual NFL games didn't inspire confidence that he's much better at his current career stage than Quinn is in his.  Can't they have some honest competition for the job?  In the meantime, if it doesn't work out either hold onto Quinn as a backup or trade him when some other team runs into trouble at the position closer to the regular season.  I don't understand why people think Quinn is going to be shown the door so quickly...any insider info on this?

Lane: It has not been a secret the Browns have been attempting to secure the services of another QB.

Quinn's contract is as such they could easily retain him in 2010 and move forward.

There is a belief Holmgren and Heckert may want to move him to create a clear slate for all involved. But, this has not been cast in stone, as the team has not shown the direction of letting him go for nothing and the interest has not been very significant.

Fletch416: Why wouldn't the Browns have moved Quinn before they signed Jake. There was very little leverage to begin with, now there is none. Did I misread this?

Lane: I do not believe the Browns were interested in letting this QB situation to continue on. The organization wanted to change the complexion at the position, and have.

The Browns are not going to give Brady Quinn away at this point, and have not received an offer sufficient to accept a deal. I fully anticipate the talks will heat-up.

I haven't heard anything further and there really isn't much to note other than we've reported.

Quinn can be had if a trading partner comes along. While the revamping of the position appears structured to push Quinn from the equation, the opportunity remains for the team to retain him and determine whether he can be effective in a modified Browns offense going forward.

tall66man: I hope we are still planning on keeping Quinn. i did not question, Wallace much especially since Holmgrem knows him so well, he gets a pass. But - DelBUM?? Is Holmgren beginning to show that arrogance that has hurt us with other leaders of our program? That no matter who it is - he can make it work? Why do we keep being told to believe they know what they are doing? I was hopeful and I still am but I am doubtful.

Lane: I see, nor sense any arrogance involved in the recent transactions.

Not sure where anyone is being led to believe in the new regime -- they need to show it.

As for Delhomme, they wanted an experienced player at the position to provide stability, etc. I question the move due to what I see of the player on tape during the 2009 season in comparison to seasons prior.

The organization is attempting to change the complexion of the team and believe they have done a solid job to this point -- Delhomme could be a huge hit or miss.

JakeTaylor: Holmgren/Heckert's moves thus far have been sensible.  This one is not so clear or sensible on its face and, in fact, quite the opposite.  I think I'd rather watch Brady stink for a year and determine that he's nothing special then watch Delhomme....who we already know is nothing special.

SOBO: Think the clear problem is that the QB position held back the Cleveland Browns in 2009, more than another other reasoning.

When you have absolutely no threat at the position, meaning; can't consistently make NFL throws, make bad decisions, not much of a threat to push it downfield... then you have no chance to win in this league.

Is Delhomme is a sturdy and reliable option?  No.   But he's competent, commands a huddle, and can threaten defenses more so than anything this team has seen in the past two years.

This signing might not be the most well received, but it's a direct indictment of those who have been under center the last couple of seasons.

Tardarian: Now that the Browns have 4 mediocre Qbs on the roster, do the insiders have a feeling that the MH Regime is comfortable, if they have to go into the season with these as the possible Qb's or do you get a feeling that they are going to draft a Qb in the first 2 days of the draft?  Gven the track record of Browns rookie Qbs, personally, If I were a young Qb I would see Cleveland as a career ender...

SOBO: Holmgren has been doing his due diligence on QB prospects since before he was signed to become the head honcho in Cleveland.   With the moves they have made to date, it seems the most likely course is to draft someone to groom in future years.   The perceived "sweet spot" for the Browns to draft the type of talent that fits the bill is in that early round 3 range where names like Tebow, C.McCoy, Pike, and/or J.Brown could and should be available.

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