OBR Daily Blog: 4/05/2010

Another beautiful day here in Cleveland. Let's celebrate with a full day of unabashed bloggery! Even though "bloggery" sounds like something that really, frankly, should be illegal. I won't tell if you don't.

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NFL Transaction Wire Blog (4/5-4/11): High-priced veterans are still being released and roster are still being res... http://bit.ly/btvD9J

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(Subscriber) Taylor: Draft Smoke Beginning to Clear?: Per league insiders, the Browns draft direction is starting ... http://bit.ly/bIwB8Z

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Good luck to Avery Jukes and the rest of the Butler Bulldogs tonight!! My wife knows him from his Ugandan charity work. #brushwithfame

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RT @daydawg @theOBR Arent u scared that Mccoy is the next Ken Dorsey? ==> Every QB is risky, but McCoy is much better than Dorsey.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, April 05, 2010 at 5:10:00 PM

Do You Feel Somehow Different?

HE is coming. HE will soon be here. The attention of the world will focus on us shortly, like the eye of Sauron turning its gaze belatedly on hobbits chucking jewelry into a volcano.

Wear your best suits. Take a little extra longer in shower, scrub a little harder. Events like this are uncommon, it won't kill ya to clean up a little. Deodorant is a must.

Our turn is coming. We will be right in the middle of the rapt, adoring eyes of every human being on this planet.

Yes, Tim Tebow is coming to Berea. Tomorrow. Get ready.

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Deal!! RT @Spectre14 @TheOBR If by therapy you mean excessive quantities of beer, I've got the next round.

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I will never purchase another Western Digital add-on hard drive in my life. Ever. There, I said it. Deal with it, world.

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RT @MoveTheSticks RT @CLESportsGuy: PD is saying the Browns are hot after Odrick, even at 7& ---> I like him but that's WAY too early

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RT @RavensInsider Texas safety Earl Thomas meeting with Browns today, followed by Dolphins, Titans, Steelers: http://bit.ly/dlT2b8

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, April 05, 2010 at 1:05:00 PM

The Robs Sims Watch is Over

Today we got the tragic news that OG Rob Sims has been dealt to the Detroit Lions. Although Sims was interested in the Browns and vice-versa, Seattle was asking for more than the Browns wanted to give up. It will be interesting to find out what the Lions paid, and whether the Seahawks backed off their request for a mid-round pick.

UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Lions gave up a fifth-round pick, so it does appear the Seahawks got what they wanted... which is more than what the Browns were willing to spend.

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The Rob Sims watch is over. The Seattle OG has been dealt to the Lions.

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A Long Way from 2009: The team's approach to the 2010 draft shows just how much the Browns organization has changed... http://bit.ly/b9HEDb

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Monday, April 05, 2010 at 11:15:00 AM

What? No Bottle Service?

Another sign of the upcoming lockoutpocalypse can be found in this weekend's Sports Business Journal. In that august publication, we learn that the NFLPA has advised players receiving performance bonuses to stash away 60% of that paycheck to live on should the NFL owners attempt to bend players over the table lock them out next year.

The approach makes sense, given that the players getting those performance payouts tend to be newer players on lower salaries. They're having to struggle along, making way less than seven figures, and need to make sure they've got a nest egg. A diamond-encrusted nest egg, but a nest egg nonetheless.

Making the recommendation was the result of a vote between NFLPA player reps. That took place at a meeting. In Maui.

One would shake one's head at the union's obliviousness, if one's neck wasn't already sprained from head-shaking at the owner's greed.

At the same time, media types like the OBR who will also be damaged by the owner's cash grab lockout are also saving money. In our case, we call it "driving additional revenue" or, as the rest of the world calls it, "selling plasma". Also, Blatz Light tastes just as good as other beer after the seventh one. If you can keep down the first six, you're golden.

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Steuber's Second Round Mock Draft: The St. Louis Rams kick off the second round, but the Cleveland Browns make a h... http://bit.ly/dgOwrg

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Scout.com: Steuber's Two-Round Mock Draft: With the Philadelphia Eagles trading Donovan McNabb to their division r... http://bit.ly/agD5b3

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