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Posted by: Don Delco
on Thursday, June 03, 2010 at 11:19:00 AM

Braylon boasting team-first attitude

Braylon Edwards is experiencing his first full season as a member of the New York Jets. Less than a year after the Browns sent the former first-round wide receiver to the Big Apple, it appears Edwards is relishing his new role.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Edwards "has been a stand out during the team's offseason workouts, expanding his receiving portfolio. Rex Ryan went so far as to call the sixth-year pro one of the two most impressive players during Organzied Team Activities."

Last March, Edwards signed a one-year, $6.1 million contract as a restricted free agent. At the Jets OTAs, he is not barking about wanting a new contract. He is not grumbling about learning how to play other wide receiver positions like in the slot or as a flaker, as opposed to the split end position he has played most of his career.

No, Edwards is putting the team first. He wants to do whatever he can to help the Jets win the Super Bowl.

"I'm having fun and I'm learning," Edwards told the Daily News. "It's more fun when you really understand what it's all about - and what this really is - which is a team game. Everybody has a role. Everybody has a part. Everybody contributes to a greater cause. Now, I'm 27. I'm more versed in football than when I was 22 as a rookie. I have a better appreciation now."?

Of course he does. Has he finally matured? Being 27 is a big difference than being 22. Did he simply need a change of scenery? Regardless, the current Braylon Edwards appears to not even remotely resemble the Braylon Edwards who played in Cleveland.

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Eric Mangini said there has been no movement with the RFAs but that RB Jerome Harrison is in the OTA.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 4:16:00 PM

Hey, you! Take a seat!

On June 12th, the Browns will have a "Select a Seat" event at Cleveland Browns Stadium. This is a good chance for folks to go pick out available seats for partial or full season ticket plans.

Almost all of you are guaranteed to get seats better than mine, although mine provide my family a free alcohol-free buzz due to oxygen deprivation. And the stair workout is good for everyone!

Frankly, though, I wouldn't suggest you dress like the folks in the commercial next week. Unless you really, really, really like sweating.

Here's the press release as well as a TV spot the team put together:


The Cleveland Browns will open the gates to Cleveland Browns Stadium on Saturday, June 12, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., for a unique Select-A-Seat event. Fans can personally select their seat for season tickets or partial season tickets for the 2010 season. The best available seats will be tagged for purchase. Ticket plans start at just $99 and flexible payment options are available. Admission and parking are free. Fans should enter through BrownsTown located on the north side of the Stadium and park in the North Port Authority lot. For more information contact (440) 824-3434 or www.ClevelandBrowns.com.


Posted by: Barry McBride
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 4:05:00 PM

Clear the Deck, the Media's Swarming In

As confident as everyone is in the Browns new braintrust, they are continuing a silly mistake made by other teams in the past. Apparently, due to a bizarre interest in things like selling season tickets, they're letting the media in again.

Yep, tomorrow and Monday are the two final OTA sessions open to the hounds of the fourth estate, and the OBR will be joining in on the fun per usual. We'll have our first report straight from Eric Mangini's press conference tomorrow morning starting before noon, then reports throughout the day.

After Monday's session, the team will hold the annual June mini-camp the following weekend, which will again be open to the media.

Following that, we've been given clearance to just make stuff up until training camp opens in late July.


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Posted by: Don Delco
on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 at 9:40:00 AM

Asante's ascension at safety

As June arrives, the NFL news slows to a crawl. After last week's OTA that was open to the media, the OBRs eyes and ears were all over the Berea facility.

The description of one player by various reporters stuck out to me. The OBR's Steve King and Fox Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson both had high marks for Nebraska safety Larry Asante.

According to King:

"Keep an eye on this kid. He played at Nebraska for head coach Bo Pelini, the former Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney HIgh School and Ohio State star defensive back, and one-time Browns public relations intern in 1993. So (Asante) got some excellent college coaching and is more ready for the pros than most rookie DBs."

According to Jackson:

"One of my favorites in this draft class (like Davis was last year), Asante slipped to the back end of the draft because he's an inch too short and a half-step too slow when timed (like Davis was last year). But he is a football player, he comes from a big-time program in Nebraska and one of college football's best-coached defenses, and to me he's as NFL ready as Joe Haden or T.J. Ward. He doesn't exactly have Ronnie Lott and Eric Turner in front of him on the depth chart, either, so he's one to watch this summer.?"

A few weeks ago, I contacted Brian Christopherson?, who is the Nebraska beat writer for the Lincoln Journal Star. I wanted to ask him his impressions of Asante during his time in Lincoln. What Christopherson told me were the same observations written by King and Jackson.

Asante ?was a JUCO transfer in 2007. That season, the Cornhuskers was ranked near the bottom in total defense. Bo Pelini arrived as the head coach in 2008. His coaching, along with his brother, Carl, really hit home with Asante.

"Larry's senior year was different that his first years here," Christopherson said. "He was getting gashed by his mental mistakes, but Larry cleaned up a lot of his play and those mental mistakes were gone by his last year."

Last season, Nebraska finished No. 1 in the nation in scoring and pass efficiency defense. Asante was a key reason why.

"Larry will go into Cleveland with every good knowledge on how to play the position," Christopherson? said. "He's way better than he was two years ago. He's a physical presence, the issue you want to find out is does he have the speed to play at the next level?"

Safety was a big need for the Browns this offseason. It appears Asante may be able to contribute in that group. What will be interesting to watch during August's preseason games is how Asante's speed (4.63 40) ?translates in an NFL game.

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Posted by: Barry McBride
on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 11:12:00 PM

Goodell to Other Northern Cities: Fuhgeddaboudit

With the NFL selecting New York City as the site for Super Bowl 48 (that's XLVIII to those preferring archaic number systems), a number of northern cities couldn't be blamed for perhaps getting their hopes up.

Well, don't. Get your hopes up, that is. There's no Super Bowl coming to Cleveland.

Just listen to Goodell drop the U-Bomb repeatedly when asked about other northern cities having a shot at the big game:

New York-New Jersey came in as a new bid with a new stadium with two franchises and I think there are some unique aspects to this and I think that appealed to our membership.

On the subject of more cold-weather Super Bowls:

I do believe that New York is a unique market. I think the membership recognizes that. It is the number-one market in our country and in many cases around the world. From that standpoint it will be a great experience for our fans and for the NFL.

Take that Chicago. And Green Bay. And Philadelphia. And Boston. And you, Cleveland, you most of all. You're not unique because being unique means, well, lots of people and money.

You see, you're all fine cities for the NFL's teams to play in for the locals, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, please remember that you're cold and not unique like New York with all of its wonderful yelling and orange-colored humans. Your cities and our Super Bowl, well.... ick.

Don't call the NFL. They'll call you. Kthxbye.

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Noon: Live OTA Video Chat: Join Fred Greetham, Mike Conley, and Zac Jackson as they talk OTAs. Click here! http://bit.ly/a4IcBT

Posted by: Don Delco
on Friday, May 28, 2010 at 11:10:00 AM

All eyes on Oakland

JaMarcus Russell may continue to haunt the NFL, its owners, players and fans. Earlier this month, Oakland released Russell with three years remaining on his rookie contract.

No one can argue the Raiders were smart to finally let him go. ?Debates continue to be held whether or not Russell is a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. Russell's career stats are putrid: In three seasons, Russell was 354-for-680 passing for 4,083 yards, 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions.

Now, a sticky situation has developed as the Raiders filed a grievance with the NFL seeking $9.5 million of the more than $36 million Russell has already been paid.

Team attorney had a simple statement: "We have filed a grievance against JaMarcus Russell and that's all we're going to say at this time."

Russell's agent, Eric Metz, has said the money in question was fully guaranteed.

