Transcript: Adam Caplan, Pt 2

Insight into the Browns defense and more from Fox Sports reporter Adam Caplan.

<adamcaplan> Hi all.

<ramllov> Adam, how bad are the Browns receivers and is there some chance of their development in the summer camp and further development in the season?
<adamcaplan> If Robiskie can carry it over with the pads on, it would sure help. But Massaquoi is really the only dependable WR they have.

<ramllov> Adam did you get a promotion?
<adamcaplan> You could call it that. I signed with, will work closely with Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez.

<trickdawg81> Adam, how much has the Browns overall talent improved over the past two offseasons?
<adamcaplan> I think the OL will be better than last season. RBs will be really strong, best in many years. D really should be improved on the backend.

<nonee> Adam, are you going to do your injury report on Colin Cowherd show each week?
<adamcaplan> None: I would suspect they would want me on.

<ramllov> Adam do you believe Jake Delhomme is done?
<adamcaplan> Ram: If they can limit his dropbacks, they have a better chance to winning. They have to get at least 25 rushes each game to have a chance to win.

<Harpster> Adam any opinion on the Browns situation at LB?  It's fairly crowded IMO.
<adamcaplan> I think the issue is at OLB. They have to find a consistent pass rusher out of the group. ILB is fine.

<ramllov> Adam, how much can Clifton Geathers improve this July, August and September or is  he going to be a practice squad guy and get opportunity times prior to getting on the roster?
<adamcaplan> Ram: He has a huge body, biggest hands/arms measured at the combine I believe. But he's more of a developmental project at this point.

<Harpster> Matt Roth?
<adamcaplan> Harp--Roth would be the one guy you would think they could feel good about. Benard has to start getting it done from the start.

<trickdawg81> Adam, do you see Rogers playing mostly at DE?
<adamcaplan> Trick: He's a NT that can play DE in a 3-4. Rubin, as I've noted before, they are really high on.

<nonee> Adam, any word on S.Rodger's legal problems, will he be suspended
<adamcaplan> Nonee: Nothing new.

<ramllov> Adam, how much playing time do you see A. Rubin playing? Is he now the starting NT?  With Shaun Rogers going to the DE?
<adamcaplan> Ram: I think Rubin and Rogers will be their main NTs. Rogers will see time at DE as well.

<ross18> Adam, prediction on the starting safeties for opening day?
<adamcaplan> Ross: I would say for now, Elam/Ward, Asante pushing for PT.
<adamcaplan> CB will be very interesting how the PT is divied up.

<ramllov> I was reading an article mentioning the Browns had the 29th defensive line in the league, but they did not mention A. Rubin, I tossed that idea out.  I figure maybe ranked about 20th  What is your opinion on the Defensive line?
<adamcaplan> Ram: I think the upside is decent, and the depth looks to be better than in previous years.

<brownsclown> Has the opinion on the Browns outside of Ohio better with the new braintrust? No longer a punchline to a joke?
<adamcaplan> Browns: I think they are in good hands with the Heckert/Holmgren combo. Mangini is not good with personnel.

<IkoIko> Do you see the Chargers trading Jackson?
<adamcaplan> Iko: They would like to take it as far as they can go before evening considering anything. But they have no one to replace him. That's why it's hard for them to make such a move.

<ramllov> Adam, if Eric Mangini just plays head coach, is that favorable?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Yes. He tried to do both. It didn't work.

<IkoIko> Do you see the Browns bringing in a vet WR?
<adamcaplan> Iko: Possibly in August. But they want to see how Robiskie does, Cribbs, Stuckey as well.
<adamcaplan> Stuckey is a decent slot WR.

<ross18> How would you rank the AFC North heading into the season?
<adamcaplan> Ross: BAL, CIN, PIT, CLE.

<brownsfan88> Colt McCoy, QB of the future or back-up of the future? Will the Browns be leafing the QB crop next year?
<adamcaplan> BR: I think go to a true WCO, he will get a shot. He doesn't have the arm to be able to drive the ball down field.

<ramllov> Adam, how bad is Pittsburgh going to be without their QB, WR and now RT?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Leftwich will force them to go back to more power running. He simply holds on to the ball too long and is susceptible to taking a beating.

<IkoIko> Sobo is high on S. Lavano at RG.  What is your take?
<adamcaplan> Iko: Much upside with him and Womack is nothing special, so I could see that.

