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Greg Mastin Chat Transcript

Bernie's Insiders magazine draft guru Greg Mastin visited the Bernie's Insiders chat room Wednesday night. Here's the transcript. Read Greg's work in the upcoming pre-draft issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine.<BR><BR>Remember, you can get a year of the magazine AND a year of Total Access to all Insiders websites AND's exclusive Draft Guide for about $1.50 a week. <A HREF=""><I>Click here to get it all!</I></A>

Guest30 Hey Greg M
howldawg hi greg
GregMastin Hello folks
chuckwildcats hi greg
CP hey Greg
Guest30 Greg, what is your take on the various Browns cuts?
GregMastin They certainly were interesting
GregMastin I think you see Butch Davis slowly turning over the personnel into what he wants
DP Hi Greg, I have a question regarding Butch Davis' drafting style. Since he drafts for the future, as we are finding out, should we expect Butchie to draft a third down type back? Who would be available that can run and catch well out of the backfield?
GregMastin Quentin Griffin and Onterrio Smith may be the closest thing to a scat back you see in the draft after Vargas.
GregMastin And their hands are, well, okay.
newdawg What might that be, Greg?
DP mid rounds i take it?
GregMastin Yeah, mid rounds, second day, 4-5 round probably, maybe later. Sultan McCullough had a good day today and he could figure in.
Guest293 is it safe to say the browns will take either a corner, linebacker or o-lineman in the first
GregMastin That's a good bet 293
DP Thanks
DawgHowl who do the browns like at 21?
GregMastin Let's see, at 21...I think you are all familiar with the suspects...Woolfolk or Weathersby, Harris, Steinbach, Pierce, Henderson and Bailey.
newdawg I just hope we don't take a wr in the 2nd.
chuckwildcats hey greg what would you think of this for the browns first three picks?first round steinbach T or G second roundT keil cb texas A&M and coloin cole DT Iowa.
Guest30 Davis wanted to field a competitive team in 2002. That is what was needed
Guest67 Not at the prices Davis paid.
Guest293 greg is bailey the first lb to go?
Guest293 and do the browns like him
Guest30 An expansion team pays above the market value. Hopefully we are not an expansion team any more.
newdawg Bailey was impossibly fast at his pro day.
laxplaya7137 Greg, do you see the Browns trading up to get a higher draft pick? If so, what kind of trade would we see?
Guest67 Then Butch shouldn't try to put the blame all on Palmer/Clark. He paid just as crazily.
Guest30 Greg, how good is the guy named Hunter OT Hawaii, could he be a 21st pick?
howldawg any chance kwame harris could fall that far?
laxplaya7137 I heard Boss ran on a rubber surface during his pro day, which would explain his 40 time
DawgHowl please fall to us Harris! lol
DP no way Harris falls, that would be a gift
GregMastin I think that one of the top three tackles could slip to #21, especially if Houston passes.
newdawg would it explain his vertical jump? (not being smart. just asking).
GregMastin It would be a surprise, but I could see it happening.
howldawg thanks
Guest67 Gregm-How good is this OT Hunter from Hawaii? Has he moved into the first round?
Guest293 do u think the browns could get one of the tackles from georgia in the second or maybe faine from notre dame
CP sorry guys, I had to lock it down
GregMastin He is borderline first round from an overall standpoint. But if you need a left tackle, why not? Everybody ripped the Levi Jones pick as being too early, but he was solid and looks to be that way for a while.
CP too many questions from too many different angles
CP send me a message to get in line
GregMastin Hello playa
CP please try and have your questions typed out before you get voice so that we can keep this moving along
laxplaya7137 laxplaya7137 Greg, do you see the Browns trading up to get a higher draft pick? If so, what kind of trade would we see?
CP if you want in line after laxplaya, send me a private message
CP that can be done most easily by doubleclicking on my name at the right
GregMastin Well if the Browns wanted to trade up, they probably could. The cost might be too high in terms of draft picks though.