If the Raiders can force an underperforming player to return what was originally? guaranteed money, this could land the league's players in some murky waters. Raiders coaches have criticized Russell's work ethic and numerous reports said Russell was routinely overweight during his time in Oakland.

Russell didn't live up to his No. 1 overall pick. The Raiders want their money back. Russell thought that money was guaranteed.

According to NFL.com's Jason La Canfora, one source dubbed the potential ruling in the case as "50/50," depending on the interpretation of some language in Russell's contract. Russell was paid salary advances for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons.?

No doubt the other 31 teams in the NFL will be paying close attention to those developments. In addition, this could cause even more problems with the league's labor issues, which will arrive to the forefront in the near future.

If Russell does have to pay back that money, Gerard Warren, please prepare to report to the white courtesy phone.

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Posted by: Barry McBride
on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 11:30:00 PM

NFL Replay to Feature Browns, Lions

The NFL Network is having a sort of marathon this weekend of "Top 10" lists. Top Ten Upsets, Top Ten Best Super Bowl Performances. And so on.

Which all well and good, except that I wouldn't expect the Browns to be in much of the top ten of anything good in the last couple of decades.

"Bad" top ten lists? Yeah, we're probably in those: Top Ten Most Embarrassing Ways to Lose (Dwayne Rudd, take a bow). Top Ten Most Wallop-Free Beer Bottles on the Field? Yep. Top Ten Most Overplayed Agonizing Moments? (Fumble, Drive, RR88). Sure. Top Ten Most Blatant Fan Backstabs? (Art Modell still #1).

But Top Ten of good things? It's probably going to be a Browns-free weekend.

One thing the NFL Network is doing, though, is replaying some of the games of 2009. You can see Brady Quinn's best game as a Brown on Sunday at 4PM as the NFL replays the Browns-Lions game from last season. In addition to Quinn's effort, the Lions game denotes the last game prior to the Browns turning around their season.

If you're willing to wade through all the Matt Stafford-love that will be part of the broadcast, as well as the strange decisions as the end of the game, it's probably worth watching for fans who are looking for a subtle signs that during the Browns darkest days, things were on the verge of getting better.

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 8:55:00 PM

Transcript: Eric Mangini Press Conference, 5/27

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 5-27-10

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody.  Today, what we are doing is, we are in our second round of installs, so today is our third down day.  What I like about this progression is you go through the first set, first and second down, third down, red zone and review.  Then you have your second set and you get the majority of your install is in place after this round.  What we are trying to do is give them all of the information.  It's not as much time as we would get necessarily during training camp, but it is a nice amount of time, a nice amount of reps and it's an introduction for a lot of guys who haven't been here with it.  The rookies, the free agents, this is their first exposure and chance to understand it.  Then you come back in mandatory mini-camp, you hit it at a faster pace, but it's the same information so that's their second round of hearing it. Ideally, some more sticks at that point and then you go into training camp and you start the process over again and hopefully what you are getting is a lot of review and you can start at a higher point.  But, there is some consistency with how they are given the offense and defense and special teams and how it's practiced.  That routine ideally will lead to greater retention.

"I think there have been some guys having a really good camp.  I thought so far Brian Robiskie has had an outstanding camp. He's showed up quite a bit.  I think the quarterbacks are doing a really nice job with what we are asking them to do.  Ben Watson has been doing a really nice job with the things that we are asking him to do.  Really there are a lot of guys that I have been happy with, especially when you consider that it is a new environment.  It is a lot of new material, but it has been fun to watch the progression as we go.  They guys that have been out, are still out.  Robaire (Smith) is not here, he had some things that he had to take care of and I talked to him.  Jerome (Harrison) is not here, he had some things that he had to take care of.  I talked to him, it's nothing that's related to his contract or anything like that.  I expect him to be back next week.  In terms of the restricted guys, there's really no update along those lines."

(On if Harrison has been at the facility)- "Yes, he was here.  At the start of this week, he came in.  He was here on the field.  He hasn't signed his tender, but there's another way they can do it.  I think it's a waiver.  You would have to talk to Matt (Thomas) and Tom (Heckert) about the exact document, but he is allowed to practice and participate and he had been the previous two days."

(On the improvement of Robiskie)- "I think it's a lot like quite a few of the younger guys.  It's not, ‘Where am I?  What am I doing?'  It's, ‘I remember this.  I remember the technique that I have to do.'  You can start to develop it more and you can start to play faster because you're not thinking and processing, so that helps.  He's running good routes and made some big plays pretty much every day.  David Veikune has gotten a lot of reps working inside.  I think he has looked better as well.  All of those guys have shown some really positive things early on.  We have a long way to go, but it is encouraging to see."

(On what he learned about Robiskie last year)- "Tony (Grossi) a lot of it is and I know you hear me say this all of the time, but there is no one formula for these guys.  You try a lot of different things to get them to contribute as quickly as possible.  We spend a lot of time with the rookies to help do that, but it just sometimes hits at different spots.  I know we were talking about the receiver from Jacksonville when we played them who had the first two years, with I think, 16 catches.  Then came back and had last season 70-plus catches.  So a couple years there, but it started to hit.  You don't know and I've seen it with a lot of players and pretty much every team I've been with.  You always try and get that magical combination of installs, meetings, the way to handle it and you work at it, but each person is a little different."

(On having to add a wide receiver)- "In terms of having to go out and get somebody, I think we are open to that.  What is nice is that these guys are getting a lot of reps, they are getting a lot of chances to work the system, not just in the classroom, but on the field and I think that helps.  We are open to all different positions if it came up and made sense, but it really would have to."

(On if there are any restricted free agents practicing besides Harrison)- "No, he's the only one."

(On if any of the injured players from last week will be practicing today)- "They're all on the same program.  Nobody's been added on right now.  I don't think we will see them through OTAs.  Don't anticipate it, but they are on their rehab program and it is set up with different milestones and things.  I don't anticipate them participating right now in that aspect.  They are doing all of the other things."

(On sticking with Veikune at inside linebacker)- "Yes, that's what we will do, have him focus in that area.  You forget how, and I have to keep reminding myself and the coaches, it's hard for those guys.  The young guys are going through what all of those guys went through last week.  I know when Shawn (Lauvao) was running his laps, I think you guys were there for that. Alex Mack was like, ‘Hey, I've been there.'  Hopefully, and what I look for from the group of second-year guys now is to help the new guys through the process.  To give them some things that they may have used to improve and they become teachers in their own right."

(On Veikune)- "With end conversions, you don't know necessarily where the best spot is going to be.  Sometimes those guys are better outside and that's where they naturally fit.  A guy like Marcus Bernard, it made sense.  Sometimes guys have the flexibility to do a couple different spots.  You're going through a trial and error to figure out, where is the best spot for him?  Where is the best spot for us?  You don't know right away because they have never done it.  There is a lot that you have to see and they have to experience to figure out where the best spot is."

(On the right side of the offensive line)- "George (Warhop) spends a lot of the time on the rotations, so we mix those guys.  Tony (Pashos) has played both spots, so has Floyd (Womack), so has John (St. Clair).  Shawn (Lauvao) has worked at guard primarily, so there have been a lot of different combinations over there.  That's what you'd want to do because whoever isn't the fifth is probably going to be the sixth.  You'd like to have the position flexibility with that group to where if one is a better guard than tackle, you plug him in at guard and the other guy moves to tackle, depending on how the injuries go or how you need them."

(On which spot Pashos is better at)- "They're all pretty confident guys, so they feel like they are pretty good at both.  He's played both, he has worked at both.  He probably has worked more at tackle than he has at guard historically, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't work at both."

(On if Lauvao has played any left guard yet)- "He hasn't to this point.  That's something that we will probably do in the next round. Really let him get his feet wet, let him hear the terms, let him work at a consistent spot. Then we will work him in some other spots and see how the retention goes, see how it transfers.  We wanted to give him a base first."

