Great Blue North draft report dropped by the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night to talk draft with about fifty dawgs. Got Colin's takes on the Browns needs and the players which might fit the bill in 2003."> Great Blue North draft report dropped by the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night to talk draft with about fifty dawgs. Got Colin's takes on the Browns needs and the players which might fit the bill in 2003.">

Chat Transcript: Colin Lindsay, GBN

Colin Lindsay of the <A HREF="" target="_blank">Great Blue North</A> draft report dropped by the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night to talk draft with about fifty dawgs. Got Colin's takes on the Browns needs and the players which might fit the bill in 2003.

ColinLindsay Hey Guys
dabesst GBN is a great site, congrats Colin
ColinLindsay Thanks dabesst
ArtBtz OK, fire away folks!!
Guest96 Thanks for joining us Colin - what do you think of Matt Wilhelm. Any comparison to Dan Morgan?
ColinLindsay Hi 96: Wilhlm is a good solid player; nothing special athletically but he's tough, finds the ball and is a solid tackler; whether he has the speed to be an every down LB is another question; and no no comaprison to Morgan who was (and is) a terrific athlete.
Guest96 Thanks Colin - love your web site!
natedawg1 so Colin do you think the brown will keep or trade the pick if they trade with whom and why
ColinLindsay Nate: This is a funny draft for the Browns; there are 20 or so really top players and of course they pick 21st. If they want one of the only two really good LBs this year - Boss Bailey and Terry Pierce - they will probably have to trade up. Sitting where they are they will get a good shot at some solid second tier DTs, DEs or CBs depending on what they like
dabesst After the combine, where do you see Chaun Thompson going? Will he last till the third round?
ColinLindsay Dabesst: Funny you ask about CT; I kind of was thinking today he might make a surprise pick for the Browns in the second round but there are some other better players out there at that spot; I think in the end he probably will drop down in to the third round.
browns28 who is chaun thompson and what position does he play
dabesst LB
dabesst Thanks Colin
Guest125 Colin - What are the top cornerbacks that you see available in the 2nd round when the Browns select.
ColinLindsay 125: CB is not really all that strong this year. The Browns could very get a look at Andre Woolfolk who is falling a bit and Dennis Weathersby who is rising in the first round; there is a real drop after that; in rd 2 your looking at guys like Eugene Wilson of Illinois or Rashean Mathis who is a great prospect but may be more suited to FS. Bottom line is you want a top CB this year better get one early
Guest149 E.J.Henderson, any info on his status?
ColinLindsay What I am hearing is that a lot of teams are still very concerned about Henderson's back; add in the fact he isn't real fast and he could start to drop
Guest398 Would Davis pull the trigger on Rien Long at no. 21?
ColinLindsay 398: That's a great question...I would; sitting at 21 there are some good players but the Browns could take advantage of the fact Long has a bad knee and didn't do well at the combine; same story for Penn State Haynes. PS Thompson is an OLB with excellent speed - sub 4.6 but not real experienced
verba does Steinbach project as a future left tackle, if not is he possibly an elite guard?
ColinLindsay The jury is still out on Steinbach; Harris will not fall to 21; he is on the way up and could go top 10 although more likely 10-15. PS I am not a big fan of Steinbach; may not be quite physical enough for OG or quick enough to be a LT
Gridiron Colin, thoughts on Jeff Faine, OC, Notre Dame and where is he projected to go? Before 52?
ColinLindsay Gridiron...Faine would be an excellent #2 pick for the Browns; that's around where he is projected to go
shanebrowndawg AB, where does he see doss going?? Thanks (PS- Please not Pittsburgh)
ArtBtz Good question about Mike Doss...
ColinLindsay By all accounts Doss is slipping; he's a run-stuffing safety who isn't very big or at least tall for that sort of role; I think he could drop into the second round. Bailey is such a good athlete he can fit anywhere; in fact he could end up safety; word is that he is now up in the 10-15 range so may be out of reach (w/o a trade for the Browns) Fact is I like Pierce better; Bailey is the great athlete but doesn't make enough plays upfield for my tastes.
shanebrowndawg thanks colin
browns28 where do you see Kenny Peterson (OSU) going
ColinLindsay Kenny Peterson is on the rise, but there are other better players ahead of him so he may not move up too far. He's one of those guys along with Long who will be rated right around 20-25 and because of his upfield ability will be a guy the Browns will ahve to look at at #1
ArtBtz Questions on Kwame Harris, EJ Henderson. Buckeyedawg asked about OL that might drop to Cleveland and worth a pick in Round 1.