GregMastin To get into the top ten would start at the #2 probably and more besides.
CP how many spots up could Kevin Johnson and the #21 get us :-)
laxplaya7137 do you think trading #21 plus KJ would get them around #12?
CP sorry lax, I completely stole your thunder!
laxplaya7137 lol we had the exact same question
GregMastin Well the Jets might bite at #13 if the lose Coles and can't replace him.
CP great minds think alike ;-)
laxplaya7137 yea that would make the most sense
GregMastin One of the tackles should be there and Trufant MIGHT be there, although it would be iffy.
laxplaya7137 ok thanks a lot greg
GregMastin thank you
CP thanks lax, onto guest293\
CP if you want in line, feel free to PM me
GregMastin hello again 293
Guest293 hey with your educated guess who will the browns get with the first 3 picks
GregMastin Either Woolfolk or Pierce in Rd 1, I think Weathersby may go ahead of them
GregMastin Second round could be Chaun Thompson, and one of the Georgia tackles or Pashos
CP after g293, we have whoknowsmore and DawgHowl...
GregMastin Perhaps Haggan in Rd 3, a tackle or pass rusher. I haven't mocked that deep yet.
CP anything else g293?
Guest293 not at the moment thanks
CP ok, thanks 293
GregMastin thanks
CP I have a quick question... Jason Witten, like him?
CP meaning, is he a dominant TE type of pick, or is he another Anthony Becht?
CP (IE, someone who is just there ;-))
GregMastin Witten's a good football player, he's not overly fast, but he can catch the ball and is a solid blocker. First rounder? No.
CP is he the best TE in the draft?
GregMastin He's not the best receiver, and he's not the best blocker, but he may be the best combination of the two. How's that?
CP that works for me, I'll give whoknowsmore a chance
whoknowsmore lax already asked about trading up. How about trading down with Oakland or NOLA? What would we have to give for a couple of late picks in round one?
GregMastin I doubt you would get both of the Raiders picks to move up to #21. Might get a third and a second day pick offered for it.
whoknowsmore When do you think the talent of this year draft really starts to drop off?
whoknowsmore What round?
GregMastin Pretty good depth this year, Solid through round two.
whoknowsmore That is it for me, thanks.
GregMastin As far as solid starters from day one go, anyway.
GregMastin thanks
CP anyone else who wants in line, PM me
DawgHowl Hi Greg... what are ur thoughts about George Foster and Brett Williams? is Foster worthy of a look at 21? also what LBs and CBs do you see being available in rounds 2 and 3 for the browns?
GregMastin Too early for Foster because he still hasn't fully recovered from the wrist injury. It could cause him to slip a bit. If they wanted to use a second round pick on one, they could probably find at least one available.
GregMastin LB's Gerald Hayes, Kawika Mitchell, Chaun Thompson, a lot because there is a dropoff after the first 5-6.
GregMastin CB's Sammy Davis, Drayton Florence, Eugene Wilson all would be solid second round picks.
DawgHowl sounds more question of the top 3 OLmen who is most likely to fall to the browns?
GregMastin Tough call....if I have anyone sliding its Harris, but not because there is anything wrong with him. What's odd is the teams most likely to take a lineman early are looking more at right tackle or guard than left tackle.
GregMastin the exception being Houston
GregMastin pending Boselli's health
DawgHowl interesting Harris falling would be great...thanx thats all I have
CP thanks DH
GregMastin thanks
CP howldawg is next
howldawg whats your opinion of boss bailey ,some seem concerned by his tackling style. Does he seem like a sure thing?
GregMastin He's no sure thing, he's very athletic which is in vogue in the league right now. He will overrun plays and free-lance. He needs to be in a system that keeps him protected and allows him to chase.
GregMastin His size shouldn't really be an issue though, if he is used properly.
howldawg also what does losing spikes do to cinci's draft what will they do early in the draft now?
GregMastin Well Spikes was replaced by Kevin Hardy, so it won't affect their draft at all. They still want to trade down, and given their silence last year on Levi Jones I find the fact they won't mention Terrell Suggs at all very interesting.