(On Sheldon Brown)- "Sheldon, he's a pro and that's probably the highest compliment I can pay a guy.  He's very mature in his approach, working diligently to get the information down.  He has been in one system for a long time, so he can associate things, but there is a lot of stuff that he needs to get down and it is really important for him to get it right.  I think as he continues to grow in the system and understand the system, he will work with the younger guys to help them get it right and I think he will provide some leadership in that room."

(On if he was surprised that Brown was available through trade)- "I don't know surprised.  Tom (Heckert) and his connections, he had a pretty good beat on what some possibilities were.  When we had the opportunity, we went with it."

(On how the rookie class is coming along)- "They're coming along like all of the rookie classes that I've been a part of.  Do you remember Steve Crosby back in the day?  He said, ‘Like a ball in tall grass: lost.'  There's a little bit of Lost going on.  We haven't seen that season finale here."

(On the importance of Brown's physical style of play)- "The criteria for evaluating any defensive back is, can they play man to man, can they play in the deep part of the field and can they tackle?  You want to have all three of those elements in order to bring somebody in.  Sometimes you hear cover corner and usually that's a nice thing in a lot of ways, but it also means run at him.  You want the complete corner that can do all of those things and Sheldon is a good tackler and a good run support player."

(On the idea of playing a Super Bowl in cold weather)- "I really like it.  I like it more if we are playing in it.  We are all going to be able to see how it goes in New York, but I think it's exciting.  You have the elements and elements play such a huge part in the regular season.  They play a huge part in the postseason, depending on where the game is located.  To mix that in, I think it's great."

(On if he thinks cold weather locations should be in the regular rotation of sites)- "It's a little above my pay grade, but I think it would be fun.  You add the component that you deal with all of the time into it and it can dramatically affect games."

(On expecting early results from rookies)- "I don't think you ever really can tell if a draft class works out for two to three years down the road or whether a player works out necessarily because it's not defined by one year, it's defined by a body work.  Believe me, I've coached a lot of guys that had to play right away that really shouldn't have played.  Sometimes that can be detrimental too because their confidence gets shot.  I don't think you can say it worked out or did not work out until you see the body of work over time and then you make your assessment."

(On how he tried to develop Robiskie last year)- "I wouldn't classify it as pushing or backing off, it's just helping.  How can you help the development?  That's really what you're trying to do as a coach and a coaching staff is, how can I help this player get better?  You can't approach each player the same way because they're radically different.  They respond to things differently, they retain information differently.  Ideally, you have a lot of different way to help them improve and you expose them to all those different ways.  They learn what helps them the most as well and tend to focus their energy in those areas.  But, it takes some time and some experience to get to that point."

(On Seneca Wallace)- "I think Seneca has had a really nice camp.  Obviously, he's learning a lot of new things.  It's a different style than Jake is, which is good because it puts some different pressures on the defense.  I don't think you could rule out the possibility of having them both play.  Seneca gives you some flexibility to do some things, just like Jake has certain things that they do.  If you can incorporate them both in a plan that makes sense, that works, then that could be a good thing.  Then you have a guy like Josh Cribbs, he presents different problems.  Now you put Josh Cribbs and Seneca in the game together, they can present different problems.  Ideally, it's easy for you, but hard for them.  That chews up a lot of preparation time for your opponent that they need to deal with it, you have to deal with it because it could come up and you better have good answers and you better have practiced it.  Ideally, it's part of your routine so that it doesn't chew up a lot of time from your perspective."

(On the additions in the defensive backfield)- "I think one thing that's really good is that you add competition and competition makes everybody better.  I think that's a good thing.  It gives you some flexibility with the type of packages that you can run.  How it will unfold though, I couldn't say definitively because I don't understand exactly what (Joe) Haden's strengths are going to be, what the weaknesses potentially could be.  Same thing with Sheldon, learning about him as a player.  T.J. Ward, Larry (Asante), seeing how their development works, strengths and weaknesses.  You have more information obviously than you had before because they are working with you now, but there are a lot of things that we have to see before I can give you any kind of definitive comment."

(On Harrison working out at the facility this week)- "I think it's good for everybody to be here.  Really, Mary Kay (Cabot), this is the second round of install and it helps the players when we go to camp.  It helps us when we go to camp because there are some new things, there are some different things.  When you come in and you're not overwhelmed by information or you're not thinking all the time, you're playing and you're acting.  It gives them the best chance to put a true picture of what they can do forward.  I think it's valuable for everybody to be here.  Jerome and I didn't talk about it very much.  I was happy he was here and I anticipate him being back next week."

(On Alex Mack's progress)- "I think that the experience that he got last year is fantastic.  To be able to start 16 games as a rookie is really hard to do, especially at that spot.  Center is often underrated in terms of how much information they have to process and how important they are to setting the whole protection, the front, the running game.  It's critical.  He did a good job with it and I think he got better as the year went on.  Now, what you're looking for is to avoid a sophomore slump, to build on the lessons of last season.  He's a lot more comfortable, it's just different.  They're all more comfortable now."

(On if Mack has ran any lap)- "I don't want to black cat him here, but he has not as of yet."

(On Mack's previous snapping issues)- "We'd snap it early or snap it late or we'd snap it right or we'd snap it left.  He was snapping it all over the place."

(On snapping being difficult)- "I think it's a lot harder than it looks.  You're a young kid and, ‘Here you go.'  It's tough.  Nick (Mangold) was the same way.  Nick also couldn't come until a lot later because of the graduation format, so that made it even harder on Nick as he missed a ton of time.  It's a good thing, he was finishing college, but it was tough for him."

(On if he has empathy for Mike Brown losing his job)- "I like Mike Brown and I sent him a text the other day.  I can relate to the things he is going through and it's difficult.  I really hope things work out for him and I really hope things work out for the Cavs as well.  I like Danny Ferry a lot and this sometimes happens.  You just want to see ideally everyone move forward in a positive way."

(On if there is more pressure to win a championship in Cleveland because of the title drought)- "Tougher to coach in this town?  It's a passionate town, it's a passionate town.  You get it though.  You understand and you appreciate it.  Believe me, you're consumed with trying to achieve what we all want to achieve.  It would be amazing, fantastic and deserved."

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 8:40:00 PM

Browns Player Quotes, 5/27

Joshua Cribbs

(On how things are for him)- "I am having fun. Seneca Wallace has been a great addition to the football team. We are having fun with the Wildcat. We are having fun with it and we are on the same page. We are going to fool defenses and give them a hard time to prepare for us for one week."

(On the offense this year)- "Our offense is more versatile then it has ever been. Solid at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, I feel like we are solid all the way around. We are having a great camp. You see the rookies, well now not rookies. (Brian) Robiskie is stepping up. That's one guy that surprised me and surprised a lot of guys with him stepping up and really coming into his own. Mohamed Massaquoi, these guys are really stepping up and it's looking good for this year."

James Davis

(On what his expectations are for playing time this season)- "Right now, I just want to work my way in.  I just did come off a season-ending injury.  I just want to work as hard as I can to just get my health back and then be able to compete at that point."

(On his solid play before his injury)- "I think that it gives me some confidence just going into the season that I'm able to see the speed of the game and I can adjust to it probably quicker than a lot of the rookies.  But, I still feel like a rookie, but I think I could probably adjust sense I was able to go through the preseason and play a couple games in the season, so I feel pretty good."

Joe Haden

(On if his goal is to be a starter this season)- "I just want to get on the field, nickel, corner, whatever it takes.  I'm doing special teams too, they got me doing a whole lot of that.   I'm just trying to get on the field and hopefully, definitely I would love to, but I'm just trying to get on the field and help the team."

