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Posted by: OBR Newswire
on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 12:17:00 AM

OBR Newswire updates for March 27th through March 28th

These are links from the OBR Newswire for March 27th through March 28th:

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 11:39:00 PM

Bracket-Slash-Nerdery-Close Bracket

Saturday is usually our slowest day around here, in terms of traffic. Always has been, always will be.

That's why I often take Saturday to sort of turn off the news and engage in coding and other types of nerdery to try to make the site better.

One of the "holy grails" for Scout publishers has been to have posts created automatically whenever they write a new story. Plus, I got some feedback in the Tap Room (subscriber discussion forum) that some folks wouldn't mind the ability to comment on blog posts like they would have in a, well, real blog.

This all sounded like a bit of a challenge to my nerd cred, so I've been deep in code all day trying to create a system that would auto-post all these blogs into the Tap Room.

And, strangely enough, it seems to be working. Which is very odd, considering the thing is a series of unbalanced dominoes that all have to fall into each other in order to have the final one fall down - splat - in a TAP Room post.

We'll turn this thing on and see if it works for a few days without blowing everything else up. If it somehow keeps working, no one will be more surprised than me.

It's about time for me to turn off the nerding, and settle down to pounding out the news bright and early tomorrow morning. See ya then.

Posted by: John Taylor
on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 8:55:00 PM

Delhomme not a known carcinogen

For those who saw a headline on ProFootballTalk this morning regarding the Browns' new starting quarterback -- "Fox worried that Delhomme would divide locker room" – the words were a bit disconcerting at first.

"Crap," you said to yourself. "We just bought us a new clubhouse cancer", before adding "I really like bacon."

Fortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth*.  At least for the 2010 season.

(*: The clubhouse cancer part couldn't be further from the truth, not the bacon part.  Everybody knows that bacon has, does and will always continue to be awesome.)

The article highlighted by PFT explains the no-brainer decision by the Carolina Panthers and John Fox to jettison Jake Delhomme earlier this year thanks to the "emergence" of Matt Moore under center.  Fox hinted that keeping Delhomme had the potential to divide the Panthers' locker room if he had remained on the roster, mainly due to the fact that Delhomme felt as if his career hadn't gotten to the point where he'd be more productive holding a clipboard than he would be placing his hands in between another man's thighs on Sundays.

"When you've been loyal to a guy for [seven] years and you've got to show support for the [new] guy who's starting, it's hard to remain in that situation after [seven] years of loyalty," Fox said. "It's just that for the rest of your football team, it gets a little discomforting."

Again, this will not be an issue in Cleveland.  At least this year.  Delhomme will come into training camp knowing – regardless of how anyone else in the organization wants to portray it – that he is the man at the quarterback position.

So, stand down Orange & Brown fans if your fears were standing up over any veteran QB cancer fear.  That will not be an issue.

At least this year.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 2:26:00 PM

Earl Thomas to Visit Browns

Surprising about as many people at Eric Berry's visit, ESPN reports that S Earl Thomas will be visiting the Cleveland Browns on April 5th and 6th. Thomas is the third best safety in the draft, per Scout.com's Chris Steuber.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 9:51:00 AM

NFL Teams Circle LeFevour

As one would expect, the Browns aren't the only team interested in Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour. Scout.com's Chris Steuber is reporting that the Panthers and Bengals have scheduled private workouts with LeFevour, and that the Titans are planning on bringing him in for a visit.

LeFevour is a bit of a project, and teams who take him will need to spend some time before he can take over. All of the above teams have current starters, but might be looking for back-ups, and have some opportunity to be patient.

It would not be surprising in the least if the Browns also brought LeFevour in for a visit, but we don't have confirmation on this at present.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 9:42:00 AM

Nerd at Work

For all the wonderful things Scout and Fox Sports provide, a built-in blog for our publishers hasn't been one of them. All that will likely change inside the next year, but in the meantime, this one that I've hacked together seems to work pretty darn well.

