Browns Keep Eye on Scott

LSU RB Charles Scott had a terrific Pro Day and has earned the attention of the Browns. In Part 2 of's series of interviews with Scott, he discusses his status as draft day ticks closer...

Charles Scott played in 43 games during his LSU career, carrying 424 times for 2,317 yards (5.5 ypc) and 31 TDs. His senior season ended after just nine games due to a broken collar bone, but he is healthy now and impressing scouts with his offseason workouts.

Scott has allowed us to follow his journey to the NFL Draft via a series of interviews. To see the first installment of this series, click here.

Michael Lombardo: You took part in your Pro Day Monday. How did it go?

Charles Scott: Being back home was a big deal. Being back in my comfort zone with my teammates and my friends was definitely a motivation for doing better than I did at the Combine. I lost a lot of weight and got a bunch of times down, so I feel like my Pro Day helped me a lot.

ML: What were your Pro Day numbers and how do you feel about them?

RB Charles Scott
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CS: My height and weight were 5-foot-11 and 232 pounds -- I was happy to get that down from 238 pounds [in Indy]. My vertical was like 31.5 inches, I got it up a little bit, and my broad jump was 9-foot-6. I actually benched at Pro Day and did 17 reps; even though my shoulder was hurt, I still was able to push out 17 reps. And my 40 time was 4.53. I definitely upped my numbers from the Combine.

ML: Speaking of your shoulder, what is the latest on your recovery?

CS: It's doing great. Like I said, I did 17 reps, so I beat some guys who were working on bench all year. I did 17 reps and I hadn't really touched the bench, so my shoulder is fine. By the time I hit Mini Camp, I'll be ready to go full blast.

ML: Which teams attended your Pro Day and who were you able to speak with after your workout?

CS: Honestly, there were so many teams I couldn't even count them. There were at least 20 teams -- I can't even name all the teams that were there. One person I met with after was the running backs coach of the Eagles (Ted Williams)...he showed some interest in me. Other than that, it was mostly just guys shooting bull with you and talking randomly.

ML: Now that you've been to the Senior Bowl, the Combine and your Pro Day, are there any teams that have followed you closely through the entire journey?

CS: You get an idea of who's interested, but they're not too specific. No one says, "Hey, Charles, we're going to draft you." They don't really get into it much. Each team shows the same amount of interest. It's kind of hard to tell who really wants you. It's kind of early for all that. I have no clue who's the most interested in me and who's the least. I have no clue where I am on who's draft board. It's kind of early for that.

ML: Have you talked with anyone from the San Diego Chargers about their huge hole at running back?

CS: I've met with the San Diego Chargers at least twice. They made a point to tell me they're interested in signing one or two running backs this year, but they didn't necessarily say it was going to be me. But I've definitely talked to them and they're obviously in need of a running back, so I feel like there's a very, very good possibility that I could go there.

ML: Do you have any workouts scheduled so far?

CS: Actually, my first workout is March 30. Cleveland is actually coming here and that'll be my first workout. I'm pretty sure more stuff will start flowing in here in a minute. I'm just taking it day by day.

ML: Other than your workouts, how will you spend the next few weeks?

CS: I'm just laying low and staying in shape. I'm relaxing and staying prepared in case anybody calls me and wants to work me out or anything.

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