Taylor: The Draft Eve Buzz

Are the possible draft scenarios narrowing for the Cleveland Browns? John Taylor has been working the phones all day, and brings you the very latest inside scoop on the trends as the draft finally nears...

-- Barring a last-minute development – i.e. a trade – Sam Bradford will be the No. 1 pick of the NFL draft.  The same can be said for Ndamukong Suh to the Detroit Lions and Gerald McCoy to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  After that?  Things could get interesting.  Or they could be as dull as… well… as dull as a really bad word.

-- As it stands right now, the Browns are looking at three scenarios.  One, if Eric Berry is available at No. 7, he will be their pick based on everything we've been told throughout this whole process, and particularly what's been stated in the past 48 hours.  Two, if Berry is unavailable, they will begin in earnest the ratcheting-up of trade talks in an effort to move out of the spot.  Three, if No. 1 doesn't come to fruition and No. 2 fails, they will use the selection on… we don't know that as of yet.  The two names we've heard the most in connection with this scenario are Clemson running back C.J. Spiller and Texas safety Earl Thomas.  We've also been told a lineman – offensive or defensive, no names please! – could be a surprise pick in the slot.

-- The Browns have spoken to the St. Louis Rams in the past 24 hours regarding the first pick in the draft.  And they've also spoken to them about the first pick in the second round, but any conversation on that front will not commence in earnest until the curtain falls on the first round and the Browns have a chance to reconfigure their board – provided they haven't already moved back into the first round and spent that ammunition.

-- I understand that some fans are concerned over the Browns' interest in Colt McCoy – the OBR message boards and my email inbox are a testament to that dynamic – but they really need to start wrapping their heads around the fact that, one, the Browns' interest in the Texas quarterback is very much real and, two, there's a very real chance that his name will be read by commissioner Roger Goodell as a draft pick of the Cleveland Browns – whether that be late in the first day or early in the second day.

-- I keep hearing the name "Charles Scott" in connected to the Browns as a potential third-day selection.  The former LSU running back has some injury concerns, but he's a very talented and bruising back who would be a very nice complement to Jerome Harrison and some stiff competition for a healthy James Davis.  He has first-/second-round talent but, as mentioned, there are some red flags that will allow him to drop to a round not commensurate with his talent level and, if he stays healthy, will be a solid pickup for whichever team happens to land him.

-- I was hesitant to even include the above note because, once you get past the start of the second round, there are so many variables in play that it makes it damn-near impossible to project who's going to fall where, who's going to get taken "x" number of spots ahead of where they were projected, etc.  Still, Scott is a name that keeps coming up as having caught the Browns' eyes, so we thought we'd toss him out there on the off chance that we are playing the role of the non-seeing squirrel and the Bayou back is serving as the nut.

-- To reiterate what the OBR was the first to report Wednesday – and was later confirmed by Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network and then by some local fishwrap – the Browns have not been contacted by the Pittsburgh Steelers regarding Ben Roethlisberger, nor have they initiated any conversation with their division rivals.  It did not happen, and any report that stated otherwise – my apologies, Adam Schefter – were dead wrong.

-- Now, if the Steelers were to happen to swallow their divisional hate, pick up the phone and give the club a ring?  "Anytime somebody calls, and the call is about the availability of a Pro Bowl, Super Bowl-winning quarterback in his prime, you have to at least pick up the phone don't you?" a source asked rhetorically.  Personally, I don't see there being even the remotest of possibilities that there would ever be a deal between the Browns and Steelers, let alone one involving the most important position on the field.  Then again, I never would've thought that Donovan McNabb would be a member of the Washington Redskins as a result of a trade at any point during my lifetime, so stranger things have indeed happened.

-- For those who may have been wondering, the Browns were not involved in any trade talks with the Miami Dolphins regarding Ted Ginn Jr.  As you no doubt have heard by now, the former Ohio State star was dealt to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a fifth-round pick in this year's draft.  And, again, he was not on the Browns' radar.  Just wanted to clear that up.

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