Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

It's that time of year again... we're taking free agency, draft, contracts, draft, trades, and draft in the Browns Uncensored chats. Here's the lightly edited and partially spell-checked transcript from last evening's chat.

Guest48 Hey Lane
Lane Hey guys.............
superfork2002 maybe we resign miller for a lot less than what we were pating him
superfork2002 hey lane
Lane Lets roll, busy night tonight
MrAnonymous Sure you are. :)
Guest48 Lane when is the next magizine coming out?
Lane April, before the draft
Guest48 Was one just issued and I did not get it yet or was there a long period between issues?
Lane Long period between issues, from the end of the playoffs until the draft
MrAnonymous Lane - any word on Andy McCollum?
Lane Only that both sides have expressed an interest, but McCollum is going to see what he can get from the market
superfork2002 lane are we going to resign miller or holmes
Lane Word is that they are talking with Miller.......more than talk though
MrAnonymous How much $$$$ more?
artbtz D'oh! Sorry I'm late...
MrAnonymous Drunk.
Guest78 BD & TC were just on TV - BD says everything is fine, the young guys have a real opportunity to step up, and the Browns are fortunate to have 2 outstanding qbs.
Guest48 What are the chances of Holmes and Little? hambrick?
Lane Holmes not good, Little 50-50, and Hambrick I do not know
superfork2002 Did hambrick get along with Campo in dallas I thought he left with hard feelings?
Lane The Hambrick issue was not Campo alone and supposedly they are past that.......wasn't as serious of an issue as many led it to be
MrAnonymous It was a 'Jerry' issue more than Campo.
Guest48 Holmes filled the need for one year, time to move on.;
Guest48 Can Hambrick play the MLB?
Lane Hambrick says he will play wherever he is needed, I don't believe that he is a MLB though
ICUcomp How are the Skins signing so many people were they that far under the cap
artbtz If you look at the Redskins signings you'll see a bunch of seven-year, five-year deals. It's called ""mortgaging the future"".
artbtz When those players need to be cut because they're too old or their contracts have been backloaded, cap acceleration will kill them.
Lane The Redskins are going to relive cap hell.........
MrAnonymous Snyder likes it there.
Guest48 Little thinks he is a starter, and I see him as a backup and nickel
Lane I don't dispute that on Little, but he has a knack of making things happen
Guest48 Does Campo like Hambrick?
Guest48 Hey Dave
MrAnonymous Hiya Dave.
DavidCarducci Hello. I'm trying to do this on my new laptop, so if I get kicked out, I will do my best to get back
Lane Hey Dave
Guest48 I read about the Redskins signing, over paid for Thomas the rest are just players
DavidCarducci Hi Lane. AB. Greg
Guest78 What do you think the Browns are going to do to clear money for J. Miller, a few fa's, and the draft picks?
Guest48 Philly, New York should not have to worry about those guys
artbtz Hi Dave!
DavidCarducci how is it going ab
artbtz Barely controlled chaos per usual. I love this time of year.
Guest48 I wonder how long the Browns will be in cap purgatory? 2004, 2005?
artbtz Good question 48, it depends on what desperate steps they make to get folks back this year.
artbtz Brown MUST renegotiate because his salary just keeps increasing over the next two years. Watch out for Warren and Greens escalators as well.
ICUcomp It just blows me away that we have no money to sign anyone it just 4 years
artbtz Plus, Northcutt may require big bucks after this year. In the words of Mike White ""It ain't over!""
DavidCarducci That's the problem with having so many early picks. Palmer said he was worried about this type of thing and that after year's one and two he'd feel a whole lot better picking in the 21-25 range
DavidCarducci Of course, he's not around for that
superfork2002 Does anyone know if CB and Warren are working out, has Warren lost weight?
Guest48 I wish the Browns had about 15 million for this cap
Guest48 I would almost be satisfied with a time for the young players to get a year of experience and have a clean cap for the future.
