Browns Circling RFAs, WRs

Eric Mangini said that the team wasn't done chasing potential trades, and the buzz we're hearing is that the man isn't lying. Here's some of the very latest courtesy of Lane Adkins in ATI, where the tough questions get answered...

DawgPound13:  Mangini quoted earlier the Wimbley trade was made for a future move. "A little bit of this was done in anticipation of being able to get some other things done that will involve draft picks," Mangini said.

Holmgrem then goes on to say in regards to trading Wimbley, "Why we did that will clear up."

Although no player has been pegged yet with your sources, do you get the sense that if Mangini and Holmgrem have publicly mentioned something in the works that we are about to see a trade, a signed offer sheet, or something on draft day? I get the impression something is close to happening and I lean towards a trade - my interest has really peaked because I believe a 3rd round pick would be used on an impact player...thoughts?

Lane Adkins: Here is the situation with this team.

They are talking to so many teams, about many opportunities and doing so at different times and levels -- its nearly impossible to gain a true perspective of their targets. We know the Browns are circulating around a couple RFAs and there continues to be discussion or notes which lead us to believe they are looking at a WR.

We've been reporting and noting the Browns have been looking at the LB position and want to add some impact to the position. This is where the Wimbley deal caught us off-guard, but we have been told there is something strong in the works.

The draft selections accumulated will be needed to seal a couple deals, which includes draft-weekend moves. This organization is far from done.

DawgPound13: The front page mentioned a possible trade with Gocong and the Eagles wanting a 4th and the Browns not wanting to give that much up. I don't believe it is Gocong because that pick is higher than we are looking to use with the Eagles. I see the Philadelphia QBs out of the picture because Kolb would be ready to start and we have our veteran in Delhomme & Seneca ready to mentor a rookie (personally, I think it's McCoy, time will tell).

Have you heard anything in regards to Mangini's comments on who this player might be, or what team and/or draft picks could be involved?

Lane Adkins: At this moment, the Browns and Eagles do not have anything 'SOLID' in the works, despite numerous discussions.  Also, theOBR has learned the Browns could be getting closer to making a move on an RFA player (no name yet).

The reason the Browns have not been making more moves is the manner they are approaching the off-season -- trade discussions take a considerable amount of time.

DawgBacker26: If this is the true thought process (veteran offense, young defense) that the Browns are going for, which I can understand seeing the amount of time rookies take to develop, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, then my question is:

The Browns would, in this scenario, have a huge void to fill at the WR position. I know 3 names that have been mentioned are: TO, B Marshall, V Jackson. Are any of these names still in play for the Browns? Are there any other names, to your knowledge, that may come into play in the near future?

Lane Adkins: No on Marshall at this time due to the Broncos insistence on a high 1st.

The Browns love Vincent Jackson and the boat hasn't sailed yet on him. There has been some noise the Browns may make a run at him at the deadline. Despite all the claims, the Browns have yet to close the door on T.O.

Most believe the Browns will make a move on a veteran WR and I believe this is a move to provide a viable option and stability. A veteran, productive presence means a lot to an offense, especially one of change such as will be implemented in Cleveland.

Butch2K1: I personally believe [Jimmy] Clausen is the best QB in this draft.  I think his accuracy, decision making, and arm strength add up to a very good NFL QB. Do you think Holmgren is just not tipping his hand?  Do you see a possibility of the Browns taking Claussen on draft day?

Lane Adkins: He and [Sam] Bradford are the cream of the crop, based on potential. I still like Bradford a hair better due to my belief that former ND HC Charlie Weis gets his QB's to the top quickly and there is some question about the ceiling.

That being said, I have been told Clausen is a 'NO' right now. Not all in the process for the Browns believe Clausen is the guy. I believe tipping his hand would be foolish, so I do believe the door has not been closed on the ND prospect.

elchuppicabra: How much interest do the Browns have in [Jarrett Brown] and if there is interest what round would he be expected to fall to? Also, can you guys give your thoughts on what type of potential he has?

Lane Adkins: One of the guys that scouted Brown tells theOBR the organization was impressed with the QB.

The situation would be, Brown is viewed as being a long-term project at the position. They love his arm, athleticism and football mindset, but believe his mechanics need reeled in, with the belief his accuracy and throwing a catchable ball would improve.

Right now, Brown is a question mark with the Browns and what the team does as the draft progresses could dictate their overall interest.

shepwrite: Seems like [Mike Kafka's] one of the fast risers, especially coming off a pro day that was widely praised. His arm was stronger than expected and he spun it fast. He got a 36 on his Wonderlic... seems like a Holmgren, WCO kind of guy.

My question is this: How far will he rise? Seems like every year there's a Kevin O'Connell or someone like that who goes in round 3 instead of 5. Kafka kind of feels like that guy. I think if I really liked him, I'd reach a little for late round 3-ish. What's your take?

Lane Adkins: Kafka is best described as a late bloomer. He has an improving skill-set, has good feet, is athletic and throws a nice ball. As Sobo notes, Kafka has an above-average arm, but is a player who has improved in the strength facet of his game, as well as physical conditioning.

I have not found a direct link between the Browns and the QB, but he does fit the qualities we expect to see in a Browns QB in the future.

Definitely a player that has had a very good off-season and is now a viable option, potentially in the 3rd for a team he may really impress. With approximately a month ‘til the draft, the young man has time to further impress.

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