From ATI: Post-Draft Improvements?

The Browns are looking at defensive tackles and wide receivers. Are more changes on the way? The OBR gang tackles these questions and more in these highlights from our exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

BarleyDawg: Any thoughts on how John Henderson would fit in Cleveland? Or the level of interest now that he is a FA? Thanks.

Lane Adkins: With Henderson, big body, but not a true NT. I don't see him being capable of being a 34 DE. So the curiosity of the Browns is somewhat puzzling, unless we are going to see some change in the scheme. In all, could provide talent and experience to help this team in the short-term.

Fletch416: Am I totally missing the boat by thinking the Browns will add two competent Wr's? I feel they'll add a burner and a veteran Pro, to show the three young guys the ropes. Heckert is known for his patience. He is amazing in that regard. This no time to panic, but I'm wondering if he is going to go the route of free agency, street free agent, or trade.

Secondly, where do you think Holmgren really wanted Colt? I know he says that he pulled rank to get him at #85; but, I wonder how much earlier Homy was really itching to get him? Lastly, does anyone know the role that Gil Haskell had in the draft?

Lane Adkins: They are attempting to fortify the WR position and it has been targeted as an area of some need. What I am finding increasingly interesting is that the organization is talking with team - they are not idly sitting on their collective hands -- they want to win, while developing the relative youth.

I have been told Holmgren was chomping at the bit to make the QB selection earlier, but did not push the issue. When McCoy appeared to be on the verge of sitting there at #85, he jumped in. On Haskell, not too much in the actual process, had input leading up to the event.

Calkins14: I like what Tom Heckert, Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini have done so far in the draft and free agency. It certainly looks like they're changing the attitude of the team - especially the Defense. Once a couple of D-linemen are added in the next year , do you guys think that the Browns can start climbing the defensive rankings and eventually reach " Top 10 " status? Love this site, keep up the good work.

Lane Adkins: It's going to take some time, but the organization is methodically working toward such. They will need additional help along the defensive line, linebacker and in the defensive backfield, but the present state should not be a laughing stock any longer.

Hookjaw: Team Leader? Does the Defense have a leader? I want your guys opinion on who that would be, if there is one. Also - is that an important issue? I would argue they can be good without a leader or good using a coach as a leader, but cannot get to great without one.

Lane Adkins: David Bowens, Shaun Rogers and Robaire Smith were solid leaders a season ago on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, a strong veteran type presence can keep some things in-line, as well as set the example in film-study, weight-room and on-field practice habits.

Bone2: Is Tebowmania a new phenomenon? Phenomenon being taking a mediocre low round prospect and creating a media swirl about them to JACK up their respective status, and thusly earn millions of dollars in doing so. He was like a TV evangelist, claiming to be better then.....just give me the money.....cause......I said so?!? Huh?

Question being, has this been done to this degree before, or are we seeing something new, and I am sure something that will add to the argument for rookie Caps. I read somewhere off the wire, this Guy already has the ire of some NFL vets and he hasn't even made it to camp yet! Maybe it was the part about him working so hard, you know, not like those other 1500+ slackers....?

Lane Adkins: I have never witnessed such a great PR job and media clamoring ever regarding a collegiate kid in the draft.Being said, with the Broncos playing out of the shot-gun 60%+ of the time a season ago, Tebow went to the right place to utilize some of the skill he presently possesses.

Barry McBride: This quote from a recent John Taylor article is probably relevant here:

Speaking of Tebow, one league source told The OBR that he's "never seen someone like [Team Tebow] putting out as much public and private spin for a player who's not even close to deserving mention as a [first rounder]." The source said the people around Tebow "are working 24/7" to get the QB into the top half of the first round, then adds that "they could succeed, which would be a [very bad word] shame." Take that for what it's worth as it's just one man's assessment when weighted against the growing tide of converted Tebowites.

BlueSidd: Any confirmation to the rumor that Ward was higher on the Brown's board than Allen. So if we had the choice of the two we still would of picked Ward. I heard something a little different on Sirius in which said that after Allen was picked they focused on Ward.

Lane Adkins: I was told Allen was rated higher and reported accordingly prior to the draft. Ward was highly rated by the organization and have been told they are not disappointed in the selection of Ward.

If he remains healthy, Ward may ultimately be the better fit for this defense. Both Mangini and Ryan wanted some physical type players in the defensive backfield and on defensive in general.

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