Transcript: Thomas on the Browns' 2010 Draft

Fox draft analyst Dave-Te Thomas was in the chat room last week, sounding off about the Browns draft picks. You may or may not like what he has to say... but no punches are pulled. Here's the transcript...

<nflscouting> Hey guys-let's rock

<Smooth32> So I take it your not much of a fan of the Browns first draft under the new regime?
<nflscouting> It's not a bad draft, just not a great one

<Smooth32> Did they reach a lot?
<nflscouting> They took Ward, injuries & all with little coverage skills at 2-they said he's a hard hitter-duh-What about Mays if they needed a hitter?

<Grover71> did you like th Hardesty pick?
<nflscouting> Hardesty is okay, but Tate is much more of a value type

<Smooth32> You think McCoy can be successful in Cleveland?
<nflscouting> Oh yes, he's a perfect fit for the West Coast & in 3, great deal

<nflscouting> Watch Lauvao-kid's a bull

<billbrasky09> you didn't like Alex Mack all that much, have you changed your opinion of him yet? <Grover71> he liked Mack but not as much as Maclin
<nflscouting> thank you Grover

<Smooth32> I think Mitchell was a steal too.
<nflscouting> LOVED the Mitchell pickup-he's a good coach away from emerging <Smooth32> Do the Browns have the type of coaching to get him there, though? Seems like he needs to develop his routes more and work on catching the ball with his hands, not his body
<nflscouting> Any rookie WR is going to spend the year with minimal playing time & learning on the bench

<nybrownie> what was the best value pick in the this years draft
<nflscouting> jacksonville getting Austen Lane in 5 is a huge steal

<billbrasky09> how would you rank the AFC North drafts, best to worst
<nflscouting> Ravens, Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Cincy TIED

<Grover71> did you like the Haden pick as a player and not where they picked him?
<nflscouting> I am a Haden fan, best Db in the draft, period

<Smooth32> So you're not worried about Kindle's injury history/future? <Smooth32> Or about Cincy's high bust potential picks?
<nflscouting> I am not a Kindle fan-injuries are a course of action-kid can't cover as a LB

<Grover71> You must have loved were Dal got Bryant
<nflscouting> Bryant is going to prove folks wrong & Dallas likes guys with the bad boy image

<Smooth32> So is Asante nothing more a career backup at SS and a good special teams player?
<nflscouting> Asante will be much better than Ward-that kid hits so hard I get hurt watching

<Grover71> so does Jeff George back up Matt Moore or start in year one?
<nflscouting> Clausen will make noise, but if Fox wants to keep his job, Moore begins the year

<Kerf33> what do feel about the browns RB situation?
<nflscouting> Should have done more at RB-lots of guys still around & they lack a 1-2 punch

<billbrasky09> can McCoy read defenses well?
<nflscouting> Yes, but he does love to gamble. McCoy will spend time learninf from Delhomme

<Grover71> Matthews will be great in SD
<nflscouting> Ugh, that hurt seeing Mathews going to SD-can you say Rookie of the Year?

<Brownsfan91171> You don't think Hardesty and Harrison are a 1-2 punch?
<nflscouting> No, I don't see those two RBs having much impact. Now, if Davis is healthy...

<brownsclown> I know you thought McCoy would not go in 1st, did you see the slide till 3rd?
<nflscouting> Had him & Clausen not even in my top 80

<Grover71> tough news for Denver today re:Clady
<nflscouting> Guess you can say they are covered at LOT though
<nybrownie> How long before Denver regrets picking Tebow
<nflscouting> why would they regret taking Tebow? He's better than McCoy or Clausen

<billbrasky09> does Hardesty have an upright style of running? if so, is that bound to get him in trouble at nfl level or can that be corrected?
<nflscouting> You hit it Bill-those upright RBs get brutalized

<iwannabeadawg> I like to learn about the late round guys, but it seemed to me that teams were mostly picking players that they didn't want to lose as UDFA's. Did you have the same feeling? I never even heard of most of the seventh round.
<nflscouting> The 7th round had some nice talent-read up on them

<Smooth32> Does Lauvao have the potential to be an above-average starter at guard?
<nflscouting> I love Lauvao better inside than on the edge

