ATI: Questions on the Clock

Will Eric Berry be there at seven? Has there been a change of heart on Jimmy Clausen? What about the rumors of a trade up for Sam Bradford? OBR subscribers fire off the tough questions in these highlights from our Ask the Insiders forum...

Will Eric Berry be there?

Smooth32: What's your feeling right now on Eric Berry being there at #7? Who's the bigger threat to take Berry, KC or Seattle? Thanks.

Lane Adkins: I keep hearing KC and in knowing some of the mentality in KC at the moment, I would not be surprised -- though they could use an OT or another defensive lineman of quality.

As for Seattle, a little birdie tells me that have the wood for Spiller and PC only has a handful of players he is now considering with the 6th overall selection.

John Taylor:  I know this: the Browns aren't counting on Berry being there.  Hoping, but not counting on it.

And I agree with Lane -- KC seems to be the biggest threat at the moment.


Trade Up Compensation

Milanbo: I know the two of you discussed the massive amount of picks it would take to trade up to 1 if the browns really wanted to get Bradford.  Just curious if the Rams would go for a package of picks and players?  Like DQ & Rodgers plus some picks (not a 1 next year)?  think that could get it done?
My man crush is still on berry, but having watched some more videos of Bradford, i have to admit the dude has some sick accuracy and anticipation.

Lane Adkins: I've heard nothing on the Rams seeking to gain players via trade. I have been told by someone of relatively close to the team, the Rams are looking for young talent to develop into their system.

Sam Bradford has all the tools and I like Eric Berry as well. The thing with Berry is that he can cover, not just play well in space. He has the tools to play CB in this league -- and will in some defensive alignments.


We can dance if we want to..

Ottocorp: So that the Browns need a Safety (dancing or otherwise) is a pretty poorly kept secret.  Looking at the prospects though I was curious how big is the talent differential between Earl Thomas and Nate Allen?  I know Berry is the apple of the Browns' eye, but assuming he isn't available at #7, do you think it would be better to target another position and try to find a way to get Allen in the 2nd?

Lane Adkins: Most evaluators have Berry and Thomas rated a rung above Taylor Mays and Nate Allen. While my evaluation is of this opinion, I can tell you a thought on Allen coming from a Browns perspective.

"Physical in nature with solid field awareness. His qualities fit the defensive scheme, can play in the box and possesses quality recovery speed. Occasionally takes questionable angles, which are correctable."

If Berry is unavailable - as KC is a definite threat and I have been told a team just outside of the 10th selection have an eye on him - Nate Allen is an option the Browns consider of early to mid second round talent.


Is there any advantage to a player not to sign the RFA contract?

Ramllov:  I don't see an advantage a player has not to sign his offer sheet. Brandon Marshall signed his sheet, he got dealt. It sounds like D'Qwell Jackson is dissatisfied with not getting a long term contract.  If he does not sign his offer sheet/contract as a RFA, the Browns cannot deal him.

Lane Adkins:  All it really does is create some tension or friction at some point. With an RFA player not signing a tender prior to the deadline date, the team cannot trade the player -- nor can the player be involved with the team, workouts, etc.

Correct, at the present time the market has not been positive on the LB and I do believe there is a collective effort by the teams in refraining from creating a market for these players.

John Taylor: Hey Lane, you misspelled "collusion". ;-)

Brandon Spikes

Gunner2: In the all of the recent posted mock drafts he has not been selected going into the 3rd round. I am not sure as to the organizations view of the player but am I crazy or would a player with his size and skill being selected in the 3rd round a total steal for the Browns? Seeing how he could be that "thumper" the browns have been needing for well since they came back ?  Just curious of opinions.

Brent Sobleski: While Spikes would be a nice fit, and the Browns have show interest, there is a bit of a logjam at the Mack position as the roster currently resides with the likes of Fujita, Bowens, and Veikune all vying for playing time

Lane Adkins: If we see a situation of value as the draft progresses and Spikes is sitting there, he could be targeted. With his physical nature and ability in the short scheme, he should not be discounted.


Preferred Draft Scenario: Trade Up or Trade Down?

Royswift: Given their choice, would the browns prefer to trade up for Bradford, or trade down for a draft pick or player?

Lane Adkins: There has been discussion regarding a move to #1 and #3, with plenty of dialog ongoing about moving down. It's all about getting 'their guy' and they have 15 players of target within the early portion of round one they are comfortable with.