GregMastin at least not publicly
howldawg thank you for your time
CP Suggs and Smith would be a pretty solid combination...
GregMastin thanks howldawg
CP thanks hd, DP is next
GregMastin Hello DP
DP hey
DP thanks for taking my question, Cie Grant....NFL Safety or Speed Linebacker
GregMastin Depends on who takes him, I can see different teams viewing him one way and the other. He probably would be more comfortable at linebacker, but since he probably would be chasing kick returners early in his career he does have time to develop if he has the ball skills to defend the pass down the field.
DP ok.. Browns
DP safety/linebacker
GregMastin special teams
DP thanks
DP that's all
GregMastin thanks
DP ok
CP thanks DP, guest49 is next, followed by Nebraska
Guest49 Hi Greg, with all the browns veteran losses on defense is D a bigger need than o line early in the draft for the browns
GregMastin Yes, but you don't reach too far. There are no great linebackers in the draft and the great cornerback prospects are two deep. If one of the top linemen is there at 21 you take him. Linebackers and corners will be there later, and the dropoff isn't that great.
Guest49 Ok and one last question... Terrell Suggs, Defensive end or linebacker at the next level thanks
Guest49 that is all
CP thanks g49
GregMastin Suggs, DE in a 4-3, LB in a 3-4, but I think better as a DE. His game is up the field not moving backwards. The learning curve would be greater there.
CP before Nebraska jumps in, I'd like to pose a quick question about the FS spot... could the guy from USC possibly fit there for the Browns... he had an impressive 40 time today
GregMastin You talking Polamalu?
CP yeah
CP I read that his time was in the 4.34-4.37 range
GregMastin I like Polamalu, he isn't the biggest guy in the world, but he's a player. If he is there in Rd 2 it would be a steal.
CP good fit at FS?
GregMastin The guy knows how to diagnose a play and lay into the ballcarrier.
GregMastin hmm free safety maybe not as well, my fault for not reading. He won't be a great coverage guy initially although I think he can do it.
CP ok, thanks ... onto Nebraska
GregMastin hello Nebraska
Nebraska Hey Greg, thanks for the time tonight...Where do you see Willis McGahee going in the draft? Any chance the Browns take a flier on him? And, what about Teyo Johnson? Do you see him as a TE or a WR with David Boston size?
CP I think Nebraska has a thing for McGahee ;-) he always asks about him
CP anyone else want in line? send me a message
Nebraska CP......He will be the best player coming out of this draft IMO....
GregMastin McGahee is a real wild-card. I could see the Raiders taking a flier on him in Round One, its a classic Al Davis move. I don't think he makes it to Round three. If he does he won't last very long with Houston and Detroit sitting there.
GregMastin Teyo Johnson will have the word 'intriguing' folowing him around. He is a classic H back type, but he has incredible size. Probably fits a Shannon Sharpe type of player. Won't block for you but can catch the ball. He needs to run well, though, under 4.7
Nebraska Thanks for your time again the way, have you ever seen a grown man naked? (Excuse the Airplane! reference)
Nebraska I'm done....
GregMastin every day in the shower
CP thanks nebraska
GregMastin thanks
CP say Butch trades KJ at some point before/during the first round of the draft
CP who could be our token #2 WR pick :_)
CP :-)
GregMastin Kareem Kelly ran very well today, Ty Calico, Kevin Curtis, Brandon Lloyd
GregMastin Doug Gabriel or Bryant Johnson would be more possession type receivers.
CP one of the chatters also wanted to know about Ken Dorsey... is he really as bad as the media is making him out to be?
GregMastin Probably not, I think he had a case of nerves at the combine, but intangibles only get you so far, you have to have accuracy and arm strength. He is only average at both. Probably late 5 on back.