ArtBtz Verba asked if Steinbach projects to a left tackle or will be an elite guard.
newdawg Colin, what do you think of Rod Babers?
Guest227 Center Jeff Faine has a great motor. Is he worth the #21 pick
ramllov Could Faine play Guard?
ColinLindsay The OL is pretty this this year; as I said Faine would be a great pick at #2 but not #1; Vince Manuwai of Hawaii is another solid interior OL; other than that I think I would be waiting until the later rounds at least for an interior OL; there are some guys out there with size and experience who can develop into good players; I like Rod Babers as a 3rd round nickel back type of player; What the Browns need though is a #1 guy which gets you back to Woolfolk or Weathersby as real possibilities in round 1
Guest398 Colin, what have you heard about Antwaan Peek?
ColinLindsay Peek is another guy on the rise; ran real well at Indy and has always been able to get after the QB; at 245 or so has to play LB and has never played going backwards though he appears to have the athleticism to do so
Guest149 thanks, excellent site
petegarcia Hey Colin...what's your take on the McDougle kid from Miami?
drivepin Colin,will the Browns try and trade up on draft day?If so who will they be after?
ColinLindsay a lot of people are talking DB as the Browns #1 priority but to me its the pass rush and McDougle would be an interesting pick at #21; if the guy were 6-3, 6-4 he'd be a top 15 guy; but at 6-1 is a little short; but he is fast enough, very quick has good pass rush instincts and has to be another guy the Browns would look at #21; there are a bunch of them for the Browns to look so I wouldn't trade up unless it was to get one of those two LBs
wideright colin, will the bengals trade the first pick?
ColinLindsay I am not sure that the Bengals will be able to find anyone to trade the pick to; I also don't think they'll take Palmer; maybe Suggs or Rogers
SiouxDawg I saw that Foster weighed in at over 330 at the combine and yet was under 20%% B.F. Why is this monster not considered on par with the 3 elite O-line prospects? Is he a good pick at 21?
SiouxDawg I think that Harris is by far the best offensive lineman in the draft. I think time will prove Gross is not strong enough to be elite, and Steinbach is just not the mauler we need in the run-game. George Foster is very athletic, big and strong. He has to be a better pick at 21 then a center like Faine. Could Foster be the steal of the draft?
ColinLindsay Re faine; yes he can play OG; I am not a big Foster fan; he is a bit of a headcase and isn't very mobile or athletic; he's a RT to me
Greg Colin, how high would the Browns have to go to get Newman?
ColinLindsay Greg: How about to #3-4 at least; Trufant should go 8-12...
Guest467 Colin do you think Couch will be traded ?
ColinLindsay 467: I doubt that anyone will offer the Browns the blockbuster deal that it would take to get Couch; its just to early to give up on a guy with that talent although its getting closer
Greg Thanks, Colin... I'm more interested in Newman if the Browns would consider dealing up... it's a bluechip versus a slightly used bluechip between those two, IMO
petegarcia Colin what about the Tennessee TE at #21...good value ??
ColinLindsay Pete: Interesting question...Witten would be a bit of a reach there, for a team without other needs; I just think the Browns have too many needs on D that they can fill at that spot; plus its a good year for TEs so you should be able to get one even early in the second day
Guest467 Colin what is your gut feeling on the pick who do you think we will pick?
ColinLindsay 467: If I had to make a guess right now I'd say they will either try and trade up 3-4 spots to get Pierce or take McDougle
Guest96 So you see the Browns pick coming down to Mcdougle, Pierce, Bailey, Woolfolk or Weathersby? I missing anybody?
ColinLindsay 96: You could add several DTs - Long and Peterson especially; then there's Haynes of PSU who had a a lousy combines but a great year and Senior Bowl...
Guest467 Colin what will they trade to get up 3-4 spots
ColinLindsay 467: you'd probably have to give up a #2 or combination of lower picks...
Couchdawg2 Colin-Is there a big difference between Trufant and Woolfolk?
petegarcia Yes Woolfolk isn't in Trufant's least not now !!