<Pazienza> Gil Brandt compared McCoy to Montana, others have compared him to Brees, Garcia, Grossman - who do you compare him to?
<nflscouting> McCoy is McCoy-no comparison-Montana did not have his wheels & McCoy does not have Montana's arm

<nflscouting> no regrets this early-come training camp, they will wish they got better pass rush help
<Grover71> I agree
<Smooth32> So you think them being 8th in sacks was a fluke?
<nflscouting> You get rid of Wimberly & the pass rush game suffers

<billbrasky09> Wimbley seemed average at best, do you disagree?
<Smooth32> But they did get Gocong and helped out the secondary, which will enable them to blitz more'
<nybrownie> U dont like Gocong
<nflscouting> in 2009, yes,
<nflscouting> Gocong is another blue collar type, but not the guy you look to be in the backfield often

<duq2005> Do you think McCoy will be a successful NFL QB in a couple of years?
<nflscouting> Yes, McCoy will be a decent QB

<Cdawgorl> What about the undrafted RFA English kid? Any chance he can make it at the next level? Great motor!
<nflscouting> Great motor, bad wheels-kid has lots of injuries to overcome

<Smooth32> How excited should we about the potential of our DBs (Wright, Haden, McDonald, Asante, Ward, Francies, etc.)?
<nflscouting> 3 guys I like-Haden, Wright, Asante

<billbrasky09> how high is Haden's ceiling? isn't it scary that he made himself the best DB in 3 years of learning the position...scary in a good way i mean
<nflscouting> Hey Bill, watch ESPN's Sport Science & look at Haden in the drills-WOW

<brownsclown> Will Haden become a "shutdown" corner?
<nflscouting> Haden will be a Pro Bowler by 2011

<duq2005> What specifically don't you like about Ward other than injury history?
<nflscouting> I think they blew it with Ward-Mays made better sense & Ward would have been there in 4
<nflscouting> Kid can't cover-his switchoffs in the zone are horrible & he bites on play action

<tjm427> Is Abe Elam someone you're always trying to replace?
<nflscouting> Elam is a nickel/dime/special teams guy, no more

<billbrasky09> when I look at the stats, Ward looks better on paper than Mays (pass deflections, etc..) what am I missing?
<nflscouting> Hey, knock Taylor all you want, but in 2 to get a guy that might one day be a WOLB, I have to go that route over Ward

<68lespaul> Well, Mays doesn't wrap up well either.
<nflscouting> Yeah, but Mays knows what he's doing-look at the USC system-not suited for Safety type-too deep in the secondary to impact in the box

<Grover71> mays=faster stronger Thomas Davis
<nflscouting> Mays is NOT Thomas Davis-watch him turn into John Lynch

<Smooth32> Will Maiava or Veikune be anything other than backups?
<nflscouting> Maiava is backup, Veikune is a good nickel LB

<calkins14> Will the coaching staff be able to teach Carlton Mitchell to use his hands when catching the ball?
<nflscouting> Mitchell has good hands-had squat at QB this year

<billbrasky09> in the last 2 seasons, Ward had more pass deflections, more tackles for loss, more total tackles...and that's w/ playing less games!
<nflscouting> That's because he was CHALLENGED silly

<Smooth32> Where you surprised the Browns waited so long to draft a DLineman? Geathers is intriguing though
<nflscouting> Geathers can't play D-make him an OL or he's on developmental at best
<nflscouting> Geathers has a bad attitude-thinks things are so easy-bow wow I say

<brownsclown> Overall you like about half our picks and dislike about half
<nflscouting> sounds right-Browns did middle of the road. I'd keep Haden, McCoy, Lauvao, Asante, Mitchel & ask for a do over on the rest

<Pazienza> Geathers seems like the only questionable attitude guy in the draft - doesn't seem to fit the Homgren/Heckert/Mangini profile
<nflscouting> I agree Pazienza-look at his profile on the Browns report I sent Barry

<calkins14> Is Colt McCoy another Jeff Garcia? What is your take?
<nflscouting> Nah, Calkins-McCoy is much stronger & doesn't go home to a playboy bunny

<DawgEDue> Does McCoy have an NFL quality arm to make all the throws needed? If not, where will he struggle?
<nflscouting> Keep him out of the deep patterns & he'll do okay

