OBR Daily Blog: 4/15/2010

Today the federal government gets theirs. We Browns fans have to wait a week. Wait along with us as we do that Daily Blog thing.

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Pre-Draft Needs: Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens finally helped their passing offense by adding veteran WR Anquan Bol... http://bit.ly/daRBIa

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on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 8:00:00 AM

OBR Newswire updates for April 15th through April 16th

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Latest Links from the OBR Newswire

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  • ABJ - Holmgren believes Rogers' story - Asked if Rogers should be on the team, Holmgren said, "I talked to Shaun and how he appeared to everybody on television and after the thing, it was too bad, he felt bad about it. It was not an intentional thing. He made a mistake, clearly. We'll deal with those decisions at some point in the future."
  • Chronicle-Telegram - Holmgren Says Trade for #1 Unlikely - While the Browns have played "phone tag" with the St. Louis Rams regarding the availability of the No. 1 pick in next week's draft — which the Browns would use on Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford — Holmgren said it's a long shot a deal will get done. The Browns hold the No. 7 pick.
  • ESPN - Holmgren sends mixed messages on Clausen - A few weeks ago Holmgren hinted that he didn't like Clausen as much as he would prefer. But on Thursday Holmgren praised Clausen during his pre-draft press conference to no end.
  • Yahoo - Tale of the tape: Berry vs. Thomas - Two safeties stand apart in the 2010 NFL draft class: Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. Berry may be the most well-developed player at any position this year, while Thomas is a series of slightly raw tools just looking to bust loose. How do they fit in the NFL? Let's see what the tape says:

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NEW BLOG: Transcript: Holmgren and Heckert, 4/15: Browns President Mike Holmgren and General Manager Tom Heckert p... http://bit.ly/dcGu8a

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on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 6:49:00 PM

Press Conference Transcript Posted

We've posted the transcript from Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren from today. You can find it in the somewhat un-famous old Blog spot, where we stash transcripts too long to post in the Daily Blogs

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(Subscriber) Reality Bytes: The Roster: Lane Adkins gives us a chance to take a break from peering through the fog... http://bit.ly/aRG6PN

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  • Yahoo - Berry looks like a superstar, but teams will pass - "One [player] who I have thought for a while was as close to [flawless] as possible, that's Berry," the coach said. "He's as perfect a player as there is in this draft. And I like [Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong] Suh a lot. I think he's pretty special, too. But I just can't see Berry not having a great, great NFL career."
  • Canton Rep - Holmgren: ‘Don't yell at me' - Holmgren on his March statement that he wished he liked Jimmy Clausen more: "When he came in, we talked about that little statement. It was important we talked about that. We had a very good conversation. He is a fine young guy. I would not read too much into that statement. I like him. He can play the position."
  • AP - Browns Rams talk about trade for No 1 overall NFL draft pick - Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert says the team has had talks with the St. Louis Rams about moving up in the NFL draft to take quarterback Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick.
  • National Football Post - Browns have spoken to Rams about trading up for Bradford - In what could be a smokescreen at this time of year, Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert acknowledged conversations with the St. Louis Rams about potentially moving up via a trade to land Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.
  • ABJ - Trade up for Bradford unlikely - While moving out of the No. 7 overall pick is a possibility, Browns president Mike Holmgren didn't want lead on fans who think the team might trade into the No. 1 spot to nab Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.

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RT @WFNYScott Indians Now Trying to ‘Recycle Fans' http://bit.ly/bmtHQn #dolanball

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RT @ftblsickness RT @TheOBR OBR Daily Blog: No. 7 Pick: Should Start http://bit.ly/do11Ro. > Ya think? > Only really a question at QB.

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Holmgren, Heckert Talk Draft: The Browns new grand poobahs addressed the media a week ahead of the draft, and Fred... http://bit.ly/9YBqBp

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on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 12:28:00 PM

No. 7 Pick: Should Start

GM Tom Heckert said that he expected the player the Browns take if they pick at No. 7 to start.

"We hope so,"he said. "That's why we would be taking him."

Is there any player other than Sam Bradford the Browns would trade up to get?

"You never say never," Mike Holmgren said. "We'll listen, but we like what we have."

Heckert said he thinks the Browns top five picks, as it stands, can help immediately.

"We have five picks in the first three rounds and think with the guys we've targeted, they can come in here and contribute right away."

Posted by: Fred Greetham
on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 11:53:00 AM

Claussen Back in Play…or Smoke?

11:43 a.m.— President Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert are currently addressing the media in a briefing before next week's NFL Draft which begins a week from today. Currently, the Browns own the seventh pick in the first round.

Holmgren said that Heckert will be making the calls.

"It's his show, he's going to be running the draft," Holmgren said. "With questions regarding the draft, I will kick it to Tom."

The first question was about quarterback Jimmy Claussen and Holmgren said he now likes Claussen after meeting him.

"He's a fine young guy and I wouldn't read too much into my earlier comments," he said. "I like him. He was playing hurt for a lot of the year. I always like to meet any of the players because it helps me to evaluate him. He is what he is."

Holmgren was quoted prior to the Browns meeting with Claussen that he didn't particularly like him.

"Don't yell at me, and I'm not going to say why I said what I did," he said. "I had my reasons and I'll leave it at that."