Well, some of the other publishers on the network have noticed and have asked me to build blogs for them as well. Which I'm doing this weekend, at least for the first one.

I've also been making some progress in cross-posting these entries on to forums, which is something else we're not supposed to be able to do.

All of which means that I'm going to extend this blog into Day 2 rather than build a new one so I can keep cranking.

I tend to go into a deep isolation, a sort of "Code Cave" when I'm hacking, and I'll try to avoid that this time, because news will keep breaking. Back with more soon...

Posted on Twitter at: 10:20:00 PM
Scout Intersite Mock Draft is rolling. Browns trade up and draft NDAMUKONG SUH. Results here: http://bit.ly/bbt7Nk

Posted on Twitter at: 9:17:00 PM
Steuber's Second Round Mock Draft: The St. Louis Rams kick off the second frame of the NFL Draft and add an offens... http://bit.ly/ckF3iF

Posted on Twitter at: 9:17:00 PM
Scout.com: Steuber's Two-Round Mock Draft: Scout.com's NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber updates his two-round mock ... http://bit.ly/9TQSAP

Posted on Twitter at: 8:16:00 PM
Browns Pick @ 8:30! RT @PatriotsInsider For less Chaos, here is the Scout.com Live Mock Draft Forum w/ Live updates http://bit.ly/d8acb4

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 6:41:00 PM

S Kyle Wilson to Visit Browns

While Joe Haden is the top cornerback available in the minds of many, Boise State's Kyle Wilson isn't far behind.

Plus, unlike Haden at the Combine, Wilson can put up some glittering numbers in the 40-yard dash, as he did a Boise State's Pro Day. Wilson had an unofficial 4.42, in addition to some 4.3X timings earlier in his career.

The BSU Pro Day was well-attended, according to the Idaho Statesman, with nearly twenty teams watching Wilson and FB Richie Brockel go through the emotions.

Wilson told the Statesman that six NFL teams have already lined up visits. Cleveland joins Jacksonville, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Tennessee and St. Louis as destinations for Wilson.

Posted on Twitter at: 6:35:00 PM
In addition to the surprising visit we reported earlier today for subscribers, Boise State CB Kyle Wilson will be visiting the Browns.

Posted on Twitter at: 4:54:00 PM
(Subscriber) An Intriguing, Unexpected Pre-Draft Visit: Hot News for FO Cleveland Browns Organization http://bit.ly/btUieR

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 4:17:00 PM

OBR TV Pilot Shoots 4/26. What you want?

I have an admission to make: I watch very few sports TV shows beyond the games themselves. I guess it's generally because I don't think I get much out of them or just find them overly loud or annoying.

Whatever it is, I'm not much for watching them. Perhaps it's because I'm sorta-kinda in the business... I might have a much different view if I didn't live sports news 24x7.

I have my own thoughts about how we should approach our upcoming pilot program for ONN, which may wind up re-broadcast on other cable networks as well. But I'm far more interested in hearing what you might want from a weekly half-hour Orange and Brown Report TV show.

What would get you to watch an OBR program each week? What do you NOT want to see? Who would you want as a host or as guests?

Please write me with any thoughts you have. We have a chance to build a TV program from the ground up, with a lot of input from fans. I'd love to hear from you.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 4:00:00 PM

Tales from the Dork Side

Miscellaneous miscellany on a sunny but cold Friday afternoon in Cleveland:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have re-signed 56-year-old quarterback Charlie Batch. At last count, Batch was being accused of sexual misconduct in exactly zero of the 104 counties whose governments report Unwanted Advances by Yinzers (UAY) to the OBR on a weekly basis.