CP on Dorsey, I'd say if he is available when the Browns pick in round 6, he's wearing an orange helmet next year... just my opinion
CP another chatter wanted to know about Matt Wilhelm... I guess they want to know what you think he will become in the NFL
GregMastin Wilhelm is a decent player, he has good size and will get a shot. He probably will go second day. Probably not a starter at the next level.
CP ok, akrondawg is up
GregMastin No Zips will get drafted....
GregMastin ;)
akrondawg ok with the pat's signing colvin and harrison lately with the 2 first round picks they have would they be looking to trade up to grab one of the top two WR's?
GregMastin I suppose they could, I would think they grab a big defensive lineman to put next to Seymour, and maybe another linebacker because they want to play some 3-4 and they have a bunch of older guys out there.
CP anything else akron?
GregMastin Moving up to get the WR's would mean top six at least, probably. Maybe top three.
akrondawg nope thats it. i just thought about it for a second . yeah i know. not worth it but a man can dream right hehe. thanks Greg
CP thanks akron
Gridiron Greg, please give us a quick profile and rd projection for Shurron Pierson and Kawika Mitchell
GregMastin I have a friend who is from Michigan who has been telling me about Rogers since High School.
GregMastin Pierson reminds me of a Rosie Colvin type, linebacker size, end pass rushing skills. Probably a second day pick, but pass rushers go quickly.
GregMastin Mitchell, real big, a hitter. Not as tall as you would like, but there are plenty of short middle linebackers. 4th to 5th round.
Gridiron Greg, what 4-6 rd DTs do you think could make it? Lee from Oregon St?
GregMastin Hard to say anyone at that level is going to make it. Lee certainly has the size you look for in a tackle. Dan Klecko is getting a lot of press, too and he will probably go in that area.
Gridiron Where do you have R. Mathis rated, 3 CB, 4 CB, or do you see him as a FS?
GregMastin Mathis was a real ballhawk as a free safety. I would be careful about drafting him and expecting him to make a quick transition to cornerback. I would probably say FS as his best position until I see him play with his back to the ball in game situations.
Gridiron Thats all. Thanks.
GregMastin thanks gridiron
CP thanks gridiron
CP ok, well what I'm going to do is open up the floor, since it appears that everyone each has a question or two now
GregMastin I'll answer what I can...don't be offended if I miss you
CP we'll let Greg pick and choose which questions he answers, and if he doesn't answer your question, don't get mad... I'm sure Greg will be back to answer some more
petedogg51 what about boss bailey is he going to be gone before the browns pick
Guest325 Greg, do you think OL or LB is the biggest problem area for the browns
howldawg kenny peterson, mike doss how good will they be at the pro level in your opinion & who will take them,what pick?
GregMastin Bailey...gone, LB because they don't have any, really. Peterson, 15-25 range, could go NE, NO, NYJ, NYG
DawgHowl Greg: Terry Pierce...did his stock drop because of his slow 40 time?
jmazzulo920 Greg, do you think the browns will have any interest in troy polamalu, just ran a 4.3 40 today, and was a very impressive at USC
GregMastin Pierce is still a borderline 1st round pick. Polamalu I like, I think whoever gets him will be getting a good player.
Guest49 Want to come back to the issue of quarterback for a second, do you see the browns trading either Holcomb or Couch, and what sort of value do you suppose they could get for them
GregMastin QB Trade, prob not, best player at #21, non-QB, probably a DT like Peterson or Sullivan
GregMastin Sammie Davis, mid-second round, he could be there, after the top 4-5 its a crapshoot at corner.
chuckwildcats what round do think nelson from Iowa?
Guest30 Who is the best player at the 21st pick?
petedogg51 who do you think will get larry johnson do you think he will be good in the nfl
md87ravens what was that for?
newdawg will Foster be there when the browns pick in round 2?
CP this is a draft chat, not a rat-turd self love fest
CP feel free to ask who the ravens will draft
GregMastin LJohnson, slipping, early second round if he gets past the first 5 in the second rd, he could drop farther than he ever thought.
