Chat Transcript: Browns Uncensored

Combine the news of three released starting linebackers with Browns fans and our Insiders, and you've got the ingredients of Thursday night's Browns Uncensored chat. Dave and Lane provide the scoop about this week's moves and what's next for the Browns...

Greg Hey Dave..
DavidCarducci Hey Greg
Greek David C whats up with all the QB stuff I know its early but...
DavidCarducci Greek, I still think basically the same things I have all along, and everything I've been hearing has strengthened my beliefs. Couch will be given every opportunity to win the job. That's what they want. For him to come in and perform to the challenge, answer all quesions
browns28 david c any hints in who we might persue in fa?
DavidCarducci Browns28, probably not much. THey only have $1 million. From what I've heard the last couple days, the draft and the guys already on the team are going to be expected to step up and fill in the gap. The hope is that some of the players cut will return
robdawgie Dave, what is Butch doing??? THere has to be some plan to this madness....
DavidCarducci Robdawgie. This, unfortunately, is the way the Browns see the NFL right now. It's what teams are forced to do. Davis said that they would have had to cut half the team to keep the guys who were cut. I think his defense in part is that most were signed before he got here, and the fact that only 7 of the 24 players drafted before he arrived are still on the team
DavidCarducci Davis' opinion is you build through the draft (mid to later rounds being extremely important) and in doing so, avoid this kind of cap hell
professordawg Dave, any word on Timmy or CB restructuring to give some cap room?
DavidCarducci professordawg, not as of yet. I've heard that the Browns will try to convince a few more players to restructure, especially if they ""fall in love"" with someone in free agency. RIght now, they are hoping for a few bargains. The example being the bargain they think they found in Tucker last year, who is productive and cap-friendly
Greek DC is lee flowers an option
DavidCarducci Greek. I don't think Flowers is an option because he is so one-dimensional. Safeties in the Browns scheme are asked to do a lot of things that Flowers can not
Greg Dave, any chance we'll make a splash with one of the LBers out there in FA? Simmons from Seattle, Colvin from Chicago....
DavidCarducci Greg, I think it's going to come down to money, and right now the Browns can't do a whole lot to make a splash. Best bet would be Bentley and Andra Davis open at LB with possibly the resigning of Hambrick. The Browns are hoping Miller tests the waters and finds out he won't command much money with another team
FLADAWG How about the OG/OT the Jags cut loose today?
FLADAWG If we can sign one LB in FA and one OG/OT we should be okay
artbtz I'd be happy just to get Earl Little back
superfork2002 Ambrose? maybe
shanebrowndawg me too ab
DavidCarducci I think we are more likely to see players sign with the Browns after June 1, when they are more likely to sign for the minimum, after the initial feeding frenzy for free agents.
dabesst Any hope we go after Luke Petitgout, or is out of our league price wise?
DavidCarducci No chance at Petigout
superfork2002 why Fuller?
DavidCarducci Fuller wouldn't restructure. Davis said he thinks every one of the players cut could play. He said it all came down to finances, not to performance. In fact, Wohlabaugh asked Davis if his play had anything to do with being cut, and Davis told him that at least five teams would offer him significant contrracts
robdawgie No chance at any GOOD player then?? We still have Verba as our LT next year?
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, Verba unless they draft a LT, which might be difficult at 21.
DavidCarducci Davis seems to like Stokes at LG, and it looks like O'Hara and not Fowler is the frontrunner to play center.
robdawgie Are they satisfied with him there Dave??
DavidCarducci It is possible that Zukauskas could be groomed in the offseason to take over at RG, and they still really like Qasim
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, do you mean Stokes? If so, they seem to be. Davis has said that Stokes really improved in the last month, and that he brought a toughness that the team needs. I still like Stokes as a 6th lineman, but if he gets the Browns through another year while another young guard (draft pick) is developed, it could be a plus
shanebrowndawg dave, who do you see being taken in rd 1 and 2
Jackson Butch has basically rebuilt the defense with his own players - Warren, Lang, Holmes, Rudd, Griffith and it still was poor. Not an auspicious start for Butch.
FLADAWG Is Griffith going to be asked to restructure?
robdawgie So Butch is confident that Andra Davis can come in and start/?
shanebrowndawg dave, do you see us taking a LB or CB in the first round??
FLADAWG Guys any teams that might take a shot on Jamel White?
superfork2002 AB why did we cut Fuller when we have secondary problems and he was our best one?
artbtz $1 million bonus, superfork
artbtz That was a quick $2.5 million against the cap. You have to cut four Lewis Sanders to get that.'
Greg David, you are ruining my night here..
DavidCarducci Sorry Greg
james_t_h Who do you guys think will replace fuller?
DavidCarducci James, if they don't draft a stud in round one, which is again a big if at 21, then it will probably be Henry
KJ Dave...Stokes at LG is the weakest link of this line...I can see O'Hara to C while Fowler plays ONLY C this year...but Stokes is a JOKE...
DavidCarducci KJ, I partly agree. I think Stokes is a great guy to have around, but as an emergency 6th lineman. But it looks like he will be the LG again this year. At least as of now.
Bummels Of all those cut in the past few days, how many do you think will resign?
DavidCarducci Bummels, I honestly believe Miller might come back. Wohlabaugh will get some good offers. Fuller might have a hard time coming back, simply because it would mean swallowing his pride. Davis said today it is hard to ask a jilted lover for a second date. Good way to put it. Fuller is very angry
MassillonDawg David C - thanks for joining us. Long-time reader, first-time asker. (1) Does anything in Fuller or Wohlabaugh's comments about their pink slips suggest to you that Butch and Pete could have handled this better? And what do you make of Corey's comments that the Browns' locker room is an unhappy one?
DavidCarducci MassillonDawg, I would say in the case of Wohlabaugh, probably. Fuller tends to take things hard and act on emotion. Davis said that they did everything they could to let everyone know very early (at least 48 hours early), and let everyone know it had nothing to do with performance. Strictly financial decisions.
DavidCarducci MassillonDawg (continuing with your question) ... The problem is that when dealing with anyone who is losing their job, obviously they are going to be emotional. It's a tough situation, and there may not have been a very good way to handle it
MassillonDawg Thanks Dave... there's been a lot of hearsay about locker room discontent. I get the feeling that while winning may be a cure-all, continued .500-ness may foment some more discord amongst the old guard and BD add-ons.
DavidCarducci MassillonDawg (on the Fuller question re. locker room) ... It's partly true. There are a lot of players who don't like the way Davis appears to play favorites, and who think that the coaching staff is not always above board with them.
Jackson Hate to say it but Bellicheck had the best philosophy in free agents. Pay little and get a lot.
DavidCarducci Jackson, I think in a lot of ways, that is also Davis' philosophy. I think he wants more free agnets like Tucker, and I think some of the decisions today are in response to bonuses and signings that he either regrets himself or didn't agree with with regards to the previous administration
Lane Hello Everybody!
Greg Lane! Cheer me up... Senor Carducci's ruining my night here... :) (no offense, Dave.. as a matter of fact, there's no more defense either... ) :)
Lane Well Greg, I don't think PSU has the talent to help this team right now
Greg PSU could still help Cincy tho... so they've got that going for them, which is nice...
Lane I could help Cincy!
artbtz Lane, any idea how we're going to sign Colvin, Peterson and Petitgout for $1 million?
Lane That 1 million will turn into 7+ quickly
CP woohoo
artbtz Wait... um... can you expand on that...?
Lane They are not done, there will further financial considerations over the next couple weeks
Greek Last comment on Couch, Davis picking a starting QB without letting them fight for the position is total crap. That tells me that Butch is concerned more about money and supposed potential then true talent and statistics
DavidCarducci Greek. I don't think he's actually decided, but I think that Couch will be given every opportunity to win the job convincingly. Mostly because it is in the best interest of the team
MassillonDawg Lane and Dave - what do you see in Courtney Brown's future? Could this be his make-or-break season? Do you think it's in the realm of possibility that he could be cut if he has a poor 2003?
artbtz I would say it's inevitable Massilon, unless he renegotiates. CB's salary goes to &7.5 next year.
Lane CB has to step to the plate at some point, he is treading and will have to make some sort of impact in 2003
Lane He'll never see that 7.5
superfork2002 what about Henry at FS?
DavidCarducci Henry is really only a cornerback. He may be the worst tackler on the team. Plus, his size and the cover skills he showed as a rookie would be wasted at safety. Well, not wasted. Cover skills are great in a safety, but they'd like him to take over at corner
Greg Lane/Dave- how soon 'til we deal KJ and who are the best options to deal with? And you know it's going to happen...
Lane I am one that believes that the Browns will quietly, but actively look to deal KJ
DavidCarducci Greg. Obviously the same old teams will come up ... Philly, etc. I think that's closer to being likely than we all think. THe Browns don't have as high an opinion of KJ as other teams, other players on their own team, and members of the media have
Greek DC can campo get what we need out of the D line
DavidCarducci Greek. I think they are counting on that. THat's a big reason for the two coaching moves. To light a fire under both Brown and Warren. It's also a big reason why I think they will wait another year on a first-day DL, and focus on CB and OL on day one of the draft this year.
superfork2002 KJ for a corner
SiouxDawg KJ for Al Harris
Lane Funny story on that, at the combine the Chargers and Eagles were taling about WR's
Greg yes Lane.... go on.... :)
Lane Supposedly, the Eagles off-season huddle has determined that they desperately need a reliable WR, not a rookie prospect.
Greek Why do I still read about Northcutt not being considered a 1 or 2 receiver
Lane Northcutt can be an explosive asset, but a #1 or #2 is stretching it a bit
FLADAWG Whats CB cap hit if he is let go next year?
artbtz You'll get about a $4 million cap hit next year.
artbtz You'll save a quick $4 million, at least, if Brown is cut in 2004.
artbtz Year after that you would save $9 million.
robdawgie McNabb DESPERATELY wants KJ right?
DavidCarducci I'm sure McNabb would love to have KJ. They are best friends. Talk all the time
Greek he makes the receivers look slow and out of position
artbtz How many top five picks can this team afford, though? The three we have are hogging the wallet.
Lane This will certainly be an interesting off-season
Greek and doing nothing art
Lane And how productive are the 3?
Greg AB, it's just a matter of making the RIGHT top picks... :)
artbtz Oh, I see.
SiouxDawg Isn't Philly looking to deal Al Harris? KJ for Harris is good value. Harris could start right away and has learned how to be a cb under two of the leagues best.
Bummels How much will our $$ problems be an incentive for us to trade down? Maybe out of the first round?
DavidCarducci No. Teams want to keep their star happy, but KJ's value on the open market is really only a third or fourth rounder, considering the offers that the Browns have received.
artbtz I would think, with our cap situation, we would be looking to get as many mid-round picks as we can, not trading up. But I'm a moron, albeit one with a hammer.
superfork2002 I would be happy KJ for Harris period
Lane Most personnel guys in the league look at KJ at 2nd round worth, at very best
Lane Some say 3rd is solid for him
FLADAWG Agree Art, BD seems to get lucky in the middle rounds
Lane Kj for Harris would be a beneficial deal for this team in terms of filling a need
DXDawg Are we going to see in early FA signings after tomorrow?
DavidCarducci DXDawg, probably not by the Browns. They still have some work to do before they are a player in FA
bkdog Did we run Butch's defense last year or Foge's? What can we expect different with Campo next year?
DavidCarducci Bkdog, it was an odd combination. THere were things Davis wanted the defense to do. Foge didn't always follow through, so it was an odd mix.
Lane I am concerned about the state of the defense, I would have to see what this team does to recoup some experience,talent, and depth on the defensive side of the ball
petegarcia does anyone else have concerns about Butch at this point....I'm worried about his pro personnel record and horrific cap decisions. Is he in over his head here
FLADAWG Butch doesn't make financial decisions does he?
Lane Davis has a track record of stumbling along when ebtering a new program. You will see once he is comfortable with those surrounding him, he will become a better coach
DavidCarducci I agree completely with Lane. THe Browns seem to think, from what I've heard over the last couple of days, that Bentley and hopefully Davis can be ready. I'm not so sure, and from a continuity standpoint, teams can't afford to lose three, potentially four linebackers in one offseason.
DXDawg thanks Dave
petegarcia Anyone worried that Butch is in over his head...
Lane I don't have a worry with Davis
bkdog Dave does that mean we'll see a ""Dallas Defense"" instead of the ""Minnesota Defense"" that we ran last year?
DavidCarducci Bkdog. That is more likely. I think more than anything, Davis has a coach he can trust to implement the defense he wants.
howldawg LANE is the mckiiney trade talk dead now?
Lane On McKinnie, don't wager your last few dollars on it, but never say never
Gary Lane, doesn't middle linebacker and DE become the most pressing needs now? Not Corner or safety.
Lane Gary, I agree. The front seven MUST be a priority
james_t_h Does Campo want a middle LB that can play every down?
james_t_h is that why Holmes was let go?
DavidCarducci James, I don't think that is necessarily a priority. Campo has always been willing to change his LB's depending on the down. Hambrick was successful under Campo, and that was as a two-down guy on the strongside.
robdawgie Have any teams shown an interested in Jamel?? Maybe for a second rounder we'd let him go??
DavidCarducci I think the Browns will be willing to match for White. I know White isn't happy, but what he doesn't understand is that he is still going to get a $1-million raise, and that's still pretty good.
petegarcia I don't believe for a minute that Fowler is ready....he was inactive the entire year and looked like a high school kid against Tampa...what are the plans at center
Lane They have a high opinion of Fowler
FLADAWG Think anyone will give up a first rounder for White?
DavidCarducci FLadawg. I don't think so. I'd be very surprised.
brown28 has anyone heard the crazy rumor that fox sports was reporting
shanebrowndawg brown28 what were they reporting?
brown28 warren and cb and our 21 pick for mckinney and minn 7 in first round
Lane That rumor is not as crazy as some may think
Greg Lane, would we deal Warren already? Butch's first pick?
Lane I don't think so Greg, but right now there is an element of change in Berea
robdawgie Would Minny eat CB's money????
brown28 lane what do you say the odds r of that happening
Lane Slim and none
superfork2002 Anyone hear anything about Q Mitchell?
Gary Lane or Dave. Have you heard anything about Davis wanting to play less two deep and use more four across?
Lane Gary, haven't heard anything, but I'm sure in the upcoming weeks we will hear more :-)
DavidCarducci Gary, I think ideally he'd like to play the two-deep style Tampa uses, but that is so predicated on generating natural pressure from the front four. I think it will all depend on what Campo is able to get from the front four. If Brown and Warren finally live up to their potential, then the defense as we know it will be much more productive
Lane No pressure, death sentence in the making
petegarcia Holmes sseemed like a friendly cap deal for next year...what gives way Andre Davis can fill his shoes next year
Lane I don't believe that Davis is ready, that succession from season 1 to season 2 would have to be dramatic
FLADAWG Dave or Lane: Has Green been working out steadily since the season ended and what if you know are his expectations for himself next year?
DavidCarducci Fladawg, you know, I'm not sure. I'd be surprised if he isn't. Davis has made it known that it is what he expects of his players. Unfortunately, at this time of year, we aren't around Berea like we are from July to January, and the way we will for a few days in each of the next few months.
brown28 david/lane any info on who browns might go after in fa?
Lane Not yet brown28, we hear things but not enough to get a solid read on the situation
Lane Now, give me 48 hours and I may have a list of 5 players
Gary Dave, in Dallas, he used predominantly a four across. That defense doesn't force the safety to cover half the width of the field and allows them to work within a quarter width column. That style would help a slower safety like Griffith and fit the style of Henry and Sandres at corner. Could this be why Fuller was never really loved by Butch?
DavidCarducci Gary, I actually think Davis would have liked to bring Fuller back, but at his age and at the price, it wasn't a good fit. Davis is admittedly a guy who likes to borrow from successful systems that he respects, and that Tampa style has been the en vogue defense. But, as you point out, the Dallas style could be a better fit for the personnel. While he might not have listened as much to Campo, Davis' respect for Fagio could lead to more discussion as to the style of defense.
DavidCarducci I'm sorry ... I meant while he might not have listened as much to Fagio and that he might consult more with Campo.
shanebrowndawg dave/lane, who do you see us taking in round 1
robdawgie Is the draft list in round 1 narrowed down to Pierce, EJ, Hayes, Woolfolk, and Boss or is there more??
Lane Hey, I hit on William Green last year.........and it took me up to a week before the draft to figure that out.........I need more time :-)
DavidCarducci Guys. I have to run. I have an early deadline tonight
petedogg51 whats up with flozel adams any chance lane
Lane Adams wants too much money, he isn't a candidate at the present time from what I have been told
petegarcia Yep I predict we get McDougle from Miami....I would love that kid
Lane McDougle is a strong possibility
SiouxDawg Lane, what about the Woodson rumour?
Lane The Woodson rumor could happen, injuries are an issue and this team will stay away from him
Lane Colvin is rumored to want some serious coin, may be too pricey for the Browns at the start of FA
petegarcia Would we have saved cap space cutting Lang ??
