Haden Makes His Debut

Joe Haden made his debut as an official member of the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. The OBR was on hand to get some impressions from Mangini on his new $50 million rookie, as well as the his thoughts on Seneca Wallace and Jerome Harrison's blocking.

BEREA—The Browns have everybody in the fold as Joe Haden officially signed his contract and was on the field for his first practice with the Browns on Sunday afternoon.

"Joe Haden ran his tests and did all of his physical stuff last night and he's ready to go," Eric Mangini said prior to Sunday's practice. "He's behind, but we'll try to get him up to speed as soon as possible."

Mangini said that although Haden is behind, it doesn't necessarily mean he won't be ready to challenge for a starting spot.

"I don't think any of that stuff will be decided right away," Mangini said. "We have plenty of time for him to get out there and show what he can do."

When Mangini was with the Jets, they draft Darrelle Revis, who started from day one.

"Everybody is different," he said. "Revis is Revis and Joe is Joe. He'll get opportunities and we'll see how it plays out."

Mangini said he is in no rush to put Haden on the field.

"There is no timeline on it," he said. "As many multiple receiver teams we play, he should have opportunities to play."

Mangini said that although Haden missed the rookie week, he has been able to study on his own.

"We gave him a lot of information and we have a program where they can study on the internet," he said. "There were three or four different ways that he could keep up with the information. He said he really focused on the installs while he was gone."

Mangini said it is overwhelming for rookies as they make the transition from college to the NFL.

"The whole group of rookies struggle because it's volume," he said. "It's new coaching, new people, new buildings, everything's new.  Some guys come through it quicker than others.

"He's a good kid, a smart kid and he'll adjust well."

Mangini said that the cornerback position can be very lonely, especially for a rookie.

"It's pretty tough because you're out there and you're isolated," he said. "When the offensive coordinator decides who to go against you usually get the short straw. The nice thing we have some older guys who can help him through the transition."

Mangini was asked if Haden would have to do any extra running for coming in late.

"No, but there will be a lot running through his mind."


Mangini Likes Seneca: QB Seneca Wallace has looked particularly good in the early going of training camp. He's throwing the ball well and accurately and has been able to move around in the pocket and keep plays going.

"I don't see any change in the way we approach the season with Seneca," he said. "I've been happy with his progress since the OTAs. He has a good arm and he's accurate. He's got good feet. I'm really encouraged by his progress."

Wallace has been talked about being teamed up with WR Josh Cribbs in a version of the Wildcat offense, referred to by Mike Holmgren as the Cyclone.

"You can do some different things with him," Mangini said. "You just might be able to move up the selection a little higher on Seneca's list than Jake's (Delhomme)."

Mangini said that Wallace isn't always moving when he throws.

"I know he's not always on the move when he throws," he said. "If there's a problem with the route he has the opportunity to extend the play with his feet."

Better Blocker: Mangini said one of the areas that he challenged RB Jerome Harrison on was his blocking in passing situations and he rose to the challenge.

"One of the things I wanted him to work on was blocking on third down," Mangini said. "I think he did a really nice job at that and there were some cases where he saved the play. I thought he did a nice job."

Mangini said the key for a smaller back is the key.

"Usually, it comes down to leverage and placement, knowing where to hit and what you have to do."

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