ColinLindsay Agree with the earlier comments on Trufant/Woolfolk; T is a near-finished product; W is a terrific athlete - maybe on e of the best in the draft - but he's very raw as a CB and struggled in man this year with quick receivers; he does have terrific natural athleticism though and is tough
Couchdawg2 Colin -Who do you have as your top safeties?
ColinLindsay No safety; this is a lousy year at the position
Guest467 Colin do you think Butch will take a chance on Mcgahee
ColinLindsay With Green playing so well at the end last year hard to imagine the Browns using a #2 - that's what it would take to get McGahee
verba is Brett Williams a good pick in the second or the third round...could he be a good left tackle?
ColinLindsay Brett Williams is a good solid player who can play RT and OG; would be an excellent pick for the Browns in round three if he lasted that long which is possible; hisonly problem is that he's not real quick
ramllov So CB with the first choice, OL with the second choice, what happens with the third choice?
ColinLindsay Ramlov...pash rush; pass rush; pass rush
Gridiron how many QBs go in the top 20? Browns trade down with a team looking to move up?
ColinLindsay GI: Two go in the top 10; Boller might go in the second ten though I don't really see too many teams other than maybe the ravens needing a QB; what I suspect will happen is that there will be rush of teams in the early part of Rd 2 trying to move up into the 20s to get a QB and maybe even a RB so yes there may be some trade possibilities there.
browns28 collin any 2 day sleeps that might help the browns?
ColinLindsay A couple of names to watch Oregon State DT James Lee - 320-pounder with sub 5.0 speed; Hawaii OT Wayne Hunter - won't last to the second day but would be a good pick in Rd 3 if he's there; TEs LJ Smith of Rutgers and Vishante Shiancoe of Morgan State
ramllov Colin, if the top players are through the first 20 picks, when is the next drop off, after the third or fourth round?
ColinLindsay Actually Ram I think it happens around 45. After that you may very well be looking at reserves, nickel backs and the like; in my view its not a real great draft, but that means teams have to be even more serious about their picks
Guest555 any info on Corey Redding? I'd like him in round 2 if he makes it to us.
ColinLindsay Cory Redding won't be there at 52 for the Browns; he's another guy who would be in the mix at 21
Guest96 Hey Colin - who did you like better on draft day - Couch or McNabb --- Brown or Arrington?
ColinLindsay I liked Couch; also liked Arrington...
ramllov Thanks Colin
Guest96 You would have done better than our front office.
Guest450 Most people would have
ColinLindsay You guys aren't getting tired!!
ramllov Colin how did you like the Browns draft for 2002?
ColinLindsay Browns 2002 draft was okay; Green saved it with a good second half and Davis and Bentley will be useful players; otherwise average
Guest408 what round are Antwan Peek & Shurron Pierson sapposed to go in?
ColinLindsay Peek and Pierson were second day guys going into Indy but should get looked at in Day one after running well in Indy; remember though there are both small DEs who are going to have to make the tough transition to LB; could go a little higher to a 3-4 team
Couchdawg2 let's not get into the Couch thing, Who will the Browns take at 21?
Guest450 We take boss bailey or the top CB on the board Unless Kwamie Harris is still around
Guest227 Colin, Do you think Courtney could play Sam LB?
ColinLindsay Why would you want Brown to play LB; if he can't play DE move him; Harris doesn't make it to 21 unless he fails a drug test or some such
Couchdawg2 Colin -Where do you see DT Dwayne Robertson going?
ColinLindsay Robertson is a top 10 prospect who could go as high as Chicago at 4 or Dallas at 5
Guest467 Colin who do you see the Browns taking in the second round
ColinLindsay second round choice for the Browns might include Faine, LSU LB Bradie James, Pitt LB Gerald Hayes, DTs Ty Warren or Nick Eason if they fell that far
ArtBtz Guys, we're going to try to wrap it up here. Colin has a site to update...
ArtBtz The site, of course, is it's rockin. Check it out.
ColinLindsay Enjoyed it very much guys; hope you'll have me back on in early April and we can do a full 2 hours; by then I hope to have learned to type faster...cheers
Lumpy thanks Colin !
MrAnonymous Thanks Colin. Great work on GBN.
wideright thanks colin
Guest467 Thanks Alot Colin
petegarcia peace!!
Guest96 Thanks a lot Colin!!!
ColinLindsay Enjoyed it guys; hope to be invited back in early April and we can do a full2 hours Cheers

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