<Pazienza> Will the Holmgren/Heckert/Mangini team finally make the Browns a winner?
<nflscouting> Holmgren/Heckert-maybe Mangini-OUTTA HERE

<DawgEDue> can you be a QB in the NFL and not throw the deep ball?
<nflscouting> Yes Dawg, all you need to do is move the chains

<billbrasky09> sorry, I'm an lowly amateur, please clarify: does "CHALLENGED silly" mean that Ward having better stats is because teams challenged him which makes him worse?
<nflscouting> If a QB is confident he can throw on you, he will challenge you-look at this-79 passes thrown in his area-48 for 536 yards & 6 tds completed. Is that good?

<calkins14> What are the holes left on the team in your opinion? Can the Browns pick up enough in free agency to plug the remaining holes?
<nflscouting> Have not reviewed the Browns FA signings yet
<nflscouting> If I was Holmgren? I'd bring in Sharper to speed up the youngsters' learning process

<brownsclown> In your opinion, who made the call on the picks? heckert?
<nflscouting> Heckert & Holmgren

<brownsclown> Sharper wants a deal with guarenteed money in year 2. Is he worth that after knee surgery?
<nflscouting> Nobody is going to give Sharper money in 2 & he knows that now

<wskeezer> Let's assume for a second that Ward and Hardesty can remain injury free, does that raise their stock in your opinion?
<nflscouting> NO, neither was worth the pick. After all, Hardesty never started until this year

<calkins14> Would you bring in a veteran WR if you were running things and if so who?
<nflscouting> Kevin Curtis

<RDosu80> Dave, do you feel Robiskie will see the field this year?
<nflscouting> Yes, it's a tough learning curve for a WR in year 1-look at NO's Robert Meachem

<brownsclown> Only takes one on Sharper like Dallas
<nflscouting> Dallas won't bite-they are getting younger-Jax might go for Sharper though

<Grover71> Golden tate would have been better at 59
<nflscouting> Grover, you ARE my favorite person

<RDosu80> Dave, What about Eric Wright? What are your thoughts on him?
<nflscouting> Wright & Haden as the starting CBs-Brown holding a starting job will retard their progress

<quarz> Do you think Lauvauo can start now on the right side?
<nflscouting> Prefer Lauvao on ther left side-he likes that side much better

<calkins14> Would Roy Williams be worth a shot as that veteran WR?
<nflscouting> Oh no babbaloo, leave Roy Williams on unemployment-I would rather have Laverneous Coles

<Pazienza> Move Brown to safety?
<nflscouting> Move Brown off the team

<buddog> Is Davis/Harrison an adquetate combo?
<nflscouting> I think Davis can do the job on his own
<nflscouting> DAVIS

<Grover71> Hillis going to be worth anyhting?
<nflscouting> As a blocker & third down back? YES

<Pazienza> What do you think of Massaquoi?
<nflscouting> Massaquoi is ready for a soph slump-drops too many balls

<Grover71> Hillis may have the best hands on the teeam
<nflscouting> Good FB combo grover-Vickers is vastly underrated
<nflscouting> I'm thinking Davis & Vickers as TB & FB

<calkins14> Can the Browns become an elite defense after adding some D-linemen next season?
<nflscouting> Not if they are going to play Ward at FS
<nflscouting> Bring in new coaches & blow the front 7 up first

<jciardullo3> any chance we make a trade for a real #1 WR?
<nflscouting> problem is nobody is offering a #1 WR

<billbrasky09> do you think Rubin is a solid 3-4 NT for the Browns?
<nflscouting> Only if Rubin shares time

<DawgEDue> the Veikune project - do you ever see that paying fruit?
<nflscouting> Make Veikune a rush end, like Philly did with Clemons before he went to Oakland

<Pazienza> Is the CB Carey who the Browns drafted last year and lost to Jax any good?
<nflscouting> Carey has no conception how to play the man

<billbrasky09> do you think D'Quell Jackson is a good LB?
<nflscouting> Jackson is very, very snmart & you need at least 1 LB to keep the others in balance

<DawgEDue> is there any reason to have Seneca Wallace on a NFL roster?
<nflscouting> Wallace has pictures on Holmgren is my way of thinking

