Browns Circle Two Free Agents

The Cleveland Browns are showing interest in two restricted free agents who could fill key roles. Who are they, and what's the latest on the Browns flirtation with the clubs currently employing them? Here's what we have...

The Cleveland Browns continue to circle two restricted free agents, with an eye to pulling off deals to acquire them for less than their tender values.

Lane Adkins was the first reporter to unearth the interest between the Browns and Seahawks OG Rob Sims more than two weeks ago, and gives us an update on the situation:

The Browns and Seahawks have held discussions, but are yet to reach an agreement for OG Rob Sims.

The Seahawks tendered the veteran lineman with a fourth-round compensation tag and the Seahawks have prohibited Sims from joining the team for off-season conditioning sessions.

A source has told theOBR that Sims would welcome the opportunity to join the Browns and compete at the RG and LG positions. Wanting a resolution to the contract issue, Sims is willing to sign the tender sheet offered by the Seahawks, if it provides him an opportunity such as being traded to Cleveland.

Sims missed a portion of the 2009 season with an ankle injury which has healed. A local Cleveland native, Sims has been working out during the off-season in the Cleveland area.

On the matter of an ex-Eagle, Chris Gocong, for once there's some merit to the buzz which hit Philadelphia-area rumor mills in the last 24 hours. As we wrote last night in the OBR's Insider Blog:

Lane Adkins reports that there is substance to the rumors appearing in a Philadelphia blog that the Browns and Eagles are discussing a potential deal for Eagles DL Chris Gocong.

The Browns and Eagles were discussing a potential deal as far back as a week or more, with the key difference being the level of draft compensation. The Eagles were looking for a third-round pick, while the Browns were countering with a fifth or sixth. 

There's enough to this that we're suggesting to Browns fans that you stay tuned.

Gocong emerged quickly during the spring months several years ago to be a highly coveted draft pick. Eric Mangini even used Gocong as an example of a player that both he and GM Tom Heckert really liked.

While Gocong hasn't set the world on fire as a member of the Eagles,'s Adam Caplan feels he could make a stronger impact as a Cleveland Brown:

This trade rumor was started by Tom Curran from CSN Boston.

Gocong has played SLB in Philly's 4-3 scheme since he was drafted in 2006. He got benched last season. He's poor in coverage and probably would be better off playing in a 3-4 scheme. In Ryan's scheme, OLBs aren't used to cover much.

While the Browns are juggling a lot of different things right now – attending Pro Days, conducting workouts, signing their own RFAs, and more – fans shouldn't let remaining free agents drift from their radar. Sims and Gocong are two that bear continued watching.

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