Snap Analysis: Not Sexy, But Solid

Joe Haden's selection may have puzzled some, but Lane Adkins is here to tell you why the pick of the Gator corner should be looked at in a much different light...

Say what you will, the excitement generated for months came to a resounding climax when the Browns selected Florida cornerback Joe Haden with the seventh-overall selection in the draft.

Haden, the top-rated CB on the majority of draft boards, is expected to provide the Browns a quality cover-type corner that has escaped this team for years. The Browns' defense, and notably the defensive backfield, was often exposed as a weakness within the Cleveland defensive scheme.

While not the popular selection to many, Haden has played the corner position at a high-quality level at arguably one of the top collegiate programs in the country.

Known as a capable corner in man coverage, as well as in zone schemes, Haden was criticized at the Indy Combine in February due to running pedestrian 40-yard dash times. Some personnel evaluators question whether Haden has the top-end speed to be a solid cover-corner at the NFL level.

Prior to the Combine, Haden was viewed by most as a top-ten draft prospect. Following the event, evaluators outside of the game had the CB dropping, being a likely top-twenty player.

NFL clubs, though, maintained the CB remained a top-tier talent, with his pro-day event only solidifying the scouting process.

During Haden's Pro Day, the CB redeemed himself by running sub-4.5 times in the 40, but his strength comes from watching him on tape.

The newest Cleveland Brown is fluid, positions himself well and demonstrates the ability to use his hands well.

At No. 7, the Browns may have taken the safe selection. but they also took a player and position which the team wanted to address.

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