(On if he has a high ceiling as a cornerback)- "It's still real high because I'm just learning a whole lot of new stuff that I never knew, just as far as being a corner and as far as getting my hands in and off the line.  This is my fourth year now playing cornerback.  Having Sheldon (Brown) here playing nine years in the league and Eric (Wright) just doing what he does, they're just giving me a whole lot more knowledge and coach (Jerome) Henderson is just telling me stuff.  I feel like I'm getting better every day."

Montario Hardesty

(On his impressions of the offense)- "I feel like we have a game plan specific offense.  I feel like it can change every game.  For me, it was just trying to learn the basic things, looking at protections and looking at it on real game film, looking at the runs and looking at them on real game film.  That's the basic thing I was doing."

(On on if he can handle of role of splitting carries or handling a full load)- "I've done both.  I have been in both situations and being a football player in college and now being a pro, you have to thrive on every opportunity that you get.  For me, I want to maximize every time I get the ball.  Whether it's three times in a game or 25 times in a game, I want to go out and maximize my opportunity when I'm on the field."

(On his comfort level early on)- "I feel comfortable on the football field.  For me, it's been fun getting out here, not only in just the rookie minicamp, but practicing with some of the vets that have been through the wars and seeing the speed change.  I've been having fun out here."

Alex Mack

(On having a full season of experience to use for this year)- "This year is a lot better.  Just having one year grasp of the offense really helps everything out.  I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it.  I'm not running tons of laps, which is always good.  I'm having a good time."

(On his comfort level)- "More comfortable definitely.  I definitely have a better grasp of the offense and it's kind of a second run through everything and just trying to get everything down pat.  It's a lot better for me, I'm a lot more comfortable."

(On if snapping the ball is easy)- "It's one of the tougher things you have to do because there is a guy right on top of you trying to hit you and you have to move your feet, move your hands and do everything quick.  It's pretty tough."

Mohamed Massaquoi

(On the passing game clicking early)- "We are coming out here with a lot of energy.  We really wanted to make sure we addressed the passing game this offseason.  Guys are really coming out here trying to get better every day."

(On what he is looking to improve on)- "Just being more consistent.  Just getting in and out of my routes cleaner, making sure I look the ball in before running it, eliminating the drops and just going out there and having fun day in and day out."

(On talk of bringing in another veteran receiver)- "We can only control what we are doing right now.  We are a tight group, we push each other, we keep each other high-spirited when things aren't going good and we are really out there for each other.  We are just trying to work and make sure we play the best football that we can."

Brian Robiskie

(On what is different for him this year)- "I don't think too much is different. I am just trying to work hard. I am trying to get better every day. I really just tried to come into this year and definitely build off the momentum we had going last year and do what I can to help us win games this year."

(On if he did any extra work this offseason)- "Not really. I really just tried to do a lot of what I have always done and that was just to go back and look at some of the things I felt I could work on from the previous season. To come and spent time with a lot of the receivers, guys like Mohamed (Massaquoi) and Chansi (Stuckey), guys who have been here day in and day out, so I've just been working with them trying to get better."

(On catching seven passes and if he reflected back on his season at all)- "I didn't get caught up into, ‘Oh I caught seven balls,' and the ups and downs of the season. I just looked at the progression I made. Like I said, we got started at the end of the season and I think a lot of us here were just looking to that, figuring out what were some of the things we did well and what we could do to carry it over into this season. I was just really focusing in on a lot of what I did last season and what I could do in this offseason and going into this year to help us win some more games."

(On what feedback he is getting from the coaches)- "Just to keep working. I think everybody is getting the same thing. It's the second week of OTAs. Guys are out here working hard. They have been stressing the same thing to us, day in day out be consistent, continue to work, continue to get better and if you get better, we get better as a team."


Posted on Twitter at: 3:42:00 PM
McCoy: Sidelines or under center?: What should the Browns do with rookie quarterback Colt McCoy? Should he stay on... http://bit.ly/abtpwx

Posted by: Don Delco
on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 2:04:00 PM

Cleveland's coaching fraternity

Steve King was at Berea Thursday morning for Eric Mangini's press conference. Later that day, the OTA was open to media members.

King had a lot of great tidbits from the press conference regarding players like Jerome Harrison, Brian Robiskie and Alex Mack. Go here to read King's piece.

As an aside, a few of King's paragraphs gave me pause, but caused me to smile.

According to King, Mangini said he sent Cavaliers coach Mike Brown a text message following the announcement the Cavs fired Brown. King wrote that the head coaches of the three major sports teams in Cleveland have always had been a fraternity. I never looked at it that way, but it makes sense.

All three men deal with similar trials and tribulations?. Passionate fan base. Prima donna athletes. Questionable decisions from the front office.

Maybe it is because my wife is excited for the release of Sex and the City 2 today, but after reading King's account the following scene popped into in my head:

Indians manager Manny Acta is joined at a swanky restaurant table along with Mangini and Brown, as the three dine at Lola's on a Friday night. It's a weekly ritual where the trio gathers to relate with one another regarding the problems and pressures that come with being a head coach in Cleveland.

Mangini, drinking a glass of red wine, "Fellas, my new bosses are so cool! All I have to do is coach the great game of football. I don't have to worry about all those pesky front office decisions. I can't wait for this season. It's going to be the winter of Eric!"

Acta, sipping on a glass of the finest dominican rum, "Sorry, guys, I'm distracted tonight. I still can't believe my bosses are making me trot Luis Valbuena out on the field. I've tried to crunch the numbers several different ways, but anyway I look at it he's STILL hitting .144."

Brown, with a shot of Jim Beam in his left hand and a bottle of PBR in his right, "I wish it was still the regular season. My team wins games then. Hang on, I gotta call the movers. Can you guys pick up the check tonight? I'm a little short."

Aaaaaand scene.

Posted on Twitter at: 12:39:00 PM
One pass got batted down while Seneca was in... Didn't get the defender's number.

Posted on Twitter at: 12:38:00 PM
Wallace ran the two minute drill, without great effectiveness. Defense is catching up.

Posted on Twitter at: 12:30:00 PM
delhomme get picked... By Haden I believe

Posted on Twitter at: 12:27:00 PM
Delhomme looks sharp, but just overthrew a WR deep. Moore struggling a bit today.

Posted on Twitter at: 12:08:00 PM
Mangini's Thursday morning presser: OBR reporter Steve King was at Eric Mangini's Thursday morning press conferenc... http://bit.ly/cY1xsE

Posted on Twitter at: 12:08:00 PM
Beautiful day here in Berea. Blasting noise via some huge speakers.

Posted on Twitter at: 10:50:00 AM
Eric Mangini relayed that Jerome Harrison was at the team's facility earlier this week

Posted on Twitter at: 10:08:00 AM
Browns OTA practice today in Berea from 11-1PM. We'll be there will full reports.

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RT @ftblsickness: Many sincere thanks to the boys @theOBR for this day brightener: http://tweetphoto.com/24129424 #Browns #NFL

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Scout Q&A: Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett: In this exclusive Q&A with Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, Scout.com's NFL... http://bit.ly/9m77W1

Posted on Twitter at: 9:45:00 PM
Browns Roster: John's 53: Rising to the challenge of compensating for Barry's 53, John Taylor offers his own... http://bit.ly/9ylEbf

Posted by: Don Delco
on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 12:04:00 PM

Ken Dorsey heading to CFL, eh?

Former Browns part-time quarterback and full-time clipboard holder Ken Dorsey is still playing professional football. Today, the Twitter account @NFLDraftBible is reporting the CFL's Toronto's Argonauts have signed Dorsey.

The Argonauts will have a quarterback battle on their hands between the 29-year-old Dorsey and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Cleo Lemon.

