OBR Daily Blog: 3/29/2010

It's Yinzers gone wild week on the OBR Daily Blog!! Y'all'zun gonna have more er'rests n' all dat.

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Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 9:37:00 PM

More Browns Workouts, Interests…

-- The Browns continue to display interest in Clemson speedster Jacoby Ford. After getting pulled aside to demonstrate footwork at Clemson's Pro Day, Ford also told Scout.com's Ed Thompson that he had a private workout with Browns WR Coach George McDonald. Ford is ranked #11 on Scout's list of draft-eligible receivers.

-- Scout.com has also learned that Louisville WR Scott Long has "received interest" from the Browns, along with the Dolphins, Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, and Chiefs. Long is a 6'2", 215 receiver who lost much of his junior year to a knee injury. He roared back in his senior year with 53 catches for 727 yards. Long would be a mid-to-late round pick.

-- A small-school name to file away in the back of your mind is North Alabama's Mike Johnson, whose 6'1, 256 size and 4.6 time in the 40 has been enough to draw interest from the Browns, as well as the Steelers, Ravens, and Texans. He was a D2Football.com All-American last year, per a league source.

-- We relayed back on 3/11 that Maryland CB Nolan Carroll was slated to have a private workout with the Browns. That, in fact, is confirmed to have taken place. Carroll also worked out with the Patriots and Dolphins, according to Scout.com. Scout's Chris Steuber ranks him around the middle of the pack as far as corner go, but something appears to have caught the Browns' eye.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 9:08:00 PM

A Potpourri of the Mundane

Some miscellaneous things that crossed our desk today, but worth noting as another cool Cleveland evening takes hold.

-- Mike Holmgren, apparently not left speechless like Gil Brandt, told the NFL Network that QB Sam Bradford "certainly has enough", but would have wanted to see the QB be turned loose a bit more in his workout. All of which seems a bit irrelevant at this point, as the Rams prepare to select the Oklahoma QB. The only obstacle to Bradford being the top pick in the draft now appears to be the little matter of signing a contract.

-- Despite the small school and difficult name, it's hard to call IUP's Akwasi Owusu-Ansah much of a sleeper anymore. The Cowboys and Dolphins certainly aren't snoozing, as they've invited Owusu-Ansah for pre-draft visits. I know he's a favorite of some of the draftniks on the OBR forums, but no word on the Browns bringing him in yet.

-- Steelers WR Santonio Holmes, Yinzer gone allegedly wild, oddly tells the media that he didn't do anything, and that this matter of couch-sitting, head-grabbing, glass-chucking, face-lacerating, and booze-spilling would be dealt with quickly.

-- Yap, yap, yap. Yammer, yammer, yammer. Tebow, Bills, Tebow, Bills. Whatever.

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Posted by: OBR Newswire
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 6:00:00 PM

OBR Newswire updates for March 28th through March 29th

These are links from the OBR Newswire for March 28th through March 29th:

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RT @SI_PeterKing RT @cfrs15: Any chance CLE can use extra picks to trade up to 1 and get Bradford? ... Quite frankly, no.

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Just updated Scout's NFL portal. Now, on to slamming updates into the free agent database: http://bit.ly/93Hula

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 3:51:00 PM

Yinzers Gone Wild! Another Steeler in Trouble

"Yinzers Gone Wild" week kicks off with reports that Santonio Holmes has been accused of throwing a glass of booze at a woman, lacerating her eye, and then trying to get her not to report it.

I know a lot of Browns fans aren't down with painting Holmes as a Yinzer because his career started as a Buckeye but, let's face it, he's been in Steelerland for years now, and has the Yinzer taint all over him. It's inescapable now, and he's lost to us, much like a certain former Miami (Ohio) quarterback.

Meanwhile, there will be lots of concern over what this means to the Steelers 2010 prospects. Here's my expert take: It's not good.

Beyond that, there are three parts to this story worth pondering:

1. At what point is this raft of off-field problems going to bounce back on head coach Mike Tomlin and/or other members of the organization? This is all very un-like the Steeler organizations we've endured in the past, and can't be sitting well with the Rooney family. While Tomlin was blessed with a nice team, and gifted with a Super Bowl 43 win, at some point the constant stream of off-field issues will start tarnishing his tenure.

2. They say "don't cry over spilt booze", but I do. Every time. He wasted booze, probably something expensive and fancy, and now no one will be able to drink it. Ever. You can only shake your head.

3. We can at least be happy that Myron Cope wasn't around to hear: "Alleged sexual assaulter drops, looks, dodges an oncoming lawyer and FIRES a strike to alleged booze glass chucker!. Then the officials give them an extra 23 yards for being Pittsburgh! Touchdown!".

And, no, I'm not being fair. Especially with that last bit. 

But I don't care. They're the Steelers. I'm a Browns fan. I don't like them.

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Posted by: John Taylor
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 2:03:00 PM

Bradford impresses, dashes Browns' hopes

With new president Mike Holmgren, the Browns likely saw any remote shot of landing Sam Bradford go right out the window earlier today.

The former Oklahoma quarterback worked out for a plethora of NFL personnel this morning and, by all accounts, Bradford blew the attendees away with his performance.

So much so, in fact, that Gil Brandt – one of the most respected personnel evaluators in the business – called it the best workout he's seen since Troy Aikman back in the late eighties.

The biggest challenge Bradford faced coming into the workout was showing that he'd fully recovered from a season-ending shoulder injury and subsequent surgery.  Apparently, he did that and, in the process, likely locked up the honor of being selected first overall in the April draft by the Rams.

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Browns Could Get Defensive: Could this be the year the Browns finally made a defensive impact with their top pick? http://bit.ly/9wOaLf

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 12:16:00 AM

Closing Out a Quiet News Weekend

With the sporting world's eyes on March Madness, NFL teams like the Browns quietly got their work done over the weekend. Players were worked out, phone conversations were held, and so forth. Here are some leftover items from the weekend:

-- There's some buzz that CB Joe Haden could fall out of the top ten, particularly if Eric Berry is still around when the Browns make their pick. Hopefully, that's not due to his Combine 40 time, which would be ridiculous in my opinion. Still, the buzz makes stories that Haden has worked out for the Titans and Bengals make a lot more sense. The Browns seem to be the upper limit for how high Haden can go. The Titans and Bengals pick at 16 and 21, respectively.

-- Most confusing workout of the week was the Eagles, with the 24th pick, working out Eric Berry, who won't fall past seven, and has odds against him getting that far. Clearly, the Eagles are either delusional or contemplating some sort of deal that would have them picking near where the Browns are picking. For what it's worth, the Raiders follow the Browns in the draft order and are talking to the Eagles about McNabb. But Berry is unlikely to make it to that spot. It's intriguing, but confusing.

-- Sam Bradford's Pro Day is Monday. Get ready for a lot of coverage, and for Bradford to sell the Rams on picking him #1.

-- Call me an idiot because, well, I probably am one, but I suspect the Browns will regret passing up Matt Jones and letting the Bengals grab him. If Jones grows up at all, he can be a heck of a wide receiver. If he doesn't, well, at least he fits in with the Bengals.

-- The NFL is fighting the same sort of battle with television that filmmakers have been fighting over the years. I think they're kidding themselves.

Rather than adding gizmos and gadgets, like they're planning, I think they could go a long way by making live attendance less expensive. There's nothing like watching the game at the Stadium, in my experience, but I always found myself a lot poorer at the end of the day. Measured in beer value, I could get a couple of 12 packs for what it takes to get myself and three buddies a round of beer.

While the NFL blames this problem on nifty HD televisions, truth is they started chasing people away from buying tickets years ago by constantly cranking up the price of going the stadium.

I don't expect the league, though, to focus on that as the core of their problem. It's always human nature to blame someone else, and the rich, powerful NFL has never been all that introspective. So… more gizmos to justify their current prices it will be.

-- As I sort of expected, my blog-to-forums interface blew up pretty good today. So, I spent the evening refining it. Which means all-new and even more spectacular explosions tomorrow. Woohoo!!

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