Tim Tebow: A Legit Option For Browns?

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djw333: Lane has said the Browns like Pike and McCoy.  Do you really think they would pass on both for Tebow with pick #38?

Lane Adkins: Just to add on Tebow:

The Browns are teams looking him closely… they want to see his development with the vast changes he is incorporatiung. It will be a telling tale as to what type of student and potential NFL player he will be if he grasps change and alters his liabilities under the supervision of coaches.

There was obvious change and improvement from the combine to his workout. The personal workout will provide additional insight. If the player shows developmental skills and talent, a team may be willing to draft him and work on this continued development.


brokenwing: Looking over the draft projections, it would appear no one is taking a QB after us in the first round. If [Jimmy Clausen] gets to us, and we pass, do you see him taking a free fall the same way Quinn did? We could take someone at 7, and then using our second with some packaged picks and trade back into the first and maybe get him in the 20+ range. Possible?

I was surprised to see the Browns were one of 5 teams attending a workout for Tebow. I love the kid, but he scares me after all the negative press. Would you gamble on him with one of our 3rds? I am guessing McCoy and Pike will be gone in the 2nd.

SOBO: No one is taking a QB after the Browns select? Oh...I'd say slots like Buffalo at no.9 or Seattle again at 14 would have a very hard time passing on Clausen.

Is it possible?   Outside shot.

Funny thing about Tebow is that I've been updating my mock each week and will do so up until the actual draft.    Who do I currently have slotted to Cleveland with the 38th pick?   Mr. Tim Tebow.

I think he has all the intangibles this team values very very highly.   The current makeup of the team is perfectly set up for Tebow to come in and develop for a couple years as he continues to improve his technique.

Lane Adkins: Keep an ear to the ground following the personal workout of Tebow; this will play a significant role as to where he may land in the draft. If the young man demonstrates the ability to keep progressing, then the evaluation process will show his potential upside as positive -- and a team will take him earlier than what most believed a couple weeks ago.


DawgBacker26: I had the opportunity to watch the "Tebowpalooza Show" and came away with some notes that I wanted to run by you guys…

Overall? I think this guy brings very little to the table in regards to the position of QB. His tools are awful, unpolished, and just not at all natural. I don't recall viewing a mechanical QB in the NFL that has been successful. I would say to the team drafting him, I hope you are planning to make him a fullback or an H Back, cause he is junk at QB. I really don't know what all of the hoopla is all about. He deserves a shot at doing something in the NFL, but it will take a team of Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Joe Namath, all the Mannings, and Brett Favre to even make this guy serviceable behind center.

Would you guys say this is a safe and fair assessment of the player?

SOBO: No I don't think it's a fair assessment.


It's only one day.    And it's less important about what happened that single day but rather the improvement he has already shown, and the willingness to do what it takes to make himself a legitimate player at the next level.

This entire situation is a process. 

I do agree his release was still slower than you'd like from what little I've seen.   And I also believe a lot of what you are saying based on that day is at the very least partially true.

He's never going to be Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, etc.   He's never expected to be.   But if you can look at him as the prospect as he is, and the potential he presents, he can still be a quarterback in this league and could win if given time and patience to develop.

Lane Adkins: Agree with Sobo here and let me add: Tim Tebow is a project, one which whomever selects the young man is going to commit a year or more in developing his mechanics, as he is as motivated a young man as you are going to find anywhere.

His mechanics need plenty of work, but this is an area which can be enhanced with diligent training and repetition.


Monarchos: Do we pass even in the slim chance [Eric Berry] falls to us? Knowing the Browns draft record: Anything is possible.

Acting as devils advocate, Holmgert may not think a safety deserves Troy Polamalu money coming right out of college. Or maybe they get a stockpile of favorable picks and trade down. Maybe even the LaRon Landry experiment scares them off. I disagree with all these viewpoints personally, but what are yours?

I don't know our FO's previous draft record in detail but what are their premiums on a position like safety? Moreso, any idea how high they are on Berry in relation to other speculative picks?

Lane Adkins: I only see the Browns passing on Berry, if another prospect, say a Suh, McCoy, Bradford type remain on the board -- and this is extremely questionable.


DevilDawg119: Is McClain a possibility at 7, and I don't seem to hear anything about Maiva. Is he in the Browns plans?

Lane Adkins: The seventh selection is wide open at present. The organization is in the processing portion of the college player draft season, which will go on for a few weeks.

In the couple weeks prior to the draft, up to the day before, teams like the Browns will be going over and over the draft board and playing out numerous scenarios.

As for Maivia, he is considered a depth LB and special teams product.

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