Taylor: The Buzz on Clausen (and more)

Rehashed debates? Chasing smoke? No, thanks. That's not our thing, so JT has been digging for new info on Jimmy Clausen and other potential picks. And delivers, per usual.

-- In the articles carrying my byline last week, I mentioned Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, Jared Odrick, Jimmy Clausen or trading down as possibilities for the Browns as they sit in the No. 7 hole in the draft.  Upon reading said articles, an organizational source hurled an email into my inbox, which will be excerpted here: "I notice there was no mention of C.J. [Spiller] in either of those [articles].  Very interesting."  Repeated attempts at seeking clarification have yet to be returned, so feel free to read into those words as you wish.

-- That being said, there has been no buzz coming from most sources regarding not only Spiller at seven, but Dez Bryant as well.  Literally, none.  That doesn't mean anything one way or the other, other than either the Browns are being extremely secretive regarding their interest in the two players or there's no interest to even remotely speculate about.

-- Have I mentioned that I really hate deciphering BS this time of year?

-- Speaking of BS and Clausen, the chatter connecting the former Notre Dame to the Browns simply will not go away. Very, very pervasive.  The Browns were in attendance at Clausen's Pro Day late this past week, and were very interested – and impressed – spectators.  Of course, that doesn't mean Clausen will become the second Irish QB in three years to come to Cleveland via the draft.  It does mean, though, that he's a possibility at this point in time.

-- According to a league source, the word on the street is that the Browns "will do almost anything" to land Colt McCoy in this draft, whether that means trading up into the second round or, as the way it's looking it'll have to be right now, getting into the latter stages of the first round.  That comes with one big proviso, though: the club does not select either Clausen or Sam Bradford.  How that top part of the draft plays out will directly impact what happens in the hours after that.

-- It's been said by myself before, and I'll reiterate it here: Mike Holmgren's public statements notwithstanding, it would be a major shock if this team does not come out of the first two days of the draft without a quarterback.

-- Not that he needs it, but just wanted to second Lane Adkins' notion that South Florida safety Nate Allen is someone the Browns really, really like. 

-- With just four days left until the deadline for team's to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets, it would be more than a stunning upset if the Browns do something on that front.  Instead, nearly all of the Browns' focus is on their 10 ten draft picks and running their scenarios as to how the upcoming draft may play out.  Mike Holmgren has continually expressed to his front office just how important this first draft is for reshaping the organization and getting the club headed in the right direction.

-- The organization has spent plenty of time going over film involving Jerome Harrison, and they've come to a rather significant conclusion.  This running back has them excited over what his talents could bring to the hybrid West Coast offense that'll be run in 2010.  He's not going to be counted on to carry the running game – the current regime has all but concluded that he is not a (duh!) workhorse – but he's going to be counted on to give them at least twenty quality touches a game – rushing and receiving – in an attempt to get playmakers on the field as much as possible.  One thing that we've ascertained is that the current regime feels that Harrison was severely underutilized in the passing game.  That's an area they will look to correct.

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