Adkins: Clearing Away the Pre-Draft Smoke

There's a lot of wild speculation out there. Lane's sources tell him where the Browns are leaning in the upcoming draft, as they work through a wide away of first-round possibilities...

It's that time of the year. Wild speculation, fitting a square peg into a round hole....... well, I hope you get the idea.

That being said, the Browns draft approach and their number-seven position in the first round is drawing interest. This spot could be pivotal in determining the direction the opening round of the draft will take.

Now, it's time to clear-up some misconceptions regarding the Browns thoughts as the 2010 draft approaches.

The Browns…

… remain interested in trading-up in the draft for QB Sam Bradford. There has been some subtle speculation that it will take the Browns first and second round draft selection in this upcoming draft and a first next season. The Browns are not expected to entertain this speculated asking price.

… Like QB Sam Bradford anywhere, especially if there at #7.

… Are uncertain regarding QB Jimmy Clausen at #7.

… Like Colt McCoy, but not at #7. The Browns interest in not a well-kept secret and will likely face a huge decision if they do not select a QB early and look to move on the QB in the 2nd, or in a trade-up situation.

… Like defensive linemen Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh if there at #7.

… Are questioning the value with Jared Odrick and Dan Williams at #7. They may come into play at #7, but team likely would seek trade-down to secure either.

… Like OT Russell Okung, but do not appear poised to draft at #7, if available.

… Are not likely to select OT's Trent Williams, Brian Bulaga or Bruce Campbell at #7. A trade-down situation is an entirely different animal, however, and they would consider them further down the draft.

… Don't like WR Dez Bryant, not at #7, not at #27.

… Like WR's Demaryius Thomas, Carlton Mitchell, Taylor Price, Jacoby Ford and  Brandon LaFell...... one of these players are likely to hear their name called by the Browns.

…  Like S Eric Berry, and there is an ongoing discussion of strategy determining whether he's the right call at #7 (if available) or if the team should take another top-rated draft-board player and slide into another S, such as Nate Allen in the second, or via a trade-up.

… Like Earl Thomas, rated very closely to Berry and should not discount him at #7, if the usual suspects are off the board and a trade-down doesn't materialize.

As you can tell, there are a lot of different ways this draft can play out. At the present, the Browns have approximately 15 players in mind when looking at the #7 selection -- some of which are involved in potential trade-down scenarios.

With all the different directions the draft can take in the first six picks, the Browns know there are a huge number of options, and are working through them all.

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