Guest78 Doesn't renegotiating just delay when you go further into cap hell?
MrAnonymous Hopefully they give him a pro-active contract, AB.
Guest48 BD knows he needs to have strong draft every year
MrAnonymous Wait... That makes NotCutt a 4 year player, right? So he'll be a UFA. Was Morgan signed for 3 years or 4?
superfork2002 speaking of the draft our we going to pick up multiple LBs this year?
DavidCarducci Good question. I'm sure there will be one on the first day.
Guest78 Does anybody have more dead money in their cap this year than the Browns?
artbtz Back to Morgan... he has a six-year deal.
Greg 6 years, but voidable, AB?
Guest48 I could see a high LB picked in the draft, but also a FA signing
ICUcomp I am sure the players do not want to play for an incentive contract which in my opinion should be what they all get.
Guest48 they need at least one starter, probably two lbs.
superfork2002 Bentley will start next year for sure but what about MLB and SSLB?
Guest48 Lane, have you heard about any free agents that have not yet been reported in the press?
DavidCarducci Basically, from what I've heard from Berea, they are not counting on anything happening in free agency, at least not for quite a while
Guest48 I know you mentioned the Lb from Tampa Bay
ICUcomp Do you see us losing anymore of our players soon
Guest48 Dave, are you saying that they are trying to resign their own guys?
DavidCarducci That's priority No. 1. They want to keep as many of the players they tendered as possible.
KJ June 1 cuts would be the wise move
Guest48 Would they take a number one choice for Jamal White?
DavidCarducci I'm not surprised with what happened with Kuehl in the slightest. And I could see more of the players Davis inherited bolting in the next year or two. The feeling around the team is that he doesn't show any loyalty, but the reality is that he is extremely loyal, but to ""his"" players
artbtz Lane is having browser problems... he'll be right back.
Guest48 Greg voidable to the Browns and or Morgan
artbtz On Northcutt, he had a seven-year deal (thanks Carmen) but his last three years were voided when he hit performance targets.
Greg I think Morgan can void the final 2 years of his deal, IIRC...
superfork2002 So in a few years the entire team will be Davis' everyone will be happy
Guest78 Why wasn't Griffith cut instead of Fuller? Fuller can play CB or Safety.
Lane Griffith may still be released, he is not out of the woods yet
artbtz $1 million roster bonus had a lot to do with it.
Lane I don't know about that Pro-Bowl talk, but Griffith has played better than he did in 2002. Lets remember that he was injured.
Guest48 Rob R. said last night that Griffith underperformed and will do better
DavidCarducci Davis said last week that he is not overly disappointed in Griffith. He really believes that the nagging injury limited what he could do
superfork2002 By us cutting people is there a cap penalty to do so?
artbtz Superfork, we got a lot of cap penalties by our cuts. Nearly $10 mill in dead money
Guest48 Just the signing bonus
superfork2002 does that go aganst us this year only or next year too
KJ only after june 1 cuts get split
artbtz This year... if we cut someone after 6/1 it hits both this year and next.
Guest78 Isn't Griffith one of the malcontents?
DavidCarducci No. Griffith is not
DavidCarducci He is actually a pretty high class guy
Guest78 He had some controversial things to say after the playoff game.
Lane Griffith wants to win, he is not one of the handful of players that are a loose cannon and cause turmoil
DavidCarducci But he is far from a problem in the locker room
superfork2002 how far under the cap are we right now?
Guest48 800,000
artbtz According to reports, 48 is right. I have different numbers, but (insert caveats here)
artbtz That's why we still have some dead money from Dudley... we cut him late in the year.
Guest48 He was defending the DC
Lane Well, I wouldn't say that the former DC was the reason the Browns lost that platoff game
Guest48 Lane/Dave how high of a chance will the Browns be in taking a DT with their first choice?
Lane I don't see a DT with the first round selection
Guest78 Are either Sanders or Henry good enough to start at corner?
Guest48 BD says Henry
superfork2002 How about a CB in the first round
Guest48 I wish they would take a CB if an offensive lineman was not available
DavidCarducci I think it is actually pretty low on their priorities list Guest48. Or at least lower than offensive line, pass rusher, corner and LB
artbtz They wouldn't turn down Trufant is he dropped, but he won't.
Guest78 Henry was toasted a lot last year.
DavidCarducci I think a lot of Henry getting toasted was a case of not understanding what he was being asked to do. According to some people I've talked with, he was often a bit lost. It's not a question of talent
Guest78 BD said he but on too much weight too.
superfork2002 what about weathersby?
Guest48 What about Weathersby?
KJ R we lookin hard at Terry Pierce?
ICUcomp Is Green in Berea working out in the offseason
ICUcomp Did he just leave to go there lol
Guest48 The slow season for the Browns in free agency is something that I am not use to.
KJ I agree Dave...i think Henry's ready after a camp
newdawg it's like being used to being broke.
Guest78 Used to be the Blue Point made a fortune off the Browns this time of year.
artbtz Lane's browser is acting flakey on him. I blame Dwight Clark.
ICUcomp Ok lets all blame petegarcia
artbtz Shhh... ICU... we're saving that for 2005.
ICUcomp well he just entered the room and I could not resist
artbtz LOL
ICUcomp Free agents are one of the reasons were in cap hell this year
KJ thx to clark in 99 00
KJ Regardless of who's at corner this year we will finally have some SIZE
Guest78 Dave - can this new D-line coach bring out the best in Warren and Brown?
superfork2002 will be fine this year if our front for play up to there level
DavidCarducci I don't think Davis is overly concerned with free agency. He firmly believes you build through the draft. study and knowing the draft gets impact players in multiple rounds. You may get a few impact players on your roster from FA with Davis, but more likely than not, he will go after the bargain like Tucker.
DPG KJ Fuller was heralded as a stud shutdown db in training camp vs ""our"" wr corp, 'cept vs kj
Lane Sorry couldn't find Green in Berea :-)
Greg Dave- sorry if someone asked already but are the Browns looking to deal down at least once to get some extra picks to start deepening this roster after the mini purge?
petegarcia Just came question is why haven't we reneg. the contracts of Couch and Brown yet....that should have been priorithy #1 this offseason. The media keeps vaguely referring to this being a possiblility in the future.....what is the hold up ?
DavidCarducci Guest78. That's a big reason they brought him (and Campo) in. They know that they are not getting the most out of either Brown or Warren, and for a coach like Davis whose background is defensive line, that is a huge embarrassment.
Guest48 Dave/Lane how would you rate the Browns receivers on a 1 - 10 scale? about an 8?
Lane pete, get back from the scouting visits, maybe you can help Lal get these restructures complete
Lane 7 at best, they are young with talent
Guest48 thanks lane
DavidCarducci Guest48, I would say it is a 6 or 7 with the potential to be an 8 or a 9. That is not a putdown. I think Andre Davis and Quincy have a shot at being something very special. They are still very raw, though.
DavidCarducci Excuse the spelling. Just getting used to this keyboard
artbtz We'll fix that in editing, Dave. By tomorrow morning, you will be a perfect speller.
ICUcomp lol
DavidCarducci Thanks AB. English major and all...
Greg Lane, since you're back, maybe you could take a stab at the question I asked Dave...
Guest48 What about RB and QB?
Guest48 The rest is in a flux
ICUcomp Maybe someone can work on chat and put a spell checker in it
Lane Depends on who is on the board, there were some players on the board last year that they really wanted and would have dealt for, I believe the same is true in 2003
petegarcia Seriously though.....the fact that Couch and Brown's contracts haven't been restructured yet is inexcusable....if the Browns haven't approached them...then that is flat out incompetence. If the team has approached those two and they are dragging there heels then the media could help us out by letting the fan's know so we can get all over their greedy ass's! I'm shocked at how somethng so crucial to our team has gone largely ignored ...any inside info ?
