TBF's Mock Draft Muncher, Version 2.2190-3b

Proving once again that there is no technology that we won't somehow use inappropriately, the dawgs at Bernie's Insiders Labs have figured out how to mangle TBF's Mock Draft Muncher down to a compact size. Check out the new, improved Mock Muncher using the links in this article.

TBF's mock draft muncher answers the question posed by draftniks the world over: "What is someone with powerful knowledge of Microsoft Excel got ahold of all of this planet's better mock drafts, mixed them all together in a bucket, and served up them up to be enjoyed with a case of ales"?

Well, TheBrownsFan (TBF to comrades) is that Excel guru, and this web site is the, um, bucket.

With all the number-crunching goodness in the Mock Draft Muncher, though, the pages had gotten pretty big, so folks with modem connections had to have a lot of patience to check it all out. Plus, it wasn't connected to the Scout database and all that other nifty TheInsiders.com gadgetry.

The fairly sober geeks at Bernie's Insiders Labs (known previously as BTNG Labs before that incident with the plastic tubing and the frog) have managed to take that Massive Mock Muncher and make it all look wafer-thin. It's now faster to load and hooked up to the Scout Database, so you can surf the network straight from the Muncher.

The links to the Muncher can always be found at Bernie's Insiders Draft Central, as well as copied below.

1. Team Picks
2. Average Draft Position
3. ADP - Best of the Best

4. ADP - By Position

5. Top 5- All Mock Drafts

6. Schools Represented

7. Mock Draft List

8. Browns pick per Mock Draft

So, now, everyone can enjoy the Mock Draft Muncher. Feel free to gobble it up... after all, it's only wafer-thin.

NOTE: The webmaster offers his apologies for the imcomprensibility of this article to all of those who have not seen Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Those responsible have been sacked. Thank you.


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