Guest106 Who would be your choice at #21
GregMastin Probably Weathersby, if he were gone, I might eyeball a DE to light a roman candle under CB's ass.
petedogg51 you think Johnson has a good career in the nfl
DawgHowl is weathersby gonna be a good pro or a bust?
GregMastin I'm not big on paying any of the LB's first round money. A few will get taken, but nothing exciting.
Guest9 Where do you see D.White from Louisville being selected? Also, can you see the Browns taking a DE?
GregMastin Johnson has a nice skill set, he can catch and as long as he avoids the PSU curse should be fine.
Guest30 I would like your thoughts about taking Hunter with the 21st pick? or at 32?""
GregMastin Weathersby I'm not sold on, he plays slower than he times, he's moved up based on his athleticism.
DawgHowl thats what I thought, im not sold on him either
chuckwildcats so if you were davis trade don for two 2 round picks?
GregMastin White is a good pass rusher, early to mid second rounder. I can see the Browns taking an End if the right situation is there.
newdawg will Foster be there when the browns pick in round 2?
GregMastin Hunter at #21 is not terrible, a reach, but if he's your LT for the next 8 yrs, then who cares?
CP sigh... will never get it...
GregMastin Foster could be there if enough teams downgrade him due to injury.
Guest30 Thanks Greg
Guest30 If the Browns go LT with the first round, who do they go for with the second choice?
GregMastin probably the best defensive player they could get their hands on. DB or LB
petedogg51 what do you think the browns main priority is in the first 2 rounds
GregMastin Speedy defenders first, but OL may fit because of the value factor. Linemen tend to stick and play for years, good investment.
Guest30 What is your take on Courtney Brown?
Gridiron Chaun Thompson or Drayton Florence, if OL in 1st
Guest325 Can anoyone else foresee a mid round run for the Browns like last years draft
Guest325 on LBs
Guest106 If cb in first, then whats your second and third rounders?
GregMastin LB, then OT or S
GregMastin a DE if the right guy slips
petedogg51 what about tight end do you think there could be a difference maker in the second round
GregMastin Sure, Whitten, Clark, R. Johnson all are second rounders
GregMastin How much cap room do the Browns have? $50
DawgHowl lol
Guest30 1.5 million]\
chuckwildcats what about L diamomd TE what round?
Guest325 Greg are there any FBs that the browns might look at
Gridiron Visanthe Shiancoe, Morgan St, is he more of a H-Back or true TE?
GregMastin TE is tough because teams are looking for different things. Some looking for blockers, some receivers. I've found TE to be the toughest to predict. Guessing 4-5 round.
rabidbrown Is Donnie Nickie anything more than special teams and backup S.?
GregMastin OK, now you guys are going to TFY and picking names off the bottom of his lists, right?
petedogg51 how far will woolfork drop
Gridiron no
chuckwildcats hey greg what rounds for louisville S ?
GregMastin Probably not too far, corners usually don't slide. Probably still first round or early second.
Guest49 Speaking of H-Backs, do you see the browns possibly taking a blocking FB in the draft and what are some names there you like
laxplaya7137 Greg, what is the scoop on Bradie James? He seems like a good LB for Cleveland to take if he comes around to their pick in the 2nd round. What are your thoughts?
GregMastin I really like BJ Askew, he's from my neck of the woods and is solid at just about everything. Can carry, can catch, willing blocker, good in the lockerroom
frost hehe. How about Victor Hobson?
GregMastin James' stock seems to be plummeting, he may last to the third round pick.
Gridiron Greg, you had the Browns taking Woolfolk in your mock IIRC. Would you still project that or change it and to whom?
laxplaya7137 What has caused James's stock to plummet?
petedogg51 how many qbs will be taken in the first round
GregMastin I'll take a stab at 4 QB's.
DawgHowl thoughts on Terrence Holt?
GregMastin Still Woolfolk, only because I have Weathersby going earlier. Maybe Pierce. I haven't had time to do a recent mock, and with free agency changing things daily, it isn't easy to stