How Deep Does Gocong Interest Go?

Eric Mangini earlier today suggested that Kamerion WImbley was moved to make room for... something. Could that something be a linebacker from Philadelphia? The OBR sifts through the evidence.

The name of Chris Gocong has been mentioned several times in relation to the Cleveland Browns over the past couple of weeks, and for good reason.

There is an indeed an interest in Gocong on the part of the Browns, but what that level is depends on which source you are talking to.  Or which day of the week it happens to be.

One league source has told theOBR that the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker will likely be traded at some point before the April NFL draft.  TheOBR's Lane Adkins has noted that "the Browns and Eagles have had numerous discussions this offseason, and Gocong has come up" in those talks.

Another source tells theOBR that the agent for Gocong has not been contacted by the Browns expressing interest, although such a development – or lack thereof – would not preclude a deal being done between the two clubs.

As far as compensation goes, it's believed that a fourth-round pick in the upcoming draft would be required to obtain Gocong, a price that the Browns don't seem willing pay at this point in time.

However, if the Browns were to acquire the veteran, at least one league source believes he would be a better fit in the Browns' defense than he was in the Eagles'.

Per the personnel source, Gocong is a much better fit for a 3-4 defensive scheme as a rush OLB. In Cleveland's scheme, the OLBs are not asked to cover much, and coverage is an area where Gocong struggles.

In summation, there is indeed interest in Gocong on the part of the Browns.  Whether that interest leads to a trade being consummated, however, remains to be seen.

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