  • Prediction: Ben Roethlisberger will be unaffected by this situation. Reason: He plays for a Cleveland Browns rival, all of whom raided unprotected Berea storage rooms for all our good luck charms between 1995-8. Thanks to their ill-gotten reserves of luck and good fortune, I look for Big Ben to play another decade for the Steelers. Conversely, if he were a Cleveland Brown, he would have been lassoed to an Atlas Saturn rocket and shot into the sun by now.

  • Brandon Marshall, a player so good the Browns inquired about him, and Terrell Owens, a player so annoying that we don't even want him, are both being discussed by Mike Shanahan of the Redskins. For some reason, TO in DC makes perfect sense and, at some point, will be absolutely hilarious.

  • Tim Tebow's Dad thinks he will be in the Top 15 picks in this year's draft. In other news, scientists report that reality-distorting interplanetary bubbles, capable of warping time, space, and rational thought, have descended on Gainesville, Florida.

  • Some days, after a bit, you realize that you just ain't gonna win at all. This is one of those for me. Ugh. But I know that I can just hit "Post" on this blog item and, in just a few short minutes, a FoxSports-approved beer pellet will be dispensed in my Fox Blogger Feeding Tube™. We all have different standards for happiness. Thank (deity of your choice) that mine are really, really low.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 3:32:00 PM

Scout Intersite Mock Draft Starts up today…

This is pretty freakin' cool. A few years ago, fans on a number of sites took it upon themselves to start an "Intersite Mock Draft" between members of the various team boards here on Scout. The OBR has been a participant since, forever, I think.

"The Scout.com Intersite Mock Draft (IMD) is a fan driven Mock Draft conducted each year by members of the scout.com message board community. Any fan can participate by contacting representatives from each team's official Mock representatives."

Here's an article about it on Patriots Insider.

The IMD team from the OBR make their first pick at 8:30PM tonight.

Here's a thread on the infamous Draft Brew forum about it. The hours are now ticking down the start of the IMD...

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 2:19:00 PM

Clausen to Visit Browns

The latest in a predictable run of stories - Haden visiting, Berry visiting, Tebow visiting, and now Clausen visiting - that were pretty obviously going to happen.

Holmgren recently said that he wasn't that crazy about Clausen, something we first reported about a month ago. The Notre Dame QB has a Pro Day on 4/9 and his visit to Cleveland to turn around Holmgren's opinion.

Posted on Twitter at: 12:43:00 PM
PIT: Veteran QB Re-Signs: Hot News for QB Charlie Batch http://bit.ly/aQ6WDJ

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 11:15:00 AM

Ray Fisher Gets a Shot

Ray Fisher has been fighting expectations his whole life. Ripping his ACL his senior year of high school, the Glenville standout was left behind in the high school recruiting wars. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Maryland, LSU, and more, who had been dangling scholarships in front of Fisher suddenly disappeared after the injury.

But Fisher vowed to show other schools who had been talking to him before the injury. And, arguably, he did just that.

When he got the chance at Indiana, Fisher became an honorable mention All-Big Ten return man, wide receiver, and a converted cornerback.

Then, once again, with the next level beckoning, Fisher got hurt.

But now he's looking to come back again, thanks to a blazing 40-time at his Pro Day, and impressive stats as a return man.

The Browns have only 30 visits to hand out to players from outside the area. Fisher is from Cleveland, so the Browns are going to bring him in for a look-see. Now we'll see if there's room for a 5'9", 170 pound versatile speed demon on the Browns roster.

Posted by: OBR Newswire
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 11:00:00 AM

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire

These are links from the OBR Newswire for March 26th from 09:57 to 10:20:

