Tales From the Inbox

Thoughtful questions flooded the inbox, everything from the hot topic of camp, Jake Delhomme, to the Browns perceived new offense — the West Coast Offense — to the development of the rookie and free agent class. You have questions, we have in-depth answers.

As the training camp is now in full swing and the work load increases, the OBR's Lane Adkins takes a few minutes to reach into our inbox and answer some questions concerning the Cleveland Browns.

Without further ado, here is the OBR's latest Tales from the Inbox.

Q: We are hearing conflicting reports from the media about the progress of quarterback Jake Delhomme. Some say he is doing poorly, others, such as you, have stated he is doing okay at this point. Now, which is it?

LA: Jake Delhomme is not here to be a savior, but rather an experienced player to provide stability and the ability to lead. Through approximately seven practice sessions, Delhomme has provided just that. He has been efficient and accurate, he has made some mistakes, but overall has been everything those he has replaced were not for the past three years.

It's early in training camp and anything can happen. Delhomme, along with Seneca Wallace bring a calming type presence to the huddle, and have gained a trust with the coaching staff that was missing a year ago in Cleveland.

Additionally, there is a true team environment being generated on the offensive side of the ball, with a genuine comradely at the quarterback position, which is a positive direction for a rookie such as Colt McCoy.

Q: Do you gain a sense that the moves made this offseason to improve the defensive backfield are looking promising? We are hearing little positive about rookies T.J. Ward and Joe Haden, while veteran Sheldon Brown should be a given due to being a proven commodity.

LA: Early in training camp you can gain an initial sense about a player and a base to gauge development, personally and within the scheme of the defense.

Ward, like most rookies has had his fair share of ups and downs. He demonstrates the athletic ability to be a solid type player in the middle of the defensive backfield, but there is much mental preparation and experienced a player, such as Ward, needs to gain before there is an certainty.

Joe Haden has looked the part of a high first-round draft selection to this point. He is physical, opens his hips quickly and drives through a receiver to the ball consistently. If anything, Haden may be a little too aggressive at this point, wanting to make an impression, as well as wanting a significant role.

Q: There has been much debate as to the type of offense the Browns are going to run. Now that the team is in training camp, can the question be answered? Is this team a West Coast scheme or not and how have they looked in comparison to a season ago?

LA: Despite the speculation, which we throttled from the start, the Browns are not utilizing the West Coast Offense in the 2010 season, or I should state, they are not at this time.

The addition of Mike Holmgren surely provided an avenue for the WCO to be involved and the present head coach and offensive staff has incorporated some elements of the WCO, but the base offense remains a by-product of the old New England system with elements added throughout the years.

The Browns offense the past couple years has been inadequate, and much of this is because of the the inability at the quarterback position and lack of utilized potential play-makers within the roster.

Due to the experience and accuracy aspect, the Browns offense has looked much better in the early stages of this camp. Along with the continued development of the scheme and young, improving talent at WR and TE, the Browns passing game may pose a threat to teams in the 2010 season.

Q: How have the players, which has contract issues with the Browns this offseason, fared in training camp? Has there been any signs of repercussion coming from the team or coaching staff?

LA: Outside linebacker Matt Roth has come to camp and looks stronger and has been physical from day one. There is little doubt he wants to prove his worth, whether in Cleveland or somewhere else. He has consistently been lined up with the starting defense.

Running back Jerome Harrison reported to offseason work after staying away initially. Harrison is in great physical condition, he has been a factor in camp running drills and as a receiver coming out of the backfield. With the knee injury suffered by rookie Montario Hardesty, Harrison has not lost reps.

Inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson is intent on letting his play on the field speak for him and it has to this point. There is a hop in his step and he has been very focused. With the linebacker positions in a rotational period at this time, it is difficult to note if there has been any fallout, but I do not believe so initially.

Fullback Lawrence Vickers has been the starter when the Browns utilize the position and has been productive in camp to this point.

Safety Abe Elam is another player that stated he was going to come into camp, play hard and let things take care of themselves. Elam has been consistently lined up as a starting safety.

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