Boomer's Draft dropped by the chat room last night and talked with us for a couple of hours. A terrific job by Rob of answering questions from the Bernie's Insiders chatters, and props to CP for moderating with his usual flair."> Boomer's Draft dropped by the chat room last night and talked with us for a couple of hours. A terrific job by Rob of answering questions from the Bernie's Insiders chatters, and props to CP for moderating with his usual flair.">

Rob Rang Chat Transcript

Rob Rang of <a href="" target="_blank">Boomer's Draft</A> dropped by the chat room last night and talked with us for a couple of hours. A terrific job by Rob of answering questions from the Bernie's Insiders chatters, and props to CP for moderating with his usual flair.

browns23 Hey Rob, who do you think the Browns are targeting at 21 at this moment
RobRang browns at this moment like Kwame Harris, and are looking at LBs, CBs, and DL too
Nebraska Rob- any chance the Browns can get a first rounder this year for Couch?
RobRang I'd be surprised if they can get a 1st rounder for him this year. QBs always have value though, especially young ones though so anything is possible
RobRang Polamalu is decent is coverage - no worse in my mind than Doss. He's been nicked up all year long and dropping down boards. Seattle is interested in him in the 2nd, but thinks it is too soon... So maybe mid 2nd...
browns23 ok Rob just curious as to who the Browns are targeting in Free Agency If anyone and also who do you think is gonna be on board in the 2nd that we will look at
RobRang I don't think they'll be going after any big names, other than trying to re-sign some of their own cut players. Darling would be a solid addition...
RobRang As far as the 2nd round, there should be some quality OTs available that could help out, if Harris isn't available in the 1st (unlikely he will be)
browns23 thanks rob
RobRang I know the club is high on players like George Foster and Pashos, and are looking at pass rushing OLBs in the latter rounds
MrAnonymous Hi Rob. Great work with the publication. I'd just like to hear which teams other then the Browns are looking at CB in the first and if you think there's any chance Marcus Trufant will drop far enough that the Browns could move ahead and get him.
RobRang No way on Trufant
MrAnonymous KC will snag him for sure?
RobRang Minnesota, Jax, KC, and even N.O. won't all let him get by
RobRang Weathersby wouldn't be a bad fit though...
MrAnonymous Ok. Thanks. Last ? - Can you describe the difference between Henderson and Pierce.
RobRang Pierce is considerably more athletic and has the higher upside. Henderson has done it with less talent around him and without the killer scheme to protect him. Henderson's back is a huge concern, as well
Gridiron Rob, your thoughts on Chaun Thompson, MLB or OLB and Wayne Hunter,LT, and where do you have both projected to go?
RobRang Both are superb athletes that aren't quite as polished as some would like to think. They have great upsides and i see both as 2nd to 3rd round picks.
RobRang Ooops. Thompson is best suited to WLB
CCDawg49 Hi Rob. Thanks for joining us. What do you think of Chaun Thompson - workout warrior or the real thing? Any LB first round material (at 21) besides pierce?
RobRang Thompson is a bit of a workout warrior in that he is a superb athlete, but he is still pretty raw. He will develop into a solid pro, but isn't the type of player for #21. Boss Bailey and EJ Henderson (if ok'd medically) are both 1st rounders too...
CCDawg49 is bailey big enough to play LB?
RobRang Absolutely. Teams are talking S because of his speed. There are smaller, weaker LBs playing damn well now...
CCDawg49 ok, thanks rob.
RobRang Tommy Polley weighed in at the Senior Bowl a few years ago in the 215 area...
Nebraska Any chance the Browns will take a shot on McGahee? How is McGahee doing on most boards and what is the latest on his knee? What about Teyo Johnson for the Browns? Any chance of picking him up or him falling to the second or third? What Miami guy will Davis pick?
RobRang McGahee could be a possibility, but it will have to be as a late round pick. I don't have to tell you that Cleveland can't afford to be wasting picks on backups, right now.