Lane Why is that incompetence? This team has no desire to break the bank in FA, they are bargain hunting....and getting the cap-house in order
Greg I hope we move down once, if not twice and stock up on 2/3/4 picks if possible... that's where I personally believe the value in this draft is...
Lane Like the second round pick, LeCharles Bentley was the pick, when the Saints nabbed him, they went with their next highest rated impact selection, which was Andre Davis
Guest48 Rob R thought it was a deep draft, top heavy, but deep.
Lane 2-4 is very good.............
Guest48 I would think we would trade our first for a later first and a second
superfork2002 would we trade our first for to seconds then?
DavidCarducci Superfork, from knowing Davis, I think he'd be willing to do any number of things. He's always open to moving up or moving down if the right deal is offered. He has entertained the idea in the past. It's just a matter of the right deal or the guy they want not being available
superfork2002 Is Darling good enough to be an every down starter/
Lane I wouldn't get too excited about him, he is servicable
Guest48 BD is looking at Cleveland with the 1999 and 2000 draft and signed FA and cap problems like he had in Miami when he started without scholarships
DavidCarducci Exactly right Guest48.
Guest48 He has to get that behind him and the team
DavidCarducci I don't know that I agree with everything Butch Davis does or has done, but the one good thing is he is operating with a plan. So often, GM's or personnel directors make moves in the offseason just to make it look like they are doing something, to justify their positions. The Browns do have a plan for handling the problem they are in.
Guest48 If Couch and Brown have a fair to poor year are they cut after the season?
newdawg they still need to clear cap space to sign draft choices.
petegarcia By not knowing where they stand with Couch and Brown they cannot make as INFORMED of a decision as possible with the FA's they let go...FA's they might sign (although I doubt it)...where to draft...etc. You just proved my point Lane. How come nobody even considers this an issue....more importantly why haven't anything been DONE YET ?
Lane This team was on the road to cap disaster...........better to clean it up now rather than really paying a serious price a bit later.....especially when they have a few players that they can possibly move to clear an enormous amount of space if necessary
Guest48 Is their rookie pool 2.5 million?
ICUcomp Good question how much is the rookie pool going to be
Greg maybe 2 million.. that wouldn't be hard, I'm guessing... hell, getting rid of Gardocki or restructuring him gives you a million there
robdawgie Sorry guys I'm a little late...have you covered when Courtney and Tim's contracts will be restructured?
Lane I'm not too sure that the team has not addressed or discussed the salary issue with Couch and Brown
newdawg and if they wait to clear space, they won't be able to sign someone if they do find someone they want at a good price.
Guest78 With Butch's cleaning out of the old guys and building his own team, he must be committed to Cleveland for the long term, you think?
superfork2002 his job is very secure
Greg David- I agree completely.. agree or not, Butch should be given the lattitude to work his plan, as long as he's still working it
superfork2002 he will probably be our Cowher
Lane It takes 30 minutes to clear cap space when the parties are on the same page......
ICUcomp We have 10 mil plus of dead money this year what about next year
Guest48 It is an unknown amount
artbtz ICU, as of this moment, there is 0 dead money next year.
artbtz If they cut people after 6/1, half their cap acceleration will go to next year. So ask again this Summer :-)
Greg dead money this year is recovered money next year
newdawg I agree Greg. but it won't keep me from bitching.
Greg as it shouldn't, newdawg.. :)
ICUcomp ok thanks I just thought some of the bonus money still counted
petegarcia If couch doesn't' want to take a pay cut....then cut KJ's overpaid ass for cap reasons.. not Earl least WR is a position of strength!
Lane There is nothing that proves that players have not been talked with about the possibility
Guest48 Lane, Dave and Art, I really like these chats
artbtz Thanks, 48.
