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<adamcaplan> I'm ready, lets get started.

<BarryMcBride> Jake Delhomme.... good investment or stupid investment?
<adamcaplan> For leadership, smart move. Great guy. But you must have a strong running game and limit his throwing in order to have a chance to win.

<mikehey> beside heckert who doesnt like the pick of mccoy in browns team- front office
<adamcaplan> They took McCoy with the thinking they will eventually transition to a WCO down the line.

<ramllov> Adam, if the offense uses short crossing patterns, is it effective against a 34 defense?
<adamcaplan> Ram: So much goes into scheming. Much more than using short crossing patterns. Steps by QB must be shorter.

<Browns004> I thought that Heckert and Holmgren agreed on BPA. TJ Ward feels like quite a reach
<adamcaplan> BROWN: I don't think so. Ward was very highly thought of in the scouting community. They are much better off now at safety. Both spots were issues last season.

<ramllov> Adam can Jake Delhomme do an effective play action?
<adamcaplan> That's almost his entire game. With Carolina, which uses a similar scheme to the Browns and why they wanted Delhomme, most of his success over the years was off playaction.
<adamcaplan> And with Hardesty, Davis, and Harrison, they should have a really good running game. One of the best potentially.

<brownsclown> Is our defense good enough to stay in a low scoring conservative game?
<adamcaplan> BROWN: No. I don't see how they will get a consistent pass rush from week to week.
<adamcaplan> At least the secondary should be better.

<ramllov> Adam, how glaring is pass coverage provided by Chris Gocong as an OLB?
<adamcaplan> Ram: He's a liability. But he will only be a two-down OLB. BTW, he also can play inside in certain situations.

<Rpd27> Adam, what's your view of Steinbach?  At 6-6 295 seems very light for what Heckert likes.  Do you see Lauvao as LG or RG?
<adamcaplan> RP: I don't know if he's played up to the level fo expecations, but he's still solid. Reid actually likes the interior OLs bigger, not so sure if Heckert does as much. Either on SL, but will be probably RG long-term.

<Browns004> How about our Safeties? Both are known for their heavy hitting, how does their pass coverage look?
<adamcaplan> BR: Ward is much better closer to the line of scrimmage, not so good in coverage. Eventually, I think Sheldon Brown will be a FS. I wrote that about a year ago.

<ramllov> Adam does the improved secondary allow Rob Ryan to perform an aggressive defense this year?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Yes. I expect him to be more aggressive.
<adamcaplan> Talking to a league source on Asante, he can play FS or SS, and both are interchangable in Cleveland's scheme.

<buddog> Do the Browns feel they have adequate WRs?
<adamcaplan> Bud: Below average, but better than last year. Really like Massaquoi and Mitchell.
<adamcaplan> Mitchell has a big frame, runs better than most think.

<ramllov> Adam, Eric Steinbach good LG, but adequate replacement at LT, if Joe Thomas goes down for a game or two?
<adamcaplan> RAM: He can do it, but it's an issue.
<adamcaplan> BTW, on Fanaika, 6 teams put a waiver claim in. Unbelievable. The guy has never played in a regular season game.

<brownsclown> Adam Jason Trusnik anything more than a role/special team player.
<adamcaplan> BROWN I thought he opened some eyes a bit when he came in last season. But still a solid backup.

<ramllov> Adam can Jake Delhomme hit the receivers so they can gain yards after the catch? Cribbs especially?
<adamcaplan> RAM: You'll see some RAC yards from the WRs from time to time. But Cribbs really doesn't figure to have a big role as a WR long-term. I think Mitchell and Massaquoi will have bigger impacts.
<adamcaplan> Stuckey is not a bad slot WR.
<adamcaplan> And we'll see on Robiskie. He's doing well now, but they aren't in pads.

<Rpd27> Browns seemed to make an effort for all groups except DL and maybe WR, Since both are rich in talent for next years draft.  Do you seen any solutions is our DL's age catches up or injuries?  Do you think any of our young DL talent is ready?
<adamcaplan> RP: As I wrote back in February, they are very high on Rubin. He graded out very well.

<ramllov> Adam, do you have an opinion on Clifton Geathers, DE?
<adamcaplan> As for Geathers, huge guy, fits scheme.

<brownsclown> Alot of talking heads rave on Scott Fujita. Will he help us alot?
<adamcaplan> BRown: Leadership is good, getting near the end of his career. 1-2 years left.


<slimtolson> Does Rob Ryan have the perosonel to run an effictive 46 defense with the addtions in the secondary?
<adamcaplan> SL: I expect them to take more chances. They still need to add another OLB at some point.
<adamcaplan> Asking Benard to be consistent over a 16-game season may be a stretch. We will see. Same with Gocong.

<Browns004> Maybe I missed it, but why exactly was Robo kept off the field last year?
<adamcaplan> BR: Robiskie just ran too slow, couldn't get seperation.

<ramllov> Adam, will the Browns miss Kameron Wimbley or Alex Hall, OLBs?
<adamcaplan> RAM: No on Hall, yes on KW.

<ramllov> Adam, do you see another year of 40 sacks for the Browns?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Look at when they got those numbers. They need to get off to a good start. Not posting 8 sacks in one game against PIT.

<Rpd27> I've read that Billy Yates can play center, he was the backup in NE along with G.  Any insight on him or who would be our backup center?
<adamcaplan> RP: He's a three-position OL. Lauvao can do it I believe. Time will tell in camp whether they give them a shot or if they sign a veteran.

<ramllov> Adam, when do you start up again on Sirius radio and when does your football publication hit the newstand?
<adamcaplan> RAM: Big news coming for Sirius. Check my twitter mid next week.

(Editors note: Sirius has started a fantasy sports channel, and Adam is playing a major role there)

<ramllov> Adam how do you like Joe Haden, CB?  How much upside do you see?
<adamcaplan> Ram: He's very physical, smart, tough. Sources said he was the most complete and ready CB for the draft. Just doesn't run as well as some of the others.

<catson> Adam, how do you think Colt Mccoy would do this year if forced into action by injuries to Delhomme and Wallace?
<adamcaplan> Cat: I don't see him being ready. Needs to get stronger physically and this scheme will be an adjustment for him.

<Rpd27> I liked McDonald so much more than his last year's press clippings.  Do you see him as the DIME this year or eventually back to Nickel if Brown goes FS?
<adamcaplan> Rp: Dime, assuming Haden is the nickel.
<adamcaplan> Brown won't be at FS this season most likely.

<ramllov> Adam when they say he is the most complete and ready CB for the draft, it kind of scares me, when I remember that is what they said about Brian Robiskie
<adamcaplan> RAM: It's not like Haden is slow.

<brownsclown> Give us you opinion on Pashos. Will he stop the bleeding at right tackle or just another band aid?
<adamcaplan> BR: Lower-end starter, but servicable. 1-year solution. Upgrade over St. Clair.

<ramllov> Adam can the Browns find another good DE before the start of the season?
<adamcaplan> Ram: I think that they are ok there if Geathers is ready. Mosley is a solid backup.

<kjdawg17> hi adam do you see J haggerty becoming anything special this yeart?
<adamcaplan> KJ: He's a UDFA, so I wouldn't expect much at this point. He needs to make the team first.

<ramllov> Adam don't you love these chats, they ask good questions.
<adamcaplan> RAM: Very good questions, you guys are usually better than the rest.

<Browns004> Who is going to start inside at the LB position?
<adamcaplan> Br: Comes down to where they line up Fujita, but DJac, Roth for sure. Could see a lot of competition for other spot.

<ramllov> Adam, what do you think of Seneca Wallace, now and Colt McCoy long term?
<adamcaplan> RAM: Not much on Wallace as a QB, more of a hybrid QB/WR.


<Rpd27> IMO i think it comes down to 4 TE or 5 RB/FB but not both, so it seems a choice of Davis or Royal....any thoughts?
<adamcaplan> RP: Moore, A. Smith, or Estandia figure to get the boot. But we have a lot of time before they have to make a decision.

<brownsclown> If we stay healthy is a 500 season realistic? A little luck and who knows.
<adamcaplan> BR: 6-10 is realistic with upside to be 8-8 if everything goes right. Running game, Delhomme low turnovers, D plays better than expected.

<kjdawg17> Adam sorry if this has been asked but do you think Delhomme can lead the Browns this year and was last season just a hiccup?
<adamcaplan> KJ: As long as the running game is good, they have a chance to win with Delhomme. His record is terrible with 30 or more throws.

<catson> Adam, is it possible that Cribbs is a better reciever than last year showed?  There were a lot of errand throws from browns qb's.
<adamcaplan> CAT: I still think Cribbs isn't polished enough as a route runner.
<adamcaplan> But I agree the QBs were poor.
<adamcaplan> with accuracy.

<Browns004> Some of the reports say Moore might not make it. I know he needs work, but with all the trouble we had catching the ball last year, wouldnt it be a mistake to get rid of someone who can actually haul in the ball?
<adamcaplan> Bro: Moore has nice upside, moves well. Just a numbers issue at TE. They will use a lot of 2-TE sets in this scheme.

<ross18> Adam, what is your take on the running back situation heading into camp?
<adamcaplan> ROSS: Strength of the team clearly. They must rely on them to take pressure away of Delhomme.

<racmpc> With all thge platooning of RBs we see today do you think the styles of Harrison and Hardesty are conducive to making a successful tandem?
<adamcaplan> RAC: I wouldn't rule out Davis just yet, but they feel Hardesty is the guy long-term to handle most of the work. Harrison's role will evolve.

<ramllov> Adam if the teams goes 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8, does Mangini keep his job?
<adamcaplan> RAM: Good question. Comes down to how the players perform and injuries. And if Holmgren wants to coach again, don't discount that.

<brownsclown> Peyton Hillis - An undersized fullback or slow running back? Will he play a big role? 3rd down Back?
<adamcaplan> BRO: Hillis is very athletic. Can play either position, but better off as a move FB.

<adamcaplan> Guys: That's all the time I have. We can do this again the same time next week. Good chat, see you then.



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