I ventured over to Argonauts.ca/news to see if there was a write-up on Dorsey. I didn't find anything and instead I got distracted on a video of the Argonauts cheerleaders at their annual photo shoot.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, Dorsey came to Cleveland in 2006. He appeared in one game in 2006 and one in 2007 and combined he attempted one pass. Then, in the debacle that was the 2008 season, season-ending injuries to Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson forced Dorsey to start three games.

The Browns lost those games to Tennessee, Philadelphia and Cincinnati by a combined score of 19-72. Dorsey was 43-for-91 passing for 370 yards, no touchdowns and seven interceptions. On Feb. 9, 2009, Dorsey was released by the Browns.

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(Subscriber) Inside the OTAs: Defense and Mangini: The OTAs are mostly closed to the media, but Lane's sources are... http://bit.ly/dgXu9k

Posted by: Don Delco
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 5:27:00 PM

Super Bowl shuffles off to NYC

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but the powers-that-be in the NFL marketing department couldn't let an opportunity like this pass them by.

Today, the NFL announced Super Bowl XLVIII (48) will be played in East Rutherford, N.J. Meanwhile at the NFL Shop, the Pro Line Men's Puff Jacket is on sale for $49.99, marked down from the original list price of $74.99.

It's a win-win!

In all seriousness, the NFL will be in a cold weather city for the first time. You'll hear the debates for and against this decision. As for the fans of the 32 teams, they would go to the ends of the earth to watch its team play in the big game, especially Browns fans. That's not a concern.

Yet the weather concerns are valid. Remember the Browns-Bills game played in 2007? The conditions were atrocious. Imagine if your team was involved in a Super Bowl with those types of weather conditions. It would be frustrating to watch, no?

As much as the NFL would like to, they cannot control Mother Nature. On Feb. 7, 2009, the date of last season's Super Bowl, the low temperature for East Rutherford, N.J. was 18 degrees and the high was 42. It did not snow. Regardless, the threat for a snow storm remains. If the league is going to abolish one rule and tradition (Super Bowls to be played in cold weather cities) why not take it a step further?

Schedule Super Bowl XLVIII to be played on Saturday.

Chances are there will not be two consecutive days of poor weather. Sure, it'll be cold, but if it snows on Sunday the game can be pushed back to Saturday or if snow is in the forecast for Sunday, you got it, the game can be played on Saturday.

That's a win-win. Now, to add the Reebok Knit Hat & Glove Set to my cart. It, too, is on sale for $19.97 down from $24.99. Cold weather Super Bowl here I come.

Posted by: Don Delco
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 8:12:00 AM

Gosselin: Why McCoy could struggle


Rick Gosselin, a writer for Dallas Morning News and Fox Sports Southwest, examined the four noteworthy quarterbacks from last month's NFL Draft.

We'll spare you his thoughts on Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow.

When it comes to the new Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, Gosselin thinks the Texas quarterback could struggle.


The sticky part is that Cleveland isn't the best place for a quarterback with McCoy's makeup to be playing his football. In addition to his lack of size (6-1, 216), McCoy was dinged by NFL talent evaluators during the draft process for his arm strength.

In Cleveland, McCoy's arm will have to fight some nasty weather conditions — cold, wind, snow and the heavy air that comes as fall turns into winter along Lake Erie.


Gosselin has a point about the late-season weather on the north coast. Now, this is where national writers swoop in and generalize. Browns fans remember the team's final five games of the 2009 season in which the offense rushed 203 times for 1,015 yards?. Four of those games were at Cleveland Browns Stadium, and quick math tells you the Browns averaged 40 carries a game during that span.

The Browns proved they committed to running the football, especially in those November and December home games. Regardless of arm strength, if a game is played in the weather conditions Gosselin describes — cold, wind, snow — it's highly unlikely (and stupid on the coaches part) that the Browns would be a pass-first offense.


Posted by: Fred Greetham
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 1:35:00 AM

Greetings From Los Cabos

Just letting everyone know that I haven't spotted any Browns getting trouble down here in Los Cabos, Mexico—yet! I'm at the One and Only Palmilla resort for some R & R before the start of minicamps et al. There is a guy named Billy Ray Cyrus here at the resort and my friend told me they talked to his daughter, someone named Miley.

Posted on Twitter at: 10:25:00 PM
Browns Roster: Barry's 53: It's the webdork's turn, as Barry tries to predict the Browns regular season roster. http://bit.ly/9oCxkV

Posted on Twitter at: 9:20:00 PM
(Subscriber) About the Quarterbacks: Jake Delhomme: For ten years, from Tim Couch to Brady Quinn, the Browns have ... http://bit.ly/bVXJL3

Posted by: Don Delco
on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 4:42:00 PM

Speaking of wide outs

At NFL.com, video of Fran Charles and Mushin Muhammad interviewing Steve Smith is available. Browns fans may wonder if Fran and Mushin would ask for Smith's thoughts on former Panthers quarterback and current Browns signal caller, Jake Delhomme?

Well, sort of.

Charles asked Smith, "With Jake Delhomme gone, how is that going to affect the offense?"

Smith's answer:

Honestly, I think it's going to affect the offense early when training camp starts and when the OTAs start. You're not going to have the guy whose been there for the last seven years, but that is the nature of business. Things need to progress and move along. It's nothing to take away from Jake or take away from the guy coming in. I think transitions happen in any business, so I think, overall, hopefully time will tell the transition will be prosperous and even better.

The entire seven-minute interview is here.

Neither Delhomme's tenure with Panthers nor his departure was addressed. Smith was wearing a San Francisco Giants hat. I wonder if the fans in Carolina are in an uproar Smith wasn't rocking a Charlotte Knights lid?

See, you can't even avoid a LeBron reference at The OBR these days.

Posted by: Don Delco
on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 4:14:00 PM

Wary on the wide outs?

Earlier today, The OBR's Fred Greetham assembled at what he thinks will be the Browns' 53-man roster in 2010. After a quick glance it appears there is a noticeable talent upgrade across the board.

That is, until you arrive at the wide receivers.

Greetham has the Browns receiving corps as Mohamed Massaquoi, Brian Robiskie, Chansi Stuckey, Josh Cribbs and Carlton Mitchell. That quintet doesn't provoke much excitement, eh? Imagine how Jake Delhomme feels. Now, Greetham added, "the Browns will probably bring in a veteran before camp."

Regardless, don't expect Paul Warfield to be walking through the doors at the Berea complex anytime soon.

Among the group, Stuckey has logged the most NFL time at wide receiver. Cribbs has been a little shaky at wide out and Mitchell is an unproven commodity. That brings us to Massaquoi and Robiskie. Those two will forever be linked as part of the Browns' head-scratching second-round at the 2009 NFL Draft.

Massaqoui's rookie season was solid: 34 catches for 624 yards and three touchdowns. Not bad considering the type offense the Browns displayed at times last season.

Meanwhile, Robiskie caught seven balls for 106 yards and no touchdowns. For someone "polished and ready" for the NFL game, it was sorely disappointing.

Yet for a handful of wide outs, year two has proven to be a turning point in recent seasons.

Detroit's Calvin Johnson went from 48 catches for 756 yards and four touchdowns in his rookie season of 2007 to 78 catches for 1,331 and 12 touchdowns in year two.

Denver's Brandon Marshall caught 20 balls for 309 yards and two touchdowns in his rookie season of 2006 only to improve a year later with 102 catches for 1,325 yards and seven touchdowns.

Last season, DeSean Jackson became a Pro Bowl player in only his second season. In 2008, he caught 62 balls for 912 yards and two scores, and last season although he added only one more catch, he had 1,167 yards and nine touchdowns.