Lane Yes, but Lang is not going anywhere
SiouxDawg Why don't Brown and Couch restructure immediately and enable us to be a FA player?
Lane Restructures and a couple cuts may still happen, but not immediately
robdawgie Lane I know you must be getting sick of me by now but how little would we let Jamel go and has Fred Smoot's name been brought up?
Lane White has been tendered, the Browns wouldn't have a problem getting a first-round pick for him, but that won't transpire and I have heard nothing on Smoot and Cleveland
Greg Lang's a good lockerroom guy, correct Lane? Leadership type of guy?
artbtz Lang would have saved us some room, but not much. Probably only about $600K after the acceleration is through. He has four years left on his deal.
Lane Yes, Lang is a good team guy
brown28 lane any chance browns get kenny peterson fron osu
Lane I believe that Peterson's stock will continue to rise and he won't be on the board in round 2 for the Browns and I don't expect them to use the #1 on him
Greek what about Doss?
robdawgie Hopefully Doss stays a long way away from here...unless he is a second rounder
Lane Concerns on his size and coverage ability
howldawg thanks lane
redright Smoot has been offered to other teams and Washington is looking for a WR. KJ rumors?
Lane Washington wants Andre Johnson and will do everything possible to get him
Greg Andre Johnson is the next stud WR, IMO...
Lane Agree Greg
petedogg51 and hardy from dallas lane any chance
Lane Hardy is an option, very good option
petegarcia By waiting we are giving Couch and Brown more leverage in the restructuring negotiation am I wrong ?
Lane No, I do not believe that Couch and/or Brown have any increased leverage, especially Brown
brown28 lane any safeties we might go after in fa
Lane Too early to really know who they really like, but we'll get some info. Right now, the guys who make the decisions are really busy
Jackson As for the cuts, the Browns are using Modell's old line ""I had no choice""
Lane They have to use that excuse because of the poor cap management
Greg Lane- what's your gut feeling? Did we take a step backwards over the last two days or did we cut some necessary dead weight?
Lane Right now, we have taken a step back
newdawg yeah, and all this time policy was talking about how well we were managing the cap.
petegarcia Who's fault is the poor cap management ?
petegarcia Henegan is lookin like a chump
Lane All involved
Hound09 lane quick ? Simmons from Seattle or Colvin
Lane Simmons
Jackson Thought Lal Henigan was a cap guru
Jackson At least the Ravens admitted they were in cap hell last year. Policy doesn't have the honesty to tell us that.
redright Jackson's got the question du jour----Lal? wasn't he our cap genius? What happened?
Lane It isn't Lal's fault..........he does the deals, he doesn't bring in the players.
artbtz Chris Palmer! It's his fault. Him and Dwight.
artbtz Does that still work or have we passed the statute of limitations on Palmer-blame.
Greg Now you're depressing me as Dave did earlier... LIE TO ME, DAMMIT!!!! :)
petegarcia No !!!!
newdawg it was clinton.
Houlihan The statute of limitations on palmer is 7 years
petegarcia nevermind
petegarcia Whos fault then
Lane Poor Chris, dude will always get blamed for the fiasco that transpired in the first two years
newdawg well, in any case, this team has not been well handled.
Hound09 It is noone's fault it is that fact that we overpaid freeagents early and had the dirst pick two times and the third pick once in four years
redright I thought players were NOt brought in unless Policy approved the cap hit?
petedogg51 orlando brown roben oben and stiffs like that is there fault
Houlihan Pete, why are you talking about ""fault""? Why is any of this a suprise? The cap position has been known from the start of the season
Lane Policy, Clark, Palmer, and Davis, throw in the scouts........these are the players that brought this talent in
braddawg99 Lane, have the Browns looked at all towards Weathersby with the first pick?
SiouxDawg If Orlando Brown signs somewhere, the league should award us a 1st rounder. They took him away
Hound09 That is a good point will the Brown's get any compenstation for Orlando
donodawg will the Browns try the FA route for defense again, or will be all from the draft?
Lane No, they will receive nothing for Brown
Lane I gotta run guys, have a good night and seeya next time
SiouxDawg Lane, does that make any sense? can they go to the league and petition?
Lane Yes, but they will is political
howldawg nite lane
Greg Have a good one, Lane! and Thanks!
artbtz See ya Lane!!

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