Nebraska true
RobRang Everything depends on how Teyo runs. I see him as a 2nd round guy if he runs in the 4.5s as I expect, but could really drop if he runs poorly. Regardless, Cleveland needs a more physical TE, not a less physical one
RobRang I could see a Jerome McDougle/Andrew Williams type pick on the 1st day. Cleveland will look for a pass rusher in this draft
Guest80 Rob thanks for the time, I was wondering how deep the draft was at guard, and if there is a guy out there in the 4th round who could have impact like Henry and Bentley
RobRang The depth at guard is about average. There isn't a stud guard (except Steinbach - who is being considered more of a OT now) and I don't expect a run on true guards until the late 2nd to 3rd
Guest80 One last thing, if Dorsey is around in the 7th round will Butch grab him. Thanks for your time.
RobRang Jesus, for your sake I hope not
CP he has to be better than Spergeon Wynn in the 6th...
RobRang You have to love the kid's intangibles and I tried, tried, tried to view him in positive terms at the Shrine Game, but it is impossible. He just isn't an NFL quarterback.
howldawg Rob what pick does the A level talent end in this draft and where does the second level end ? Also give us some insight on the Ohio State players
RobRang A level talent ends at about 8 - Rogers, Suggs, Palmer, Leftwich, Newman, Kennedy, Robertson, A. Johnson
RobRang Level B goes on for awhile.
RobRang This goes on through the mid 20s
RobRang The DTs really take up some space. People aren't recognizing just how rare and talented a group of DTs this is
RobRang Ok OSU players
RobRang Peterson is the stud. Easily a 1st rounder
RobRang Doss is overrated, IMO. I see him as a late 2nd or 3rd rounder. He'll make a ton of ESPN plays and people will bash me later for bashing him now, but he'll give up a lot of big plays too by free-lancing
RobRang Wilhelm is what he is. A solid middle linebacker with some speed and good physicality. Has really improved his tackling technique. 2nd day guy
howldawg personal opinion on any guys that may fall of good value
RobRang Nickey is a decent 2nd day safety. He wasn't as impressive at either the Shrine or Combine as I hoped he'd be
RobRang you have to be more specific than that - obviously the injured guys - guys like Billy McMullen, Troy Polamalu, etc
RobRang Actually one other player I wanted to mention as a value guy - quentin griffin. Watch this kid become a helluva pro
browns23 Rob what are the chances of Bennie Joppru becoming a Brown and where do you have him projected to go, also I heard the Browns talked to Victor Hobson at the Combine do you think he is the type of linebacker that could come in and play for Cleveland right away and make an impact?
RobRang If Cleveland is going to get another TE, I am under the opinion they should really go for it and take a Witten, Wrighster,or Robert Johnson. Joppru is a damn solid prospect, but not outstanding as a run blocker, or have the explosivness Wrightster provides
RobRang I'm a big Hobson fan. I DO believe he can walk into the NFL and contribute as a rookie
RobRang Whether in Cleveland or somewhere else.
browns23 after Weathersby who do you think is the next best corner
RobRang The next one that will get drafted is Woolfolk
browns23 ok in your opinion who is the best ""sleeper"" pick in the draft ?
browns23 thanks for your time Rob
RobRang Personally, I'm a big Rashean Mathis and Torrie Cox fan.
RobRang That was my fault, I'll answer browns23
browns23 that's ok that was my last ? let everyone else get a chance
RobRang Best sleeper pick? I'm still a big Quentin Griffin fan
DawgHowl Hey Rob, thanks for stopping by...what LBs and CBs are the browns targeting in the draft?
RobRang Obviously the big names at both positions - Pierce, Henderson, potentially guys like Hayes, Briggs, etc. Two OLB types I know they have scheduled private workouts with this week are Sam Williams and Nick Burley of Fresno State
RobRang As far as CB goes, the team, like myself, seems to be high on some of the smaller CBs with man to man skills like Torrie Cox, Ricky Manning Jr., and Rod Babers
DawgHowl also what are your thoughts on Eric Steinbach? can he play LT or will he be a Guard in the NFL?
RobRang Oh - one other private workout note. I know Cleveland today scheduled a private workout with Roy Attieh, a inside DT/NG plugger from Kent State...
