Exclusive: Where the Others Stand

Joe Haden, T.J. Ward and Montario Hardesty remain unsigned. Are they close? Lane Adkins provides the latest.

WIth all but three of the draft picks signed, where do the rest of them stand?

While the Browns are not negotiation pushovers by any means, we're learning that the team has, so far, been giving draft picks premiums over what similar picks earned in 2009. Colt McCoy's contract, for example, has a premium no less than $1.5 million over a similar 2009 draft pick contract.

Only time will tell if these premiums are above and beyond what is happening around the league.

Here's what we've learned over the last several hours:

JOE HADEN: The negotiations with the Browns top draft pick don't appear to promise a quick resolution at this time. The Browns are not helped by the lack of movement with top picks around the league, and aren't likely to be trendsetters, although the team opens rookie camp earlier than any other NFL team. At present, we're told the Browns and Haden's representatives appear to be separated by approximately $2 million in compensation and incentive opportunities.

T.J. WARD: With more second-round picks signing in recent days, the Browns aren't fighting as much of an uphill battle as they are with Haden. The Browns and Ward's representatives have swapped and discussed proposals over the last 24 hours, but there is not predictable timeline for a signing.

MONTARIO HARDESTY: As with Ward, the Browns and Hardesty's people have been going over various proposals. Those negotiations appear to have the most traction at this point and are making good progress based on what we've been told. The Browns and Hardesty both have an incentive to get the running back into camp, as he battles to play a significant role in the team's offense during his rookie year.

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