<jciardullo3> any veteran WR's we could get that could help?
<nflscouting> Kevin Curtis & Laverneous Coles are available

<calkins14> What impact will picking up TE Ben Watson have on the offense?
<nflscouting> Watson has great ways of getting open underneath & you need that in a TE as a safety valve

<DawgEDue> lol re: wallace. Is Eric Barton at all useful anymore?
<nflscouting> I think Barton is dried up

<Kerf33> bowens is washed up too
<nflscouting> Yeah, but Bowens teaches the youngsters & you need a greybeard in the locker room

<billbrasky09> how would you the overall college draft class this year w/ drafts of old
<nflscouting> I can't see people saying this was a DEEP draft. Where were the depth at OT, RB, safety?

<redright> Massa takes a dive this year and Robiskie does......?
<nflscouting> Robiskie emerges-he's a coach's kid & has lots of pride

<Grover71> If Bowens was the teacher is Rogers security?
<nflscouting> Ha, yeah, like ARMED security

<calkins14> Does Delhommme pan out this year or will the fans scream for McCoy?
<nflscouting> SCREAM!

<billbrasky09> if you were building an offense w/ West Coast principles, which QB would you have taken assuming Bradford isn't an option
<nflscouting> Tebow/McCoy

<glousterbrown> Dave does Delhomme have any thing left at all or is Holmgren praying for a miracle return?
<nflscouting> There are not enough prayers, not even Lazarus can resurrect Delhomme

<brownsclown> Did Al Davis think draft started Saturay, Campbell then Ford, workout warrior then speed
<nflscouting> When you get Campbell at 4, that's good value

<brownsforeverfan> Can Coye Francies start at FS
<nflscouting> Yes, Francis can, but when you invest a #2 in a FS...

<Grover71> maybe not Lazarus, but what about Tebow?
<nflscouting> You know, if anyone can shut up his doubters, Tebow can-see him in 2011

<glousterbrown> I like big show, but his GM time in Seattle scares the crap out of me.
<nflscouting> I HATE coaches in charge of the front office-too impatient & go for a win now-ya gotta build a foundation

<iwannabeadawg> I don't think Holm's has ever drafted a QB that worked out. He traded for Hasselbeck so he got to see him in the league already.
<nflscouting> Yeah, but Holmgren drafted Hasselbeck in GB

<DawgEDue> Did the Browns get screwed on the Sanchez deal last year? Mack-Veikune-Francies-Davis-Coleman-Ratliff-Elam or Sanchez?
<nflscouting> Rex Ryan is smiling on that one

<redright> Dave,...any WRs or QBs
<nflscouting> JaMarcus Russell at QB & teams are holding on to their WRs right now

<Pazienza> Would Holmgren/Heckert have drafted Sanchez if they were here last year?
<nflscouting> I would have. Hell, I would have traded 1-2-3 for Bradford

<brownsforeverfan> Who woud you compare Colt Mccoy to?
<nflscouting> Matt Ryan

<glousterbrown> Again Dave how long do you think Colt has to sit to learn the offense and start?
<nflscouting> Hopefully 1 year, but if the Browns get off badly, it's throw to the wolves time

<billbrasky09> what do you think of next year's QB class?
<nflscouting> LOVE next year. I'd take Locker & have me an Elway

<Grover71> Mark Herzlich going to be back full strength this year at BC?
<nflscouting> Yes, kid's out of the woods-treated by the doctor that treated me for the same thing

<brownsforeverfan> Do you think that Mccoy can improve his arm strength
<nflscouting> You can improve it a bit, but it is what it is as far as arm strength goes

<RDosu80> Stanzi from Iowa - will he be drafted next year?
<nflscouting> Stanzi? HA!!!!!