Guest78 48 - no brown nosing
Greg better than raven nosing
artbtz (Groan)
Guest48 Hey as long I am listed as a guest tonight it does not matter
Greg :)
robdawgie I know the team is looking at LB in the first round, and I read that McDougle also worked out at LB as well as DE....Is he as close to Jamir Miller as we can get???
Lane What else do we have guys?
superfork2002 Can Boyer be a starting MLB?
petegarcia I want McDougle that freaking kid!!
robdawgie Has the McDougle question been covered?
Guest48 I guess we have penciled Bentley as a starter
Guest48 So do we do the same for Davis
Lane Boyer is not the plan at MLB in 2003
DavidCarducci Superfork2002. If Boyer is a starting MLB, it is a problem. Davis sees Boyer as a plus on special teams. Really, he is not the ideal guy for the nickel role they used him in
ICUcomp Any Buckeyes on the direct radar screen
artbtz Last night, Rob Rang offered the that the Browns top three would be Peterson, Faine, Joppru. How would that rate on a scale of 1-to-10?
Lane 8+
artbtz I'd give that a 9, myself.
Guest48 Fowler at Center?
DavidCarducci Guest48. I am hearing O'Hara is the early bet at C
Guest48 Mitchell at RG?
Greg How is Qasim coming along?
Guest78 Gotta believe Davis secretly craves Boss Bailey.
artbtz Stokes and OHara are still on teh team, so he would have to beat them in camp.
Greg and was there anything real to the Solomon Page thing?
petegarcia Bailey can't tackle...Butch won't touch him
Guest78 He can fly - Butch wouldlove him
robdawgie Do you guys know something on the McDougle front and are purposely hiding something? :-)
Lane Oh McDougle, the kid from Miami.........yeah, I have heard of him :-)
artbtz He's featured on our front page right now!
robdawgie Yeah I just read Art....I was asking about how he can play DE and OLB, like Jamir, if that makes him more special to us
superfork2002 what about Hobson from Mich in later rounds?
Guest48 Can Henry tackle or can he be tough to tackle?
petegarcia My money say's McD is the front runner right now if he is on the board at 21
ICUcomp We have enough michigan players stay away from them
Lane Actually, I think he has tremendous talent
artbtz Damn straight ICU. The fewer Wolverines the better.
Greg I'd take McDougle in a heartbeat... rather have Joseph, but he won't drop
petegarcia who joseph or mcd
robdawgie IMO, Joseph might be there
Guest48 If the Browns drafted Peterson, would he be a guy just like Lang?
Greg Joseph won't be there...
superfork2002 I gotta go see you next week
petegarcia no way joseph is there....we have a shot at McD though right ?
artbtz My prediction this year is a run on DTs.
Greg I think so..
robdawgie He is slipping similar to Deuce McAllister two years ago, IMO
DavidCarducci Probably
petegarcia nice !!
artbtz So I don't think we'll see Joesph there, but you can't predict this stuff, ever.
Guest48 Well, QB, WR and DTs mean that the Browns could get a good player at 21
Greg Oh well.. I have to get back to doing some wiring work for my parents... thanks Dave/AB and Lane, wherever you may be... :)
Guest48 Too bad there were not a few RBs in the first 20 picks
DavidCarducci Take care Greg
DavidCarducci Sorry. I'm having a number of problems with this laptop. AB, do you know anything about windows XP?
artbtz Sure... it's what I use.
DavidCarducci Maybe I can get your help
Guest48 Art are we doing this next Thursday also?
artbtz That's up to Dave and Lane's schedules.
Guest48 That is a fair response
Guest48 If the Browns are not going to do much with Free agency, maybe every two weeks is a good idea
artbtz But we're trying to get back to weekly chats through the draft. Draft chats on Weds and Browns Uncensored on Thursday.
robdawgie That sounds awesome Art
newdawg Try Linux :-)
robdawgie I don't suppose anything has popped up about Couch to Arizona has there??
petegarcia Dave....did Butch see all of this coming....or has this offseason caught him far back did he see these problems on the horizon?
artbtz PEte, I think they knew about this coming last year. That's why they drafted all the LBs, and why Davis downplayed Miller.
artbtz That's why Holmes contract was written the way it was.
