From ATI: Applying Some Fog-B-Gone

Browns burning the midnight oil to get Bradford? Trading up to get Berry? Is Earl Thomas really all that? The OBR gang, using our patented Fog-B-Gone™ system, try to get to the truth under all the nonsense...

GregTNG: Hello Insiders... Sporting News Radio (I believe) had a brief  blurb this afternoon while I was listening.. Said the Browns are burning the midnight oil in talks with the Rams regarding the #1 overall pick...

Is this rehashing? Embellishing? Outright B.S.? True?

Gotta say, I'm hopeful... my meaningless opinion is that Bradford will be top notch at the next level with his accuracy and reads...

John Taylor: Somewhere between "outright embellishment" and "the truth".

It's something they're still keeping the door open on, but the cost right now -- whatever that is, which I don't know -- is prohibitive and the Rams would have to come down on their demands, which I don't see them doing.

Lane Adkins: With the right support and talent around him, I believe Bradford is going to be a stud.

That being said, I was told this afternoon the Browns and Rams have not talked in about three days.

I anticipate there will some ongoing discussion prior to the draft.


Grover71: Do you get the feeling the Browns would be willing to move up to #4 to get Berry? It seems Washington would be a candidate to move down a few spots and get an extra pick in this years draft which they could use due to the McNabb trade. At 7 they will still be able to get a top OT.

John Taylor: I'm fairly certain that's one of the scenarios that's been discussed, but I'd be surprised if they moved up that "high" to get Berry.  The impression I've gotten is that Bradford is about the only one where they'd use their draft-pick ammunition to move up.

Lane Adkins: I'm told the Browns would/have deliberated the case of moving up in the first round. The organization is believed to be open to move on Bradford if the price were right – and would not discount the same on Suh or McCoy, but not for significant compensation.

I was told the Browns are not entertaining the option of moving up on Berry.


fleghorn: Read in Peter Kings column today that he said he KNOWS Philly wants to trade up to get either EB or Earl Thomas. Have you insiders heard of any  Browns/Eagles trade rumors? - If Berry is still on the board at #7 - is there any way they would trade that pick to Philly for their #24/#37/#55  when they really like  Berry themselves? Would the possibility of adding more high draft picks in a loaded draft like this year override their love for Berry?

John Taylor: Have not heard of any specific rumors involving the Browns and Eagles swapping first rounders, but obviously, based on the recent Brown/Gocong deal, the two clubs have talked, and such a scenario mentioned could've been broached.  I can't say that with any degree of certainty.

I think the Browns would be very intrigued with the notion of dropping down and picking up two second-round picks, but I don't know if they would want to drop that far down in the first round and pass on Berry.

Lane Adkins: The Browns do not want to drop into the 2nd half of the 1st round, but two 2nds would be enticing to them, even if it were to be used to get in position for a player they like at some point in the 1st.


IrishFootball04: Lane you mentioned the Browns have had talks about moving up to #1 and #3. I know #1 would be for Bradford, but whose the target at #3? Would it be Berry or McCoy, or would it be if Suh or Bradford for some reason slid a bit?

Lane Adkins: The moving-up world revolves around Sam Bradford.

After him, a potential big-time player at DE is something that should not be overlooked; but again, it's all about value and the Browns do not appear poised to make the big-deal -- even for Bradford.

But the price at #3 is much less than at #1 and while anything can happen, I think the Rams are going to select Bradford.


BuckeyeInDenver: Sobo, I love what I'm hearing about Thomas' athleticism, instincts, coverage skills, etc., but the one thing nobody seems to mention is that he's coming out as a RS Soph after only two years of actual game experience at Texas.  As such, he appears to be less of a finished product and more of a developmental project than Eric Berry.  Is the feeling in scouting circles that he can come right in and start as a rookie, or will he take more time to develop, and he'll be drafted based on potential, sort of like an NBA draft pick?  If it's the latter and he ends up being the Browns' pick, I'd assume we'd still have to go out and get a veteran safety to start next to Elam until Thomas is ready.

Also, are you worried about Thomas' long-term prospects given his lack of experience?  Other than Michael Vick & Larry Fitzgerald, I really can't think of any other RS Sophs who were at all successful making the jump to the NFL.

Sobo: From a physical and athletic standpoint?  Absolutely.

But I made sure to probe this exact discussion with Thomas himself quickly at the Combine.   I asked him point blank how much responsibility he had in calling the coverage while in Texas.   To which he basically responded...none.   I agree, for some reason no one wants to touch that question, and I don't know why.

It's not encouraging, but he can be taught.    He will be teamed with veterans such as Abe Elam and Mike Adams, at least in Cleveland.

It's hard to overlook his abilities as a pure football player; but I am also slightly concerned regarding where his mental curve currently lies during the game itself.


Bucknut319: How far do you guys think we could trade back and still get Earl Thomas.  I really like Berry, but if we could even grab an early second rounder for a trade back.  IMHO, Thomas+McCoy is better than Berry.  Thoughts?

Lane Adkins: Both are talented, but I like Berry as the better prospect.

That being said, Thomas should be sitting there in a relatively minor trade-down.

As I believe McCoy will be successful in the professional level in the right offensive scheme and support system, a move such as this would be interesting for the Browns.


jdailey23: (If we were to move to #1), is it a lock we take Bradford? Or is Suh a possibility?

John Taylor: All signs and all the word I've heard points to Bradford being the only player the Browns would move up to No. 1 to select.

Lane Adkins: Yep, only Bradford and the Browns still are deliberating such a move, as they really believe they can hit a home run next week with the selections they have and can use to move around in the draft.

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