RobRang Mid to late 2nd day guy probably
RobRang I absolutely believe his future is at LOT. Superb foot quickness for his size. A bit lean, and not the run blocker Cleveland says they want
DawgHowl okay thanks im done
ramllov Rob how do you rate the draft? Good players through the third or fourth round?
RobRang Yes, I feel this is one of the deeper drafts in years. It is fairly weak in terms of stars. In my opinion, there are only an elite 8 and of those 8, only a few will be instant game-changers...
ramllov How do you rate Butch Davis 2001 draft and 2002 draft after one and two seasons?
RobRang Suggs and Rogers are the only two for-sure guys, IMO
RobRang The 2002 draft is still fresh in my memory so I'll do that first. Help me out with some of the 2001 picks while I grade the 2002
ramllov Do you think the Browns will trade their Warren
ramllov Warren
ramllov Henry in the Fourth
CP 2001 1 1 3 3 Gerard Warren DT Florida 2 2 2 33 Quincy Morgan WR Kansas State 3 3 3 65 James Jackson RB Miami (FL) 4 4 2 97 Anthony Henry DB South Florida 5 5 3 134 Jeremiah Pharms LB Washington 6 6 2 165 Michael Jameson DB Texas A&M 7 7 3 203 Paul Zukauskas G Boston College 8 7 45 245 Andre King WR Miami (FL)
RobRang 2002 I liked. I was and still am a HUGE William Green fan. The club anticipated their potential problems at LB and took three solid players in Bentley, Davis, and Taylor
RobRang Obviously Warren and Morgan have flashed big time ability, but neither has been consistent enough to warrant their picks, at this point. You have to give these players another year before really ranking them, but the time is certainly now. In hindsight, Jackson and Pharms were certainly reaches. Henry has been the club's top pickup in the three years, I believe...
ramllov What would the Browns get if they traded their 21st pick. Say to Oakland or someone else what additional picks would they pick up? How many drafts are required to have a good team? Thanks I am done!
RobRang You mentioned Oakland, so I'll go there. If Oakland traded the last pick of the 1st (#32), the Browns could probably expect a 3rd and another mid pick from either this draft or the next. Because the top talent has already been picked, there really isn't that much difference between 21 and 32...
Guest24 Rob do you think there will be any trades on draft day for the browns?
RobRang As I just said for ramllov, the talent in the mid to late 1st and early 2nd is fairly close, so a trade down to acquire more picks is certainly possible
Guest24 Rob if you were a betting man who would be your 1st three round picks?
RobRang In my latest mock I had Cleveland taking...
RobRang Kenny Peterson (DE/DT), Jeff Faine (C/OG), and Bennie Joppru
RobRang TE
Guest24 Rob do you think any players will be traded?
RobRang But that was about a week ago, and things will change with the Pro Days/FA
RobRang do you mean do i think couch will get traded? lol
Guest24 lol no warren or couch or kj ?
RobRang No, I think the club will keep all unless they can position themselves for a star DE, OT, or CB
Guest24 thank you for your time Rob take care
RobRang whether a veteran (like the old McKinnie trade talks) or to move up for a Trufant, etc.
Guest24 thank you cp
RobRang thanks, you too
Guest233 eugene wilson?
Guest233 what do you think of him and will we take him?
RobRang He is a solid 2nd to 3rd round guy. He gets his hands on a lot of passes, but isn't the playmaker he should be for having so many PBUs. I'm a fan and do think he'll be a very solid pro, but there are several others I'm higher on. He certainly plays the same type of aggressive style Davis likes...
brownsfanforlife who is gonna start at LB next season?
RobRang I wouldn't be surprised if the club adds a veteran at one of the LB spots, but I'm a fan of both Davis and Bentley and feel that if the club allows Taylor a chance, he'll surprise, as well
RobRang That said, I'm expecting a vet. As I said earlier, Darling would be a nice pickup, and re-signing a player (Especially Holmes) might happen
brownsfanforlife do u think the browns will sign Jamir miller?
RobRang I think it is a very good possibility because teams will be so scared of the injury
brownsfanforlife What do u think of Boss Bailey?