<iwannabeadawg> Stanzi sucks. He plays good one quarter every game, that is usually the fourth quarter.
<nflscouting> you hit it iwannabe

<glousterbrown> what does the WR class look like next year Dave?
<nflscouting> The SLEEPER & next great one is Vidal Hazleton-WR Cincy

<Kerf33> terrell pryor out of school as a WR?
<nflscouting> Nah, he's not Brad Smith

<redright> Was this a wasted draft or just disappointing? Seems everyone other than Haden has big question marks.
<nflscouting> I like where they took McCoy, Asante & Mitchell redright

<brownsforeverfan> Can Larry Asante start at SS this year instead of Abram Elam
<nflscouting> Oh I hope so brownsforever

<BagdadHob> Wheres Pryor projecting this early? late 7th rounder? UDFA? Walk on tryout in the UFL?
<nflscouting> UFL-kid is a typical spread college QB

<iwannabeadawg> Cameron Heyward - I like his picture where he is jumping in the air - I call it the flying monkey
<nflscouting> Took the words outta my mouth-Heyward is a top 10 guy

<Grover71> Kolb going to love Harbor in Phi
<nflscouting> Yeah, Harbor, that was a huge steal

<brownsforeverfan> Let me get this straight, you think that Colt Mccoy and Matt Ryan are of the same caliber quarterbacks?
<nflscouting> They are both thinking QBs that know they are better off playing within the system. Ryan has more arm strength

<calkins14> With Heckert, Holmgren and Mangini do you think that the Browns will eventually become a perennial playoff team?
<nflscouting> Like the first 2

<billbrasky09> who will have bigger rookie season, CJ Spiller or Dez Bryant?
<nflscouting> Bryant

<iwannabeadawg> Is it fair to say that all QBs are system QB's in a way.
<nflscouting> No, look at Manning, look at Brees - since day 1-they marched to their own drummer-Jets are going to give Sanchez that opportunity this year

<Pazienza> How will McCoy do on those cold windy days in December and January?
<nflscouting> McCoy will not have problems in bad weather.

<billbrasky09> remember the scene in Major League when Wild Thing tells the coach he's going to stick it up his A every time he plays against you get the feeling that Clausen will do that to everyone who passed him up?
<nflscouting> Clausen is a dog, a Jeff George, a mistake, a toddler in a man's game

<68lespaul> Wow, and I thought I didn't like Clausen!
<nflscouting> I'm the president of the I hate Clausen club
<nflscouting> Case in point-look at the Gruden interview with the slug - Clausen blamed everyone but Knute Rockne for his mistakes

<nflscouting> Just you guys-I need KNOWLEDGEABLE fans & most are peabrains, especially them Bengals dudes
<Grover71> thanks
<Grover71> we are sick bastards
<nflscouting> I do lots of chats leading up to the draft, but only agreed to come back here after it
<nflscouting> Yeah, but that's good sickness-you are one of the better ones

<duq2005> What do you think Browns will do at WR? I still think there is a big void.
<nflscouting> I agree & I still feel Kevin Curtis will get a call

<billbrasky09> how do you rank Ward compared to another Oregonian, Chung, Patrick?
<nflscouting> I'm not a Chung fan either. There is LOTS more to playing safety than attacking the ball

<nudawg> Then what do you think of Ward?
<nflscouting> I do not like Ward & think he's gone in 2 years

<brownsclown> How did you see Roth coming out and how do you see him now?
<nflscouting> Matt Roth is a certified madman-sort of reminds me of Homer Simpson on steroids

<glousterbrown> how long do you think Holmgren gives the mangy one?
<nflscouting> I say 1-3 to start the season and Mangini gets the boot

<billbrasky09> what do you think of Daboll as an OC, is there promise there or no?
<nflscouting> Daboll is going to be an excellent mentor for McCoy

<Grover71> Or the Walrus steps in
<nflscouting> I don't think Mike will come down in 2010 to coach

<brownsclown> is Haskell the coach in waiting?
<nflscouting> No, Haskell is just assistant material

<billbrasky09> what do you think of Ryan as a DC?
<nflscouting> Ryan's my boy-grew up with him, Rex & Jim in New York when Buddy coached there, so it's personal

<iwannabeadawg> I find your commit on Daboll odd, most people hate him here, do you care to explain.
<nflscouting> You might hate him, but he's a good teacher

<Grover71> so Roth is a Ryan type player
<nflscouting> Oh yeah, take the dog collar off & let Roth loose!