Finally, Delhomme's former teammate, Steve Smith, had a very Robiskie-esque (say that five times fast) rookie season. In 2001, Smith caught 10 balls for 154 yards and did not score a touchdown. A year later, Smith had 54 receptions for 872 yards and three touchdowns.

Sure, the production of the Browns second-round selections were frustrating in 2009, but there was a reason those players were selected. Their potential remains.

A year later, it is highly unlikely Massaquoi and Robiskie will equal the output of a Johnson, Marshall, Jackson or Smith in their second seasons. Yet another year in this league can only do wonders to foster that potential and, in turn, provide the Browns with a legitimate receiving corps.

Somewhere, Jake Delhomme nods his head in hope of a marked improvement, too.

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He'll n o doubt shoot straight from the hip RT @bblande: @TheOBR Shaun Rogers is apparently on Twitter now

Posted on Twitter at: 1:40:00 PM
NFL Transaction Wire Blog (5/24-5/30): NFL teams are continuing to add depth to various positions from both sides ... http://bit.ly/aueb90

Posted on Twitter at: 1:10:00 PM
Don Delco Joins the OBR: The OBR team adds NoLogoNeeded.com's Don Delco to the gang as we prep for the 2010 season... http://bit.ly/cQlwz7

Posted on Twitter at: 12:38:00 PM
Browns Roster: Fred's 53: Boldly placing a stake in the ground, Fred predicts who will be left when the regular se... http://bit.ly/9vZBP1

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(Subscriber) OBR Daily Blog Archive: 4/27-5/18/2010: Putting our lil' blogs on permanent display like a stuffed mo... http://bit.ly/9vl7pK

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Wallace: This is not the WCO: Hot News for QB Seneca Wallace http://bit.ly/9lIZ8J

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Pittsburgh Steelers: Top 10 Prospects: Scout.com's Chris Steuber continues the top 10 prospects series and closes ... http://bit.ly/90z8wB

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Oh my, yes. Absolutely. RT @RS1071: @TheOBR: What a dork!!

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We've added a technology forum, since I know I'm not the only geek on the forums. It's called Nerdworld 3000... drop by! http://ow.ly/1OACg

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(Subscriber) WWBT: Rookies and the \"Wright Brown\": What the team tells the media about their new players is alwa... http://bit.ly/bYNrbp

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Ouch. Just... ouch. RT @GregKozarik: Brandon Phillips goes yard against Kerry Wood, #Indians now down 7-4 in the ninth

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Thanks for the #FF Part 2! @wdelpilar @OnlyInCLE

Posted on Twitter at: 6:35:00 PM
Thanks for the #FF Part 2! @wdelpilar @OnlyInCLE

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With some help from the Browns, we think we've got all the roster numbers now. There are some repeats in the list of 93: http://ow.ly/1Oo8E

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Right back at ya! #FF @hblake13 @JeffHaseley @halftimehuddle @Fantasytaz @brownsfan162452 @Glaw30 @Angus_413

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Right back at ya! #FF @hblake13 @JeffHaseley @halftimehuddle @Fantasytaz @brownsfan162452 @Glaw30 @Angus_413

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All Eyes on Delhomme: Can new Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme turn back the clock to 2007? http://bit.ly/bzXNlM

Posted by: OBR Newswire
on Friday, May 21, 2010 at 8:00:00 AM

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire

These are links from the OBR Newswire for May 21st from 07:36 to 07:40:

Posted on Twitter at: 1:02:00 AM
What They're Saying...: From Fred Greetham's notebook - some quotes following yesterday's practice. http://bit.ly/bsBUT4

Posted on Twitter at: 3:47:00 PM
Cleveland Browns: Top 10 Prospects: Scout.com's Chris Steuber continues the top 10 prospects series and profiles t... http://bit.ly/903rOD

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The Leader the Browns Need?: Fox Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson looks at what Jake Delhomme may mean to the Cleveland B... http://bit.ly/bUYswH

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Best tweet ever? I think so. --> "My sub to @TheOBR is about to renew. It is a good time to remind everyone to subscribe!" /via @WFNYCraig

Posted on Twitter at: 12:17:00 PM
Now that Seesmic and Tweetdeck have integrated Google Buzz, should we add that to the OBR social media arsenal? Hmmm.... I do love stuff.

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(Subscriber) Taylor: D'OTA Buzz: Did you find this week's RFA news surprising? At all? If so, you're obviously Tay... http://bit.ly/cWbAVl

Posted by: Barry McBride
on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 5:02:00 PM

Browns Player Quotes, 5/19/10

Sheldon Brown

(On if he will mentor all of the young defensive backs)- "Yes, that's what's going on, but they're willing to learn. They're willing to listen and they have been great thus far.  They have been flying around, that's what's important."

(On how much he welcomed the trade to Cleveland)- "A lot.  Tom (Heckert) was a guy that was obviously a part of the draft back in '02 when I was there.  He believed in my ability, I believe in him and I was happy to come."

(On rarely missing a game during his career)- "I think that sometimes it's mind over matter.  You don't want to let your teammates down and you don't want to put another guy in a position if you don't think he is prepared. Sometimes, you just force yourself to go out there and play.  I have been very blessed to have been able to finish seasons."

(On being one of the new guys)- "Feels like a rookie.  You put in a lot of different terminology, a lot different from the terminology I had in Philadelphia.  I'm in the playbook a lot and it's tough.  It's tough."

(On how to make progress when not practicing in full pads)- "For me right now, it's just mental.  If you follow my football game, I'm more of a shoulder pad guy.  My game is built off of more being physical and tackling and doing that stuff.  Right now, I'm just trying to get the mental aspect down."

Jake Delhomme

(On his expectations as a Cleveland Brown)- "Hopefully to be a really good contributor to the Browns.  I mean look, I just want to be a part of helping turn this thing around.  I'm 35 years old, I'm going into my 14th NFL season. I play this game for one reason and one reason only, to win.  That's what this game is about.  There's something about walking into a locker room after a game, when it's just those 10 minutes when it's just the coaches and the players, there's nothing greater. There's nothing greater than seeing a mission accomplished from the work you put in and that's why I play this game.  It could have been very easy to walk away and go home, or go hold a clip board some other place, but I wanted a chance to compete. I'm going to be given a chance to compete, that's all I ask and I just want to help this team win."

(On being back on the field after last season)- "For me it's like a fresh start.  You know I loved every minute I had in Carolina, well I shouldn't say that, I loved six of the seven years I had in Carolina.  I'll be perfectly honest with you, everything was great, last season just wasn't a lot of fun.  I think when you change to a new team you do get a fresh start or you have a new coaching staff at a place that's like a new beginning.  To come here, if you were to ask me that last year before the start of last season, I would have said absolutely not.  I wanted to stay in Carolina and finish, but to be here it's very refreshing.  I've been here since March 15, since our first day and its very refreshing."

(On if he feels the ball should never hit the ground during OTAs)- "Well yeah, as a quarterback you always strive for that perfect practice, perfect game but they get paid too on the other side.  They should make plays too.  You know I think for all of us out here a lot of guys, this is the first time this week that I've thrown with any of these guys.  I'm running a new system, somewhat similar to what I've run before, but it's a new language.  I think we can all gather from my accent that I might have an extra battle on my hands."

(On what he means by it being refreshing to come here to Cleveland)- "I think it's just something new for me.  Things might have gotten stale for me and it just for whatever reason it is just refreshing.  It's like you get new life injected into you.  Meeting new guys, look were overgrown kids, we play football. That's what we do, I'm lucky enough to be playing it for a while.  It's just fun, I don't know any other way to put it, it's a lot of fun.  I enjoy meeting new guys from different places and you learn a lot about them as a person and you learn to play with them and you kind of learn what makes them tick, hopefully you can use that at some point during the season."