<brownsclown> Without a successful play-action passing game, are the Browns in deep on offense? In other words, must run with some success?
<adamcaplan> Bro: Play action should be good because the running game should be good. Teams will have to really respect the run.
<adamcaplan> Between Hardesty, Harrison, Davis, they are in good hands.

<brownsfan88> Who do you start at safety?
<adamcaplan> fans88--Ward and Elam for now. Asante will push for PT.

<brownsclown> Dont forget Hillis, another different back
<adamcaplan> Clown: True, he's very athletic, but they will probably use him more in the passing game.

<bohns75> Do you see the Browns overusing the Wildcat?
<adamcaplan> Bo: they use it to manufacture offense, but with the good running game, they should use it less.

<IkoIko> Will Holmgren look like a genius for signing Jake, or a dunce?
<adamcaplan> Iko: As long as they don't fall too far behind and run the ball well, they should be ok.
<adamcaplan> When Delhomme falls behind, he presses, turns the ball over.

<ramllov> Adam, how much of an influence are Mike Holmgren and Gil Haskell going to be on this offense this year?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Hard to say since he's only a senior advisor. It may be more for opinions on talent, etc.
<adamcaplan> on offense

<ross18> Do you believe the Browns have assembled enough talent that with competent play at the QB spot that they could be a 8-8 team or better this year?
<adamcaplan> Ross: Will be hard for them to win that many games unless the defense is more consistent from the start. They would have to run for 150-200 yards per game for that to happen.

<brownsclown> Hopefully Daboll is secure enough to listen and imput some of the offensive knowledge in the front office.
<adamcaplan> Clown: Good point. I'm sure Haskell will talk to him a bit.

<Harpster> Adam, what does Daboll bring to the table as OC?
<adamcaplan> Harp: Decent mind, schemer. Would like to see how the WRs do this season with more time to work with them.

<IkoIko> Adam, Do you think Ben will be reinstated when we play Pitt, and what does Rogers get, one or two games, maybe more?
<adamcaplan> Iko: Two different situations, but Rogers I think gets pinched for a couple if the commish believes he needs to send a message. That does happen from time to time.

<ramllov> Adam what do you see in D'Qwell Jackson this year?
<adamcaplan> Ram: He'll handle his business in the right way. Not much he can do without a CBA.

<bohns75> Did Holmgren do the right thing by wiping the slate clean at QB and bringing in the veterans?
<adamcaplan> Bo: They wanted their own guys in there and to get more leadership from that position for at least this season.

<brownsfan88> What turns out better this year- the running game or the pass defense (pass rush included)?
<adamcaplan> 88-running game. It could be one of the top 2-3 in the NFL now.

<brownsclown> Will Browns use Fujita inside, outside or both?
<adamcaplan> Clown: More inside I suspect than outside.

<ramllov> Adam, What is your opinion on the potential upside of Jason Trusnik or is he just a guy?
<adamcaplan> Ram: Solid backup.

<Harpster> Daboll gets a pass for last year IMO - talent was poor. There has to be measureable improvement on the offense this year.
<adamcaplan> Harp: Agreed, WRs really were bad, same for QBs. Massaquoi at least was decent.

<oldbrownsfan> Adam, still curious about your opinion on Haden
<adamcaplan> Old: My bad. Missed that. I think he will start in 2011 if not before. Just a matter of what they do with Brown.

<IkoIko> Adam, What do you see happening with our TE's this year?
<adamcaplan> Iko: they are in good shape there. The battles for the backup jobs should be interesting.

<scout63> could you see them moving sheldon brown to safety if the rookies struggle?
<adamcaplan> Scout: Yes, especially as the regular season goes along. He played FS in Philly's dime package for the past few years.

<ramllov> Adam, do you see this season for the Browns to develop their young players?
<adamcaplan> Ram: At RB, yes. WRs will get a real chance to do that. LBs, CBs, Ss, too.
<adamcaplan> Holmgren's foundation starts in August.
<adamcaplan> Should be interesting.

<brownsfan88> Any expectations for Mitchell?
<adamcaplan> 88-I think he will get into the rotation later in the year. Could be earlier depending how well he plays early on.
<adamcaplan> All-Good chat, see you down the road when the smoke clears.

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