Holmgren's Answer the Real McCoy?

New Browns prez doesn't see a second-round QB. Reality or a bluff? The Insiders attempt to cut through the smoke on this issue, plus several others as we steam towards the April draft...

Smooth32: "But, here's the dilemma," Mike Holmgren was quoted as saying. "There are areas of the football team that we really have to help -- the secondary, offensive line -- to get the team better. This year it would be pretty hard to use the second [round] pick to get a quarterback. It would be pretty hard for me.

We know the Browns need a QB of the future, but how will they be able to find one past the first few rounds? So can we really believe Holmgren when he says that?

Considering all the reports out there, I have a hard time seeing Holmgren passing on [Colt] McCoy if he's there at the top of the 2nd round.

Lane Adkins: I do believe this is a dilemma the organization faces.

I also am of the impression Holmgren is having a difficult time looking past a couple of these QBs, and Tom Heckert is going to play the vital role of guiding the organization, in particular Holmgren, when one of these players is sitting there on the board.

Labradoodle: I like [Northwestern's Mike Kafka] and view him as a low-risk 5th rounder.  I think his upside combined with what we can do with the earlier picks would be a smart move but I wonder how you guys view him with some of the bigger names out there.

SOBO: I've personally talked up Kafka quite a bit over the last few months.   In fact, most of the Scout Insiders know my infatuation with him as a player. I think he is a very natural thrower, has good feet, is athletic, and really improved his one full year behind center. He doesn't have a great arm, and he still makes mistakes with the football; however, I'd consider him as high as the 4th round.

redright: How would you compare [Arkansas RB Peyton Hillis] to Kevin Faulk of the Patriots? Versatile? Hard runner?  Good pass receiver? Good 3rd-down guy? Solid in a pinch? I guess I am asking what kind of player are we getting.  Is this the type of guy who fills in and does a lot of things productively without having a designated slot?

SOBO: Very different from Kevin Faulk. Hillis has the potential upside of a Le'Ron McClain or even compares favorably to Najeh Davenport when he was in the league.
One of those 'tweener types who was asked to a lot of things in college and in the pros.   He probably isn't quite in the same athletic sphere as those mentioned, but he's more polished as a receiver and special teams player.

fletch416:  I'm sure that Grossi has sources, considering he's been on the beat for years.  I like him, but I think he realizes the majority of his readers are reading it and not challenging it. Lastly, since the OBR is always like flys on a rib roast, I'm sure he does try to throw out educated guesses often. 

Is there any truth to the Browns lack of interest in [Rob] Sims?

Lane Adkins: The Browns have expressed some interest. I don't know what Grossi or any other media has reported regarding Rob Sims. I can also add due to compensation issues, the Browns and Seahawks are not negotiating at the present. The Browns have no desire to sign the lineman to an offer sheet and give up a fourth round selection.

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