RobRang Might be the best athlete, pound for pound in the draft. Isn't nearly as good of a LB as he is an athlete though. Misses some tackles and isn't as physical as most teams like. But he'll be a star WLB in a aggressive chase scheme
brownsfanforlife That's what i think and what happened to Brett Romberg? i thought he was gonna be a 1st rounder?
RobRang You have apparently been reading too much Kiper
RobRang Romberg, like probably all of the centers not named Faine or Al Johnson, will be 2nd day guys
T-Dog Hi Rob, what round do you think Drew Hanson will be drafted in (or does he go undrafted)?
RobRang I still think he goes undrafted. If the Yankees would let him out, he would likely be a 3rd round pick, or so, but from everything I'm hearing they're not going to. Let me once again make clear, however, what a Henson fan I was. He remains to this day, the best pro prospect at QB I've ever seen...
RobRang in terms of pure athleticism, arm strength, IQ, intangibles, everything
T-Dog Who helped themselves the most at the combine - Weathersby? Boller? Someone else? And finally, how serious are the character concerns about Onterrio Smith?
RobRang I could an hour on this one question.
RobRang Weathersby and Boller certainly. Certainly Chaun Thompson and Tyrone Calico. Certainly Jon Stinchcomb. But if I had to pick one name, it would probably be Justin Fargas
RobRang The character concerns with Smith are big because they have been so consistent over time
T-Dog Thanks Rob!
RobRang also, he might be more injured than he'd like to admit, he keeps pushing off his workouts
Guest149 what does the signings of peete and delhomme mean for the panthers draft? will they take a QB at all? if so, then who and when?
RobRang They might take one late, but nothing of significance now. I really like the idea of them taking an OT (this could be bye-bye to Harris) or definitely WR Johnson if he is still around...
Guest149 how do you think the panthers first day will look?
RobRang My latest mock had them taking...
RobRang Andre Johnson (WR), Musa Smith (RB), and Tony Pashos (OT)
Guest149 thanks for your input guys. greatly appreciated. good luck to the browns too
Hound09 Rob I would like your take on Foster, is he 1st round material and a value pick at 21, and out of all the LBS which fit Davis's scheme the best?
RobRang I'm not so sure Foster is 1st round material. He is getting some late 1st/early 2nd round preliminary grades from some teams, but I'm not as sold - certainly not as a step in LT.
Hound09 What about LBS
RobRang The Browns want a physical MLB, so players like EJ Henderson, Gerald Hayes, and Mario Haggan quickly come to mind.
Hound09 Are there any possible safeties in the draft and that is all thanks CP and Rob
RobRang They like OLBs than can rush the passer, but also turn and cover, so players like Hobson, Crowell, and Clemons seem to fit the bill. Big guys like Sam Williams, Nick Burley might be nice fits too...
RobRang what do you mean possible safeties? a safety possibility for Cleveland?
Hound09 yes
RobRang Sure
Hound09 possible picks for Cleveland
Hound09 thanks
RobRang This is a need, but I believe the club will only look for one in the mid rounds.
RobRang Robert Griffith is a better player than he showed last year
newdawg You said you like Andre Davis, our mlb. on his pro day he ran a 4.98 and a 5.02 forty, too slow for a lb. Why is it you like him?
RobRang I was very impressed with him at the Senior Bowl. He showed better physicality coming up to take on blockers than I had seen on film and was athletic in coverage
newdawg yes, but he is as slow as a truck.
newdawg davis's defense is supposed to rely on speed at lb.
CP I can't speak for Rob, but I was always under the impression that he was still making his way back from knee injuries
RobRang he was on his Pro Day, certainly. He didn't appear this way in person during the senior bowl
CP he played nickel LB some last year... if he was still running a 5.0, I doubt he could have done that
RobRang injuries obviously can rob anyone of their speed. If the club is looking for a speedier MLB type, prospects like Clifton Smith and Lance Briggs might be 3rd round considerations
newdawg Why, in your opinion has Courtney Brown under achieved so dramatically?
RobRang Injuries have some to do with it, but certainly can't explain it all. There really is no telling. Cleveland has adapted their scheme to help him. It is killing them...
newdawg he could if told to. i think they were trying to get him some experience.
newdawg is the scheme killing them, or browns' production?
newdawg or both?