  • Canton Rep - The weed factor, Mike Doss, and a likely Round 2 trade - The Browns are very thin at safety. I know from talking to Mike Doss recently that he'd love to take one last shot at getting back in the game. He last played for the Bengals in 2008.
  • DDN - Will They Really Use All Those Picks? - What's good about stockpiling draft picks, as the Browns have done, is that they can be used as currency. Don't expect the team to vault into the first-round stratosphere and take Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, but do expect some subtle manipulations by General Manager Tom Heckert during the three-day draft process beginning April 22.
  • ESPN - What about Brett Ratliff? - Well, Quinn and Anderson are no longer with the Browns. Yet, Ratliff is lost in the mix and not in the conversation. The reason is Ratliff is a Eric Mangini favorite and a product of the head coach.
  • Chronicle-Telegram - Browns Ready to plan a Draft - The league officially unveiled its draft order Thursday, including 32 compensatory choices and one pick forfeited by the Washington Redskins for taking part in the supplemental draft.
  • News-Herald - Browns will be very busy in draft - A total of 32 compensatory NFL draft picks have been awarded to 19 teams that experienced a net loss of unrestricted free agents in 2009. None of the picks were given to the Browns, but now that the process is complete they know exactly where they will be picking during the three-day draft beginning April 22.
  • WKYC- What will Browns do with all those draft picks? - So what do the Browns do? A young quarterback is needed, but the team has holes to fill all across the field.
  • New Philadelphia Times-Reporter - Drafting a new plan for key positions - The Browns know what they have. They know it's not enough. They were 9-23 the last two seasons. Their next best hope to get what they need is the April 22-24 draf
  • NFL.com - WR Wolfe pulls up lame at UNLV pro day - A player in this year's draft often compared to Collie — UNLV WR Ryan Wolfe (6-foot-1, 198 pounds) — experienced a setback at the school's pro day March 25.
  • Plain Dealer - Grossi's 2010 NFL Draft board, Version 5.0 - There's not much movement in Version 5.0 of our draft board. Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis moved in and Idaho guard Mike Iupati moved out. That pains us because we really like Iupati, but we are not going to stick out our neck too far for what some still consider a project player.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 10:02:00 AM

Jim Donovan's Take on the Draft

Embedded because Donovan, Dieken and all those guys simply don't get enough exposure. We're here to help.

Posted on Twitter at: 9:56:00 AM
RT @sportstalkCLE R.I.P. Geoff Sindelar - You were one of the best... you were a mentor and a friend. I can't believe this happened...

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 9:52:00 AM

Everyone Loves Press Releases!

Here's one the team sent out last night about the team's draft picks. Probably nothing real shocking here for anyone Browns-crazed enough to read my natterings, but just in case...


The Cleveland Browns currently have 12 selections in the 2010 NFL Draft, including five of the first 92 picks and 10 selections in the first five rounds. The Browns hold their own pick in every round with the exception of the seventh round, which was traded to Detroit earlier this offseason as part of the Corey Williams trade.

The 2010 NFL Draft will be conducted over the course of three days this year. The first round will be held on Thursday, April 22, starting at 7:30 p.m. The second and third rounds will take place on Friday, April 23 beginning at 6:00 p.m., to be followed by rounds 4-7 on Saturday, April 24 at 10:00 a.m. A total of 255 players will be drafted, including 32 compensatory choices that were awarded to 19 teams who had a net loss of unrestricted free agents the previous year.

Round / Pick in Round / Overall
1 7 7

2 6 38

3 8 71
3 22 85 (from New England through Oakland for Kamerion Wimbley)
3 29 92 (from New York Jets as part of the Braylon Edwards trade)

4 7 105

5 3 134 (from Tampa Bay as part of the Kellen Winslow trade)
5 6 137
5 15 146 (from Denver through Detroit as part of the Corey Williams trade)
5 29 160 (from New York Jets as part of the Braylon Edwards trade)

6 8 177
6 17 186 (from Carolina for Louis Leonard)

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 9:42:00 AM

Someone Doesn't Like the Media

I was trying to link this one yesterday morning but, here at OBR World Headquarters at least, You Tube was unresponsive to the point of being catatonic.