<68lespaul> The Browns need good teachers, I'm convinced.
<nflscouting> Right now, this is year one again in rebuilding

<Smooth32> You think Evan Moore has a shoot at being a starting caliber TE in this league?
<nflscouting> No, Moore is not a TE
<nflscouting> Make Moore an H-Back
<Grover71> like Cooley
<nflscouting> Yes, like Cooley

<ramllov> Dave, do you know which WRs the Browns are looking at in either free agency or trade?
<nflscouting> Kevin Curtis, trust me there

<keylime> which 2011 WRs do you like the most?
<nflscouting> Toliver-LSU & the Cincy duo Binns & Hazleton are my only #1 WRs in college

<Pazienza> Does Hardesty compare to Dorsey Levens?
<nflscouting> No, Hardesty is like his former teammate Arian Foster

<brownsforeverfan> Do you think that Carlton Mitchell might be able to contribute this year
<nflscouting> If Mitchell does not contribute this year, I see Robiskie/Mitchell as the starters in 2011

<brownsclown> How much time off before starting on 2011 draft?
<nflscouting> I begin on 2011 after the NBA Draft
<nflscouting> My staff is already on 2011 since spring camp

<TopDawg80> Based on our recent track record, and if we are put into the position to have to draft #1 next year, would we have to consider Locker since we just picked McCoy?
<nflscouting> Based on this draft, no, as Holmgren will invest in McCoy

<billbrasky09> so to recap, we got an outstanding DB, a turd safety, an upright RB w/ injury written all over him, a promising value at WR, promising value in Asante, and a QB who's a great fit w/ West Coast principles...did I miss anything?
<nflscouting> You got it Bill.

<brownsforeverfan> What do you think of the Browns' recent signing of Deangelo Smith
<nflscouting> I think the Browns got a good player in Smith

<glousterbrown> any chance Carolina trades Deangelo? There were rumors they might
<nflscouting> I doubt they would trade DeAngelo. Stewart was offered around though

<TopDawg80> It seemed like Marcus Bernard had more of a motor and better ability to get to the quarterback last year, is he an ample pass rush repalcement for Wimbley?
<nflscouting> Yes, but not as an everydown player

<glousterbrown> Wow I would take Stewart in a heartbeat
<nflscouting> LOTS of miles on Stewart's legs

<TopDawg80> I keep hearing people complain about us not taking Golden Tate in round 2, but we seem to have got a good prospect in Carlton Mitchell. With us investing in 2 2nd round receivers last year, what value would it be to take another devloping wide receiver rather than a safety there?
<nflscouting> Here's the thing-outside of Bryant, Tate is the best SOB to have on the flank-he's another Hines Ward

<brownsforeverfan> Hey dave, Do you think Deangelo Smith can start at safety for the Browns?
<nflscouting> Yes, I like Smith as a starter

<ramllov> Dave do you think the Browns can get another year out of their older starting defensive line?
<nflscouting> They might not have a choice on the DL, but that is an area I'd be watching June 1 cuts

<ramllov> Have the Browns signed and drafted enough CBs to show Brandon McDonald the door?
<nflscouting> It is a crowded house in the secondary & logic says McDonald is gione

<brownsclown> Is McDonald a possible safety? <Grover71> he lacks testicular fortitude
<nflscouting> took the words out of my mouth grover

<ramllov> Dave, the Browns have assembled a lot of LBs, are they any special LBs besides Roth in your judgement?
<nflscouting> Jackson will keep Roth on the right path,

<ramllov> Do you see a future for Gocong, OLB?
<nflscouting> as a pass rusher

<brandonln> J. Peppers is 6'7" and has been a good def lineman. Is Geathers being 6'8" more of an issue in our system?
<nflscouting> Peppers knew how to sink his weight & keep his hands inside his frame. Geathers is too hard

<ramllov> Dave will Kameron Wimbley be missed this year by the Browns?
<nflscouting> Not if Roth plays up to his 2008 level

<brownsforeverfan> The Browns picked up Chris Chancellor from Clemson as a UDFA. What do you think of him?
<nflscouting> If it was Kam Chancellor-Virginia Tech, I would have been excited

<iwannabeadawg> What are the odds that Geathers will listen again when he realizes that his natural physical talent is not enough in the NFL. If he does realizes do we have a player then.
<nflscouting> He was told he was a late rounder & to stay in school, yet still bolted-rocket scientist he is not

<nflscouting> Hey guys, time to head outta here-have to leave for Europe tomorrow

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