RobRang Browns' production. Rather lack thereof...
newdawg I agree. thanks. that is all.
CP well, I guess people have decided its too late or they're too drunk or something
CP yeah, make sure to visit and check out Rob's draft info
RobRang Thanks fellas for having me. Sorry about being late.
CP want to plug your members section real quick Rob?
RobRang Basically, it is the members sections NFL teams have to pay for. And there are several teams that do...
Greg I have nothing to add other than anyone who listens to this Rang character needs their head examined... ;)
RobRang LOL
Guest80 hey, any long snappers in the draftr
RobRang None of the long snappers are worthing drafting. Tough break on Kuehl
Guest149 where do you see byron leftwich falling to?
RobRang Leftwich is one of the more intriguing guys. Everything depends on his workout, medical
Gridiron Rob, comments on Drayton Florence
RobRang Big Drayton florence fan. Very good athleticism, more sound than given credit for
Guest224 Rob - what is your football background?
RobRang Footbal background -
Guest224 Did you play football, have you worked with any of the pro teams?
RobRang played in HS. Coached HS, a teeny bit of college as a volunteer. Scouted for HS, college (teeny bit as a volunteer - .5 season)
RobRang started writing my opinion on players and was invited by the guys at to travel with them to the Senior Bowl..
Guest224 Is football evaluation your full time work?
RobRang No
Goochdawg Rob what are your thoughts on Woolfolk
RobRang Thoughts on Woolfolk - great athlete, super upside, is gonna get eaten alive as a rookie
Guest80 Rob, do you really think the browns would take another defensive lineman with their first pick considering all the gaps on the defense, i mean i know it is butch davis but still
RobRang I think the Browns are high on Peterson and will consider a DL if the top DEs, CBs, and OTs are gone
Guest149 Rob, where does kyle boller go in the draft, in your opinion
RobRang Boller mid to latter 1st round
Hound09 Rob on ? what is your opinion of Butch davis
RobRang Davis - solid coach with good schemes. Cap and disappointing high picks have really hurt him. He'll get blamed, but not really his fault
Guest267 What round will Shurron Pierson be drafted in?
RobRang Pierson could go as high as the 2nd.
Guest80 Rob, do you think the bengals have the balls to take a QB #1 again
RobRang I do think they have the balls to take a QB, but as I say in my mock at the site, I think they'll go with the surest instant contributor - Suggs
Mousey Did you say that the Browns would NOT be interested in Polamalu in round 2, Rob?
RobRang No, the Browns would be nuts not to be interested in Polamalu. Some teams are going to pass on him because of his ankle troubles this season and miss out
Mousey No chance of Campo seeing him as a poor poor mans' Roy Williams?
RobRang Mousey - Roy Williams is a destitute man's Charles Rogers.
* chuckwildcats hey rob what about lb from mars hills? what round? and good fit for browns?
RobRang Khalid Abdullah - the LB from Mars Hill is a v good athlete and a nice fit for the Browns, but his off-field troubles will keep him out of Cleveland
ramllov Rob the center for ND, how good of a guard will he be in the NFL?
RobRang I think Faine can be a damn solid OG immediately. This kid could be a great one. If there wasn't so much DT/QB talent, I'd call Faine a 1st round center and those are rare
Goochdawg Rob how good is Wayne Hunter from Hawaii, his #'s seem impressive
RobRang Wayne Hunter - super athleticism, great potential. Needs a LOT of work. Will likely be a OG early in his career.
RobRang I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Cincy or Houston trade out.
Guest224 Rob - what do you think of Qazim Mitchell
RobRang Mitchell has nice potential, but still has a long ways to go
ramllov Rob, can the Browns pick up a starting guard in the second or third round?
RobRang Yes, ramllov. I'm predicting that in my mock with Faine - who is a better C prospect because of his expeirence there, but could play OG well too
Guest267 What about Julian Battle. He looks to me like the drafts best safety, and could be a great corner too. What do you think Rob? Is he worth a 2nd rounder?
RobRang Battle absoliutely could be a top FS. I'm still not sold on his hips at CB, but the kid is supremely talented. would be a nice 2nd round FS
headcase Rob, in your first mock you had the panthers taking boller. do you see them taking andre because he is a better value and fit or have the panthers cooled on boller or taking a QB with their first pick?