Of course, there's a lot of piling on Urban Meyer this morning for verbally confronting a reporter about a negative story (relayed even in this-here blog several days ago) on WR Deonte Thompson. The Gator player had made the mistake of suggesting that Tebow wasn't a "real quarterback". The young man probably should have "traditional quarterback", but is clearly inexperienced in the tricky ways of saying nothing to the press. I'm sure he was distraught when he saw the impact his words had.

Florida head coach got a bit fired up about it and rips on a newspaper reporter for reporting it. So, you're undoubtedly reading a lot of folks in the media blasting Meyer for being a jerk, or outside the media blasting the press for behaving like the press always does.

Of course, the cozy old days when the local media would cover for players or coaches has passed long ago. Brutal competition in the sports media, and the behavior of teams and universities alike has seen to that.

But what I see in the clip below is a man headed towards an early death.

It's a battle I face myself... I know I don't take enough time to relax and chill, not like I used to. Even when ostensibly kicking back with a beer and catching a ballgame or watching Jack Bauer kill terrorists, I struggle to keep my mind off the huge list of things I need to do. Even simple errands can become stressful when you feel like there are other things you should be doing.

Stress is unbearably wearing on the human body and has very strong, negative physical impacts.

Urban Meyer, who resigned last year briefly due to chest pains, clearly needs help. If he doesn't let certain things simply happen, and learn a little zen, he's gonna blow up from the inside.

But it's the same intensity and driven quality which leads him to defend the young man under his charge that has made him so successful.

It may be better to burn out than fade away, but don't tell that to the people you leave behind.


Posted on Twitter at: 9:10:00 AM
(Subscriber) OBR Daily Blog: 3/25/2010: America's most trusted source of Browns news since March 3rd or thereabout... http://bit.ly/cABaJu

Posted on Twitter at: 9:10:00 AM
(Subscriber) Help on the Way?: New Browns QB Jake Delhomme needs reliable targets when he takes over as Browns QB.... http://bit.ly/cGFM3A

Posted on Twitter at: 8:55:00 AM
Shea: The Caretaker: Browns fans shouldn't expect transcendence, but the Jake Delhomme era may not be without its ... http://bit.ly/9oiGfG

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 8:54:00 AM

Get Loose, Get Ready…

Yesterday evening was a bit slow on the ol' OBR Daily Blog, primary because your friendly neighborhood webdork was busy doing behind-the-scenes stuff here on the OBR. But today, well, it's sure to be quite different. We've got a bunch of stuff saved up.

Stay tuned, refresh frequently, stay frosty, stay alert.

Be right back.

Posted on Twitter at: 8:23:00 AM
NFL Headed to a "Big" Draft: This year's NFL draft is like those in the past just a bit... larger... faster... bet... http://bit.ly/co3Gt0

Posted by: John Taylor
on Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 5:22:00 PM

Tim Tebow Equals… Bernie?

There's probably not a more revered name in Cleveland Browns lore – hell, in Cleveland sports, period – than the great Bernie Kosar.

Invoke St. Bernard's name to most anyone who spent a portion of their life suffering with rooting for the Orange & Brown, and you'll likely get a smile followed quickly by a "remember that time when he…".

You'll also get plenty of talk about his… ahem… "unorthodox" way of delivering a football by way of the forward pass.

All of that is a roundabout way of getting to Tim Tebow, the former Florida quarterback who has, at least for public consumption, caught the attention of new president Mike Holmgren.  And someone who could find his way to Cleveland at some point after the 2010 draft.

Speaking to reporters at the annual league meetings this week, Carolina head coach John Fox was asked about Tebow's much-criticized, faulty throwing motion.

"You ever watch Bernie Kosar play?" Fox asked reporters according to SI.com's Don Banks.  That's all Fox said, and that was all the coach needed to say.

Point driven home very effectively.

As you may or may not recall, the last quarterback compared to Kosar – Phillip Rivers – turned out to be a damn good one, so who knows.

Very interesting, though, that Fox played the "Kosar" card in reference to Tebow.  Intriguing, actually.

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