"There's stuff being said about all of these kids," Heckert said. "You have to meet with them individually and make your own evaluations."

Also, Holmgren earlier said the Browns would take a quarterback.

"There are no guarantees in the draft, so I'm back tracking a little," he said. "I've said I'd like to draft a quarterback every year, but I don't know if that will happen. There are some quarterbacks that we like, but we don't know if they'll be available for us."

Heckert said the Browns have talked to the Rams about possible going up and taking Sam Bradford.

"We've talked to the Rams throughout the process, but it's just talk," Heckert said. "We've talked to all  the teams ahead of us and behind us."

Keep checking the OBR for breaking news and updates.

Posted by: John Taylor
on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 11:53:00 AM

Update: Kiper Still Has Head Crammed Into Anal Cavity

We've been reporting for quite awhile that Dez Bryant was not a viable option for the Browns at No. 7.

On Monday, the esteemed Peter "Pete" King stated in his widely-read Monday Morning Quarterback piece that the Browns had taken the Oklahoma State wide receiver off their draft board over character concerns.

That, however, is not enough to stop Señor Hair from attaching Bryant's name to the Cleveland Browns at their current spot in the draft.

In his latest team-by-team breakdown of rounds 1-4 of the draft, ESPN's Mel Kiper has – you guessed it – Dez Bryant going to the Browns at No. 7.  I'm starting to think that Kiper's beginning to pay the price for paving that glorious, wondrous mane of his with blacktop. 

(That's not hair sitting atop Kiper's scalp, ya know.  It's literally asphalt.  Seriously.  He has a paver parked outside his dressing room that's utilized during commercials for any potholes that may crop up.   Seriously.  I read it on his Wikipedia page, so I know it's true.)

In a fit of sanity, however, Kiper did have Texas quarterback Colt McCoy going to the Browns in the second round, so all hope for Kiper is not lost.

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Live and ready to roll in Berea. Just waiting for Holmgren and Heckert--Fred Greetham

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Fred Greetham is heading down to Berea for today's press conference at 11:30AM with Holmgren and Heckert. Updates here: http://bit.ly/c3BagD

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 10:13:00 AM

Browns Fans Descend on New York

"John G" wrote me to let me know that he's going to follow in Aqib's large footsteps to be a Browns fan representative at the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall this year. Armed with his laptop, 3G, camera, and pretty good seats, he's going to provide us with some updates and photos from the event on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Lots more planned. Stay tuned.

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Newswire updated! Remember you can find the latest links via Twitter @brownswire, in the OBR Daily Blog, and here: http://bit.ly/9qW3J9

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Facts and Figures about the NFL Draft

Got this via email from the NFL this morning. Figured it would be of interest…


75th Annual National Football League Player Selection Meeting.


Radio City Music Hall, 1260 Avenue of the Americas, New York City (Between 50th and 51st Streets).


7:30 PM ET, Thursday, April 22 (Round 1).

6:00 PM ET, Friday, April 23 (Rounds 2-3).

10:00 AM ET, Saturday, April 24 (Rounds 4-7).

The first round will conclude on Thursday by approximately 11:00 PM ET.  In 2009, the first round consumed three hours and 23 minutes.  The second and third rounds will conclude on Friday by approximately 10:30 PM ET.  The second and third rounds took four hours and 30 minutes in 2009.  The draft will conclude at approximately 5:30 PM ET on Saturday with the final four rounds.  Rounds 4 through 7 took seven hours and 22 minutes in 2009.


Representatives of the 32 NFL clubs by telephone communication with their general managers, coaches and scouts.


Seven Rounds – Round 1 on Thursday, April 22; Rounds 2 and 3 on Friday, April 23; and Rounds 4 through 7 on Saturday, April 24.


Round 1:  10 minutes per selection.  Round 2:  Seven minutes per selection.  Rounds 3 through 7:  Five minutes per selection.


NFL Network and ESPN/ESPN 2 will televise the draft on all three days.

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Scott Ready For Action: The Browns worked out the LSU running back, who is eager to get the draft over with and ge... http://bit.ly/bpQuyT

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(Subscriber) Will Sapp Be the Answer at OLB?: Mel Kiper picked him for the Browns in his latest mock draft. Is the... http://bit.ly/8Ys4xw

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RT @AlvinKeels No trade talk at all on Leon. He is a Jet and is signing his tender to remain a Jet. > Put out those rumor fires.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 12:34:00 AM

Next Weds 8PM: The Return of Dave-Te Thomas

NFL Draft Analyst Dave-Te Thomas, now working with Fox Sports, will be in our chat room the night before the draft, Wednesday at 8PM, to answer questions from OBR subscribers.

Folks who have participated in Dave-Te's chats before know that he's very opinionated, and very connected within the NFL, and he loves talking to Browns fans on the OBR, who he calls some of the best-informed fans he's ever talked to. Of course, we already knew that.

So, circle your calendar for 8PM EST on Wednesday before the draft for this one.

We are working on chats with Chris Steuber, Brent Sobleski, and the rest of the OBR gang as well. We've got some fun stuff planned before and after the draft we'll be able to tell you about soon.

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All Crystal Baller Defensive Team: At this point, we all know who the top prospects are in the 2010 NFL Draft. But... http://bit.ly/aNBoR9

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