RobRang I switched the Carolina pick based on the reports I was getting that they were going to sign Delhomme
Greg Rob- I gotta go salt my driveway in preparation for mucho snow/sleet/freezing rain overnight... Thanks for coming in.. great job and I'll talk to you later...
RobRang Thanks Greg - sorry for ignoring the private the last few minutes...
RobRang #3 is a bit high for Gross. but they might take him if forced. Johnson is an elite talent, but he isn't at a position as direly needed as OT
Goochdawg Rob, thoughts on Sammy Davis
RobRang Sammy Davis proved me wrong by running so well in Indy. He is moving up the board and might be a super pick in the mid 2nd
Guest267 How does Foster compare to the top three tackle prospects?
RobRang Raw, and lacks the football for the left side (Foster)
Guest224 Rob - who do you think is the best draft guru out there - beside yourself , of course.
RobRang it was buschbaum
Guest224 yeah - I loved his stuff
RobRang i'm not so sure anymore
Guest267 Who is the best Offensive lineman available when we pick in the second/ third?
RobRang ok, i have to running soon... 10 more questions staring with 267's OL
RobRang Faine likely
Guest80 any chance Doss falls all the way to our 2nd round pick
RobRang Quite possible that Doss is there. He will certainly be in the 2nd round - I currently have him going early in tne 2nd
Guest224 Mike Haynes - stud or dud?
RobRang Haynes stud, but only if surrounded by some talent. Super work ethic. Knows how to maximize ihs abiilty
Guest267 Thanks Rob, I wish you were running our front office. Peace
RobRang thanks for the kind, kind words
Guest224 Does Haynes have any CourtneyBrownitis? Thanks for the great chat session!!!!
RobRang No, Haynes is the anti-Brown - not as athletically gifted, but gives it his all 100%% of the time
Mousey Rob, how do you think Jerome McDougle will do at the next level? Will he still be able to pass rush as effectively?
RobRang I'm not a big McDougle fan. He will be able to rush the passer, but I'm not nearly as high on him as others seem to be
Mousey I don't think anyone's ever accused CB of not giving effort. Misplaced effort perhaps, but not total lack of effort.
RobRang No, I'msporry I didn't mean lack of effort on Brown's part,
RobRang He just doesn't live breath, and die football like Haynes and some of the others ion this game do
RobRang no.
Mousey Kelly Washington--is he at least Randy Moss on the field too?
RobRang Washington isn't the superior talent some like to make him out to be
Goochdawg could M Holland around in the 3rd & your thoughts about him starting right away
RobRang Late 1st to 2nd round and lacks the great seperation skills
Guest224 What do you think of Dallas what's his name - TE Iowa?
RobRang Dallas Clark?
Guest224 yeah
RobRang The same I do with Rien Long
RobRang Took advantage of being on a great team and posting great stats to jump early to the NFL
RobRang and will struggle there (both Clark and Long)
Guest224 Did you go to the combine?
RobRang No, didn't go to the Combine. They don't let media in and I'm a helluva lot better scout than networker. (Hell, I call GregG a friend, how personable can I be?!)
RobRang went to the senior bowl in the past, and to try something different i went to the shrine game this year
Guest224 Better to see the players in equipment in live action, instead of running in shorts.
RobRang that is my opinion, anyway
DawgHowl whats ur thoughts on Antwan Peek?
RobRang Peek undersized pass rusher, that probably makes it with a 3-4 team. Could be be the next Rosevelt Covin.
Gridiron Rob, LGs in this draft besides Holland
RobRang LGs - Holland, potentially Manuwai, some of the OTs like Stinchcomb and Jordan Black
Mousey Any comments on Calvin Pace?
RobRang Big Calvin Pace fan. I think he could be a nice 2nd round surprise
RobRang ok, thats about it. Thanks again fellas for everything. Feel free to come by the site or the message board anytime
DawgHowl cory Redding?
RobRang jeez - one last one - Redding. Similar to Brown. Great physical ability, but hasn't been able to put it all together consistently. Could be a monster if he ever does...

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