A Place for Hardesty

With a large assortment of young running backs, can new draft pick Montario Hardesty find a role? Fred Greetham was a rookie camp this weekend and talked to the rookie about moving to the NFL...

The Browns traded up to get RB Montario Hardesty and many feel he can make an immediate impact. The Browns return Jerome Harrison, Chris Jennings, James Davis, Thomas Brown , in addition to Hardesty. They also acquired Peyton Hillis in a trade for QB Brady Quinn.

"I anticipate using all of the backs that are taken to the game," Mangini said. "Most teams are using multiple backs and to use them all to the best of their abilities."

Hardesty is not worried about starting as a rookie.

"I don't have a great expectation about playing time, and things like that," he said. "For me, all I can control is what I do. For me, right now is to get in, learn the playbook, get on the practice field, work hard, show the coaches what I can do and be a great teammate and learn from some of the veterans.

"This is the first time in the NFL," he said. "I haven't been to this point, yet. All I can do is that and I think everything else will come with me working hard."

Hardesty showed very good hands in pass receiving drills on Saturday. He was billed as a good receiver out of the backfield at Tennessee.

"I like the way he ran in terms of he was a physical runner," Mangini said. "He was a punishing runner. He enjoyed contact. I thought all those things were real positives for any team, and I think it's a real positive in this division.

"I also think that he has got some good short area quickness and burst that some other big backs don't necessarily have," he said. "How that translates remains to be seen. I liked everything that I learned about him in terms of his approach, his maturity, his professionalism. I was just talking to Curtis Martin the other day and he was reminding me about the importance of getting those guys with that type of attitude, those guys with that approach. That's what we look for in him."

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