(On his first impressions of the Browns receivers)- "They're very smart, they know what they're doing and they work hard.  You know it's still very early, I don't know any other way to put it.  I'm a lot more worried about what I'm doing out there than what they're doing right now.  You're getting your feet wet, but if you tell them to run through that wall, they will do it.  They do things the right way, they're coached the right way, and it's so far so good, very impressive."

Scott Fujita

(On what a big change coming to Cleveland is)- "It's a huge change, but it is a change that my family is embracing.  We love to explore new areas of the country and for us, that's a part of it.  It's not just playing football on Sundays, it's getting to know the country well.  We know that there is a great fan base here, we've always heard a lot about it, so we are excited about that."

(On if he has gotten to know guys on the team)- "I've gotten to know some of the older guys very well just being here and workouts with them every single day.  I talk all along about having good guys who like to work and that has been kind of my M.O. throughout my career.  One thing that I learned down in New Orleans is that you bring in good people and that's how you win.  I've found that here."

(On his role on defense)- "It remains to be seen.  We have a lot of linebackers right now who can play a lot of different positions and I think that's one of our strengths.  I think a lot of us have a lot of versatility and that's going to be one of the big strengths of this defense."

(On Jake Delhomme)- "He's great.  I've known Jake for a long time, I have nothing but respect for him.  I think I've played him eight or nine times and I've lost to him almost every single time, so I like having him on my side.  I've played with some great quarterbacks, but Jake is a great guy, great in the locker room and he's also a heck of a competitor.  I'm glad to be playing with him now."

Joe Thomas

(On if they can build off of the four-game winning streak they had at the end of last season)- "I think that you certainly build off of what we did at the end of the season.  We proved that we have got some guys on this team that can play football. We can win some games and with the right extra pieces that we got coming in this year, we can be pretty dangerous."

(On the improvements on offense)- "I think we've done a number of things in the offseason to improve our weaknesses.  We have gotten some key players at the skill positions on offense to improve our passing game.  I think our running game is going to improve.  We have got a couple young running backs in and we have got a guy coming back in Jerome Harrison who's a very good player, who showed it at the end of last year.  So, I think there are a lot of reasons to be positive and optimistic."

Seneca Wallace

(On how it has been so far as a Cleveland Brown)- "It's been good.  You know the first couple days getting out here on the grass, it was good.  It's a learning process for me as well as everybody else that came in.  It's a lot different then what I am used to, and you have got to get in and get your feet wet and learn as you go."

(On how he thinks the whole quarterback situation will turn out)- "We don't know, you know, I am here to work and to try to help this team out in any way that I can, so that's what I'm doing."

(On his thoughts about the offense and what he has seen so far)- "The offense seems good. It's different.  Obviously, it's not the west coast offense and I have to get used to some things, the terminology and the things we do offensively so it's a learning process.  Every time we get on the field that what we'll do."

(On if he feels that he will get a fair chance to play)- "Yeah, you know you'll get a fair shot.  That's all you can ask for, in this business getting a fair opportunity to go out and play."

(On his mindset)- "My first thing is to come here and compete to be the quarterback. That's what I want to do. I have to keep learning, keep getting better. If they ask me to do other things, go on the field and play Wildcat or whatever it is, I am always open minded to that. Everybody here, they want to be on the field and be able to contribute in any way."

Ben Watson

(On if he will be relied on to be a receiving tight end)- "Coming into it, you just come and do whatever you can do for the team, honestly.  You have got some great coaches here, you have got some great players that have been here already.  Right now, my job is simply to learn what to do, to practice hard and contribute when that time comes."

(On Delhomme taking leadership of the offense)- "As a quarterback, that kind of comes with the job, taking the leadership position. That's what a quarterback does, that's what a quarterback is.  He's been no stranger to being the leader of an offense because he's been a quarterback for some time."

(On the offense having a lot of success on the first day of OTAs)- "Sometimes it goes back and forth.  We are going to make sure when we have a great day, we are going to let the defense know about it because there are going to be plenty of days where they have a great day and they are definitely going to let us know about it.  I think that's the fun part about competing and being in camp with each other, having a chance to go out there against guys you see in the locker room.  But, the next day we practice, it could be totally different."


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Transcript: Eric Mangini Press Conference

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody.  Welcome back.  We're going into our third day here and today what we are covering is the red area installation.  Like we do with training camp and mandatory minicamp we try to follow the same installation schedule as the season to get the guys used to learning that way, and for me, the OTA's and the mandatory minicamp, this time period is nice because you get to see everybody together.  We had the rookies during the rookie minicamp.  That was good, it gave them a jump on the information.  Now everybody's working together so we have the rookies, the new free agents, the guys that were here and getting them used to, not just the install, but how we practice, how we meet, the operation and it's easy to forget how much information is really flowing to these guys right now.  A lot of them, I'm sure are swimming, but it's good because we'll have a nice foundation leading into mandatory minicamp and ideally that carries over to the start of training camp. It also gives us a chance to explore some other things that we may want to look at.  It could be new defenses or new plays, whatever the case may be, new combinations of people.  It allows you the opportunity to experiment a little bit with some ideas that you think you might like going into the season, you just haven't seen it in practice, and this is typically what you do at this point of the year."

(On his schedule for developing a starting quarterback)- "I don't think there's any specific schedule on that. Right now Jake (Delhomme) and Seneca (Wallace) are getting the bulk of the reps with Colt (McCoy) and Brett (Ratliff) getting more of the three and four type reps and we're getting a good look at Jake and Seneca and they are able to, like I said, learn the system and work with our guys."

(On Delhomme's participation in the offseason conditioning program)- "Yes, he's been here through the conditioning program.  We've had really good attendance at the offseason workouts, which is good to see.  Ideally, you get to a point where you have 100 percent participation.  We're up in our terms of our numbers from last year which is great and Jake and all of the quarterbacks have the offensive guys in the indoor facility on their own working on plays and installs and things like that. That was really positive.  I think the things that we had heard about his leadership and in our research have definitely shown up since he's been here.  Taking the initiative to get those periods going and his relationships with the other players and he's learning a lot of new things as well.  He's spent a lot of time working on that and trying to get as comfortable with the offense as he possibly can."

(On if Delhomme looked healthy)- "Yes."

(On how different the offensive system will be this year)- "As I said, with this time of year there are things that we do try and will work on them in training camp as well, if we like them coming out of the OTA's and minicamp, carry those things in through training camp, into the preseason games and it's constantly evolving.  In all three phases it evolves.  There's been an influx of ideas between the new people of the organization.  There's been an influx of ideas between with offseason studies and things that we liked from other teams that they did.  Some of it based on new opponents that we haven't played that we think might work against them. Now it's a function of trying to figure out where does it fit, how much of a priority do we want to place on these things and I can tell you I've been through a lot of these OTA's where you work on stuff and it just doesn't look quite look the way you want it to and then the flipside you get two or three really good things that end up being a bigger part of your system then maybe you first envisioned when you started."

(On if he had had contact with the restricted free agents)- "Yes, I've talked to almost all of the guys at different points whether it be when they were in the building, or by phone, by text, some type of conversation. You want them all to be here, its voluntary right now, and they have to make the decisions that they have to make.  The thing that it does do for the guys that are here is it creates extra reps for them which is positive because we do have quite a few guys at positions.  Whether it be Montario (Hardesty) getting some more reps or Chris Jennings or James Davis, Peyton Hillis, there's more reps at the running back spot for those guys to learn and to show what they can do.  Same thing at the linebacker spot, the safety spot.  You want everyone here because there is really important learning going on and trying to build cohesiveness, things like that, but in their absence it does create a window for other guys to gain some extra reps, which is positive for them."

