ATI: Can Evan Moore Make It?

The promising tight end looked good catching the pass in 2009. But is that enough to survive on a roster that has been bolstered by Ben Watson and Alex Smith. Lane Adkins answers that and more...

Dawgie4 Life: mentioned in the thread below that Moore would need plenty of help to make the team. Why is that? I thought he made a good showing last year. Watson, Smith, and Royal are your TE's? Thanks again for your hard work. Happy Father's Day to you sir.

Lane Adkins: He needs to get it done in training camp this year and improve his blocking skills.

The organization likes his potential in the passing game, but also has asked him to improve his route running and focus. He has displayed the ability to get into the seam and haul in a pass, but he has had some issues of inconsistency.

There are some interesting talents at the position heading into camp and he can not afford to falter.

It's on him, he has the opportunity in front of him and the competition is close.


Ramllov: There are many things I would like to know about these two rookie safeties.

If you were to only answer one of the following, please detail their grade or level of improvement on their pass coverage skills that they displayed in the Browns passing camp.  I say the Browns passing camp since Jake Delhomme and others called their OTAs and mini-camp a passing camp.  They must have had many opportunities to display what they knew and hopefully showed some progress as they continued to receive the classroom and playing field coaching.

1. Pass coverage skills?
2. Range?
3. Intelligence in understanding and reacting to the offensive play quickly?

Any other features you noticed that would indicate positive or negative development?

Lane Adkins: At the present, this setting helps understand the athletic ability and revognition type skills of a prospect.

Ward has the potential to be a player in this league. The young man has the physical tools, mindset and work ethic. Ward runs well, does not lose speed/quickness in/out and is aggressive.

Ward was rated as the third safety prospect in the draft by the Browns --  and a player that has the capability to play a significant role immediately. Thus far, there is no disappointment within the organization.

Asante was selected following significant scouting. The organization is/was of the belief the young man could be a special teams contributor immediately, and possibly groomed to be a viable option in the defensive backfield.

Coming into camp, Asante has displayed a tremendous attitude and attention to detail. There may not be a more mentally prepared rookie on the defensive side of the ball. The young man worked hard and displayed a lot of dedication throughout the off-season to improve his speed/quickness and hand skills.

The Browns again looked at him very late in the process to see where he was at. Asante worked his body, improved his 40-time and 10-yard --- all areas suggested to him previously.

Thus far in the camp setting, Asante has done well, better than any anticipated and the thought of the young man having the potential to be a viable option is being solidified in the eyes of those evaluating him.


HoundFromHell: The Browns have talented young receivers, give them a chance and I beleive we will be impressed with them. I have a 'gut feeling' that one of our receivers is going to suprise the entire N.F.L.     I can see Syndric Steptoe really move up the depth chart this season.  He will have plenty of competition with all the rest of our receivers and tight ends.

What do you think?   Can you see him stepping up?  Also watch Evander Moore, he catches everything, set up as a tight end or a wide receiver....GO Browns   Superbowl,   real soon......

Lane Adkins: Steptoe and Moore will need plenty of help to make this team. The Browns are very high on Mitchell and Hags.


Dawgie4Life: Titus Brown... Has he made any kind of impact so far this year?

I was really impressed with him early on last year before he got hurt. If I remember correctly he was getting some reps with the 1's and 2's in preseason. Is he going to be the odd man out with all of these LBs? Thanks for all of your hard work guys!

Lane Adkins: Minimal and one dimensional at this time.

Brown can rush the passer, he plays well going forward, but he is a liability against the run at this time and his drops are borderline poor.

He is a fighter, plays hard, works hard -- this alone will keep him in camp and fighting for a position. While the LB position is loaded numbers-wise, I would never say never, but he has a mountain to climb.


Air Al: To any Insiders who've been at any of the mini camp stuff so far, how would you describe how Delhomme has looked on the practice field, specifically in terms of arm-strength and accuracy, compared to how BQ & DA did last year?

Lane Adkins: Delhomme is vastly superior in the accuracy aspect, while Anderson had the best arm.

MaWebb31: Browns rookies... Contracts?
Lane Adkins: I keep seeing other teams are beginning to sign their draft picks. Any word on negotiations between the Browns and their picks? Should fans anticipate holdouts?


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