Adkins: What We've Been Told

Lane brings the 411 again, clueing in subscribers on what's really happening behind closed doors in Berea. Here's what the team thinks internally about the Brady Quinn deal, why the Browns have some grumpy players, and the latest trade rumbles.

- At first glance, the compensation received by the Browns in the Brady Quinn deal doesn't seem quite right. A couple low level draft selections and RB Peyton Hillis hardly seem a fair return for an organization that selected Quinn in the second-half of the first round in the 2007 draft.

The Browns organization doesn't feel that way at all, however. Quite the contrary, in fact. Hillis is the key  - he is expected to become one-half of a two-headed monster the Browns are going to feature at the RB position.

From tape and personal scouting evaluation, the Browns simply love the physical demeanor and presence Hillis provides, which is an aspect missing from the Cleveland offense a season ago.

- The signing of veteran QB Jake Delhomme by the Browns has been widely scrutinized by media and evaluators alike. While many will question the signing, the Browns conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the QB, who had a poor 2009 season. The conclusion was Delhomme does not suffer from any physical ailment, does not display signs of diminished skills despite the poor play last season.

- Though the free agent player signing period has been on-going, the team's restricted free agents have received little to no interest. Likewise, the Browns have been slow in dealing with their tendered players.

Despite the slow-moving discussion, the organization intends to discuss contract with their RFA players. To this point, the organization has been heavily involved in outside FA interests, trade discussions and the upcoming college player draft.

Despite this message being sent by the organization, there are a few agents and players less than enthralled with the Browns -- as the player(s) feel left either in limbo or hostage.

Ultimately, this is a result of the league and union being unable to work through their issues. The lack of a new collective bargaining agreement has enabled the Browns - and every other team in the league - to retain some potential UFA players, as RFA's.

- On the trade front, things have been quiet for the Browns in recent days though speculation ties the Browns to a couple of available players. Offensive guard Rob Sims, a Seattle Seahawks RFA and Cleveland native, would like to know his destination. Despite the Seahawks tendering him at a fourth-round compensation level, Seattle is not permitting the player to work in scheduled voluntary workouts with the team, in lieu of dealing the player.

As for the Browns, the organization has no desire to offer the Seahawks a fourth round selection, nor a fifth at this time. Despite some interest, the Browns and Seahawks still appear some distance apart in any move on Sims.

- Another player which is speculated to be available is OLB Chris Gocong of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns and Eagles have had numerous discussions this off-season, and Gocong has come up in discussions of late.

But, despite any discussion, the Browns remain wary about dealing 2010 draft selections away. The Browns front office seeks to retain all their selections, and potentially adding more selections prior to draft weekend in what they deem a very deep college player draft.

At this time, the Browns do not appear poised to acquire Gocong, especially if the price tag remains is a fourth round draft selection, as theOBR has been told.

Despite their overall strategy, the Browns have not ruled out utilizing their draft wealth to dive into the RFA market in the days leading up to the April 15th offer-sheet deadline to qualifying FA's.

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