(On if he has a sense of relief that he doesn't have to deal with front office tasks)- "Yes, I think that the thing that I've been really focusing on is just the whole big picture on the football side which is really nice. I think Tom (Heckert) is doing a great job and obviously having Mike (Holmgren) and Matt (Thomas), who is responsible for salary cap and things like that.  I think we're all working well together and has freed up some more time to do some things that are just coaching related, which is positive."

(On if Phil Dawson's absence is strictly related to his contract)- "You know he wasn't here last year either and I know Tom (Heckert) talked about it the other day, the contract related things. I'll let Tom continue to talk about that.  We're continuing to move on with our special teams install and there's really no new update from what Tom said the other day."

(On assessing Dawson's year in 2009)- "I think Phil does a really good job, and he does a really good job in a tough environment to kick, because it is so unpredictable week in and week out.  You get the dramatic shifts in whether it be temperature, precipitation, whatever it is. He's done a nice job and not just last year for me, but over the course of his career.  I like him a lot."

(On Shaun Suisham competing for the kicker position)- "I think we have to get to 80 by the time training camp starts and as each restricted guy signs or each rookie signs a contract then you have to release somebody so how that final configuration, the 80, will turn out I'm not sure.  We have Reggie Hodges who also punted for us last year. He's still here, so that's four guys.  Whether or not we will keep all four, I'm not sure.  What is nice for each one of those guys is they do have an opportunity now to punt and kick during this block and make cases for themselves."

(On campaigning to keep Matt Roth on the roster)- "Matt's a restricted guy, so everybody falls under the rules of being a restricted guy.  I can tell you that I enjoyed coaching him last season.  He's tough, he's tough as nails.  He's able to set a great edge and I liked the fact that we were able to get him and the things that he did once he got here.  We got him, I forget whether it was Wednesday or Thursday, and he went in and got a sack right off the bat.  He caused problems for us when I was coaching against him in New York, so I really like Matt."

(On if he learned anything from Delhomme's last season with Carolina)- "Tony (Grossi), we haven't dwelled a lot on those reasons because with each team, it's so different in terms of what they're being asked to do, the expectations, where they are in relationship to that locker room and I've had a really good time getting to know Jake.  My Jake is really happy we have a Jake, he's pretty fired up.  Julie was actually pregnant with my Jake, not the other Jake, during the Carolina Super Bowl, so he is fired up.  We really haven't dwelled on those things and figuring out the why. It's more figuring out how we are going to proceed here to make sure that we can maximize it.  Ideally with any situation, you learn from the mistakes, you learn from the positives and you grow and move forward the next year."

(On if Shaun Rogers will be practicing)- "He's here.  He's not going to practice today.  He's continuing along his rehab.  We have a few guys that are like that, that are just on the path of rehab that we have set up over time.  We have timetables and things like that.  He will not be participating today."

(On who else will not be practicing)- "Evan Moore is sick.  He won't be out there today, but there is nothing really wrong physically with him.  The other guys that were injured toward the end of the season (Eric) Barton and (Dave) Zastudil, C.J. (Mosley).  Those guys are not [practicing]."

(On having Mike Holmgren as a resource knowing he too has been a head coach before)- "I think it makes it easier because you go in and you talk the same language and even though you didn't share the experiences on the same team, a lot of times there's carry over between the type of experiences you have.  Often times, there's no one to talk to about that.  You hear different head coaches talking about it before you come a head coach about being in that seat and the perspective that you have to have and you don't always get it, but you get it once it's flipped over.  I imagine it's kind of like being a parent.  Where my mom and dad used to do stuff, I'm thinking ‘What are they doing?'  Probably like my kids feel right now, but you get it more when you're in that spot.  I appreciate a lot of the stuff that the head coaches I've been under did a lot more now than I ever did then.  It's nice to walk down the hall and talk to someone like Mike.  He gets it."

(On Carlton Mitchell's progress)- "I think that he didn't have a lot of opportunities during rookie camp.  He got a little dinged up early and he's getting some more opportunities now.  What's unfortunate about not getting as many opportunities during rookie camp is the learning has increased through these past two days and today, much more so than it was when it was just all of the rookies together, so it has actually sped up some.  He has done a good job with the information and kind of looks like the rest of the rookies.  They have done some good things and then some things you just know they are thinking and swimming and trying to hang on."

(On Scott Fujita fitting in)- "He's fitting in well.  He's been part of the offseason program.  All of the guys we signed have been part of the offseason program, which is good because it gave them a chance to get to know the players before we got on the field and let them get to know them as well.  He's done a good job over the last couple days.  He's a smart guy, so he picks up the information quickly.  We've thrust a lot of those guys in quickly to expose them to as much as we possibly can and he's done well."

(On wanting continuity at the quarterback position)- "You always want to have as much continuity as you possibly can and on the flip side, you always want to make the best decision that you can.  Sometimes the two go hand in hand and sometimes they don't.  I think with any receiver, the most important thing they can do for any quarterback is get open and catch the ball.  That helps significantly.  In a perfect world, you'd want that, but you're also trying to make the best decision as you go."

(On how Sheldon Brown will fit in)- "He's another guy that in talking about him prior to him coming here, I heard really good things about his practice habits and his ability in the classroom.  I was familiar with him as a player just in playing the Eagles over time and I like the things that he did there as well.  The tough thing for free agents is they have to get used to a lot of new stuff.  Even though they are veterans, there are a lot of things that they want to learn.  They usually do a better job picking up the information because they have something to draw on, something to relate it to.  I think Sheldon is picking up the information well.  He has worked prior to OTAs with Jerome (Henderson) to get the information.  He will come up after meetings and try and get some more time learning the information, so it's really important to him, which is great to see.  I think all of those guys will benefit from another veteran player in there who can not only help them with technique, but to help them with being a pro."

(On if he talked to Shaun Rogers after his legal incident)- "We have talked.  With that incident, I don't have any new information on it or anything to add to it, but Shaun and I have talked about it."

(On if the incident changed his opinion of Rogers)- "No.  I think people make mistakes and the important thing is to learn from mistakes and grow from them."

(On if he is expecting a resolution soon from the Commissioner on the incident)- "Whenever they are ready is fine with me."

(On the young receiving corps)- "I think that's something that we continue to look at and really, we continue to look at all these different spots.  We brought in Alex Smith recently at tight end and that was something that we had talked about and investigated to see whether it was something we could get done and we did.  It's a work in progress and if we can add depth or improve the competition at any spot, we will.  Like I said, we are over the amount of people that we are allowed to have during training camp, so we will have to make some cuts as is."

(On one thing Delhomme has done that impressed him most)- "I don't think, Marla (Ridenour), it's been a function of one thing that he's done, it's more a function of a lot of things that he's done.  He's got great energy.  I don't like making comparisons, but I will.  He reminds me a little bit of (Brett) Favre that way, in terms of he enjoys practice, he enjoys being around the guys.  He is able to be serious and still keep things light, it is really important to him.  He has a good rapport with offensive guys, defensive guys and you just see it in their interaction in the weight room and all the different areas.  It's positive, it's really positive."

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He's great at filling empty drink glasses? RT @OfficialBrowns: Mangini on Delhomme: He's got a great repore w/ offensive and defensive guys.

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Shaun Suisham Video Cornucopia

The Browns yesterday made a surprising little move, dumping PK Leigh Tiffin less than 24 hours after announcing his signing (which was agreed to weeks ago) and inking PK Shaun Suisham. Here are some videos of Suisham in action from Youtube.

News report of the Suisham signing, with some short video:

Next up, a strange little fan video of Suisham "kicking a 110 yard field goal". Yes, computer effects were involved.

Next up, Suisham talks about scoring all the points in a Redskins victory over the St. Louis Rams.

And, finally, the kick that may have doomed him in DC, as he misses a short last-second field goal allowing the New Orleans Saints, then 12-0, to stay undefeated.

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