John Taylor:That would be completely and totally dependent on what it took to move into the No. 1 spot. I really believe that a move down is more to the Browns' line of thinking right now, especially if someone they truly covet -- coughcoughEricBerrycoughcough --  is off the board.


Waiting for Next Year?

Browns004: This would take a lot of things falling a particular way, but lets pretend St. Louis gets Big Ben and Bradford then falls to us.  I know the general consensus is that if you see a franchise QB, you go get him, regardless of next year.  But I see a much better QB class next year than I do this year, and there is a lot of great players to choose from with our pick besides Bradford.

So my question is, do these kind of things enter into the minds of the front office? In regards to QBs, do they at the least pay minimal attention to who is coming out in the next year to decide if its wise to use a 1st round pick, when the next great QB could be coming along in a year?

John Taylor: If a club feels like a player is a franchise QB -- or has the potential to be one -- and they have a need at that position, how the next year's QB class looks would have zero impact on their decision.

There are just too many vagaries when it comes to the position to attempt to predict what the following year's class will look like.  And that's without even mentioning a team has no clue where they will be drafting the following season and therefore have no clue if they would even be in a position to grab one of "hot" QB prospects.  Well, the Raiders do, but they're an exception to the rule.

Lane Adkins: "Next Year" has zero impact. Nearly every team has their draft board aligned prior to the off-season workouts, combine, etc. These workouts and events provide the end-game portion of the evaluation process.

Now, teams will take note, scout and ultimately evaluate players for the upcoming year due to the exposure process in scouting players.

If a team believes that guy, the franchise type, is there and they have interest, the process of entertaining discussion commences.

Trade Down Scenario with the Raiders

Misterdawgbone: I continue to believe that Kirk Morrison should be on the Browns radar screen.  I agree that he wasn't worth giving up a 3rd round draft pick, but now that he's signed his tender tell me if the following scenario makes any sense for both Browns and Raiders:

Browns trade #7 to Raiders (allowing them Clausen if they wish) for the #8 pick and Morrison.

I guess this only works if Raiders want Clausen and Browns suggest that they'll take him @ #7 or trade pick to Buffalo.  Thoughts?

Lane Adkins: I do know the Browns had interest in the LB initially, but as has been the case, the RFA movement has been minimal.

Signing the tender certainly provides the opportunity for movement, but I am skeptical the Browns are going to deal away draft selections now.

All indications are the Browns are heading into the draft with their list of selections


Has the Point of View on Clausen Changed?

Shepwrite: Sure sounds like it, per rumors and direct quotes from Heckert and Holmgren. Is it just smoke over smoke, or were the Browns won over?

Lane Adkins: I wouldn't call it a "winning over". There have been some hedging thoughts on the player which created the uncertainty we have noted and discussed.

I do know he is one of the 15 players the Browns view as "viable" for them early in the draft and the Browns are not going to make a move up to secure his services. I am not getting the vibe that he is the guy they truly want.

We'll have some additional information on Clausen on Monday or Tuesday.


RFA Tenders if not signed

Manamal: What would happen if DQ, Vickers and other don't sign thier tenders by the 15th deadline, Could the Browns do anything with them, like make a trade, What would happen to the players?

John Taylor: The 15th is the deadline for teams to extend offer sheets to RFAs, not for RFAs to sign their tenders.

The Browns, or any other team for that matter, cannot trade away a player who has not signed his tender because, technically, he's not under contract.  Can't trade a player not under contract.


Dez Bryant?

Colt212: Could the browns draft Dez Bryant? He made a mistake and Holmgrem talked about players he drafted - including when he drafted Koren Robinson when he had alcohol issues. We need a receiver and the browns haven't addressed the issue yet. Could the Sam Bradford talk be a smoke screen and the browns really want to draft Dez Bryant especially when he said that Dez Bryant has come in and that when the media said he hadn't that was incorrect.

Lane Adkins: I am of strong impression the Browns are not going to select Bryant with the seventh selection in the draft.

The Bradford talks are being played. Yes, the Browns have an interest, but simply do not want to rip the selections out from under themselves.

Who knows how it will start to play out when the clock is ticking.

As I have been noting for weeks, I don't anticipate them making the huge trade for the QB with the first selection.

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