DavidCarducci Pete, I think Butch did see this coming. They've been workig on this plan for a while ... It's kind of like ""The American Century"" for those of you who saw Nightline last night. Just like the 3 year prep on the iraq invasion, the Browns have been working on this for over a year
artbtz The math hasn't changed any in the last 12 months, really.
petegarcia interesting
DXDawg Lane or Dave do you think Kwame Harris will be there at #21? If so how do you feel about him as our LT?
robdawgie Dave, you may not want to answer this but who would you like the Browns to get in the first round??
DavidCarducci Robdawgie. I change my mind every other week. I would love Kwame Harris, but I doubt he'd be there. Everything I've heard is that he'd make a solid LT
robdawgie I'm with you there, Dave....last year my heart was set on Green and this year I like 5 or 6 players there
DavidCarducci McDougle would be great, and make a lot of sense considering Butch's history
Guest48 Rob R said that some good LTs would be available in the second round do you agree with that?
browns28 david do you think we might get kenny peterson
DavidCarducci I don't think that is likely Browns28. I don't think he is the elite DT that would make the Browns go that route in the first round. I think he would be a reach
petegarcia Are there any Miami O lineman that might slip to the later rounds that could fit in with the browns JG style?
robdawgie Dave anything on any Couch rumors?? I'd love to ship him to the desert for #6..
DavidCarducci Robdawgie. Everything I hear is that Couch will be the starting quarterback in 2003. There will be competition, but Couch will be given every opportunity to win the job convincingly.
robdawgie Do you find that smart or not?? Kelly or Tim's stocks will never be higher right???
DavidCarducci Browns28, in round 2, same as round 1. I think interior lineman is a good bet in round 2.
rabidbrown Would Faine be a good pick in the 2nd rd. and can he play OG
Guest48 It is hope for, prayed for and wished for, Interior lineman round two
DavidCarducci They will try to fit in the top needs in the first day, and that is offensive line, LB and pass rusher
DXDawg Dave, so if McDougal is not there at #21 who do you go with?
petegarcia I say Butch trades down if McD isn't there
robdawgie Are we higher on Woolfolk or Weathersby?
DXDawg personall I like Terry Pierce
petegarcia Weathsby !!!!
DavidCarducci Maybe Terry Pierce
petegarcia like pierce too
DavidCarducci DXDawg, you beat me to the punch
DavidCarducci Damn you
DXDawg sorry man :)
Guest48 They seem to say that after 20 to 25 the rest appear the same through the second round Is that accurate?
browns28 david if you had to guess any names come to mind
artbtz I san't say who the Browns are higher on, but Woolfolk is not the type of guy you could plug into the starting lineup.
DXDawg seems Woolfolk is going to take a year or two to groom.
DavidCarducci I really can't make a good guess right now because I don't think the Browns could make that guess right now.
petegarcia what's up with D. Sanders....will he do the job for us this season...what does your gut tell you?
Guest48 The gave some good money to the TE they just resigned. He did look good on some short passes
petegarcia Yeah but Sanders has so much upside
DavidCarducci My gut tells me that Darnell Sanders can play. I saw some raw things in practice and even in games (although I was disapointed in his blocking) that tell me he can play. And I didn't like the pick originally.
petegarcia thanks D
DXDawg Will KJ be her for this season?
petegarcia hope not
rabidbrown What about Chaun Thompson? Is he legit or just a workout wonder.
artbtz Folks, I need to exit. I'll have the transcript up soon. Thanks for coming by!
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. I have to do a March Madness story ... pick what I think the final 64 will be. Not something I feel like doing tonight.
petegarcia peace
DXDawg thanks Art!!!
artbtz Later folks

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