Jamir Miller Continues to Wait

Jamir Miller continues to be a player on the outside looking in. After being cut in February due to an unpayable $14 million bonus in his contract, Miller has been voicing his desire to finish his career with the Browns. The team, however, isn't yet moving on re-signing the Pro Bowl linebacker. Lane gives us a brief update on Miller's status...

Much has been made of Jamir Miller's desire to remain a member of the Cleveland Browns.
The team's lone expansion-era Pro Bowl representative did have a 14 million dollar bonus worked into his contract on January 1st. He did have an out clause placed in his contract where he would become a free agent if the Browns did not pick up the bonus option. 
On the other hand, Miller has been sincere when recently speaking about his desire to end his career with the Browns.
"I want to end my career with the Cleveland Browns. I love playing there, the fans have been great, and the team is headed in the right direction," Miller said. "I wanted to work out a long-term contract with the team during the off-season a year ago. As a team we were growing, as a player I was playing as well as I think I ever had."
Miller suffered a season-ending ruptured achilles tendon early in the Browns preseason schedule. This is an injury which, while mostly healed, could significantly hamper his physical ability.
Now, sitting on the outside looking in, Miller has more than waiting for a phone call from the Browns on his mind. Not knowing if the team has a serious interest in his services, Miller has been approached by numerous teams looking for a player of his talents.
"There are some opportunities out there that I may have to explore, I haven't heard back from the Browns in well over a week, hopefully we'll get something worked out, if not, then I will have to move forward."   


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