DBs Set To Become Targets?

When are the Browns going to make a move for help in the defensive backfield? Or are they hoping to do it all during the draft? Can Seneca Wallace race past Delhomme to start? This and other questions answered in today's Ask the Insiders...

fletch416: [question on any interest in Asante Samuel or Sheldon Brown]

I know we like to go after guys that are meat and potatoes, but is there any way we would consider trading for higher priced players.  Or are we only going to pay homegrown players first.

Lane Adkins: Have heard nothing on the players mentioned, but the Browns could make a play on a DB or two, probably closer to the second week of April.

hopenandprayn: I really like what the Browns have done this off season unlike a large group of local newspaper reporters and severely pessimistic Clevelanders who will never really have hope.  My concern is the lack of moves being made in the secondary and wideouts.  I fully believe that every move made so far in no way possible can make us any worse  than we were last year, but why is there such a hold up on these two positions.  Is it that this team believes that they can get immediate impact in the draft or is there just no willing participants to trade some of those picks.  If Randy Moss can be had for a 4th round pick, why can't we score a RCB and at least a number 2 veteran wideout. Am I just being impatient or is there an element of concern amongst you guys as well?

Lane Adkins: The non-activity is not due to their efforts. The FA market for real quality at the WR and DB positions is not strong. The vast majority of quality comes from the RFA players, which compensation to a team is required, as well as the team having the right to match any offer.

We anticipate the Browns looking to make a move in the days leading toward the 4/15 RFA signing deadline.

BrownsBigshot: What are the odds that Seneca Wallace starts opening day?  I know everyone assumes Jake Delhomme will be the guy, but I personally think that Seneca has more intangibles.  Plus, Seneca is a little younger and could carry the load longer.  I personally would rather see him under center.

Is there a chance that Seneca beats Jake out in camp?  Will he be given equal opportunity?

Lane Adkins: I would only expect to see Wallace starting if Delhomme is simply terrible -- while Wallace is lights out.

Most haven't had the opportunity to see Wallace play; he is far from being simply a clipboard holder. He can play at this level, but shouldn't be expected to carry a team as that isn't who he is.

tochigi: I felt and do feel the using Josh Cribbs as WR (especially number 2) was a wasted effort. Besides not being that much of a possession receiver, he did seem to have trouble with routes and getting open. I felt the giving of the #2 WR spot to him robbed others of development and further hindered our already handicapped QB's (who are now thankfully gone).

I thought with the coming of Holmgren that the WR experiment would end. Maybe use him in the slot - but mostly in the backfield for the wildcat. However, I keep hearing the same nonsense....that he will be used as WR. Duh? 

So much for my amateur-level opinion. What do you all really think?  Two-level question  1. Is he a bona fide WR?  (I mean shouldn't the #2 WR spot be filled by a bona fide guy, not a project? 2. If not, does he have the potential to become a real bona fide WR or is this just a continuation of the "trick play" syndrome that Mangini loves?

Lane Adkins: I am of the belief the organization really wanted to see Cribbs in the WR role and hopefully develop his skill set. I would not say the time was a waste'; there was some good in him gaining playing time -- experience.

Heading into 2010, if the QB position is stable and productive, Cribbs as well as the other WRs are going to look much better. A huge advantage of having an accurate and productive QB is that it would enhance this offense dramatically.

The opportunity is there for Cribbs to be a viable contributor at WR while remaining an option in the backfield and in the return game.

kjdawg17: [question on Phil Dawson's contract status.]

So what's going on with him?  I know I read few questions down that they are just now beginning to have meetings about the RFA's. I think Dawson's still under contract though.  I was just wondering if they are talking about giving him a pay raise or getting someone else?

Lane Adkins: Keep being told that he'll be taken care of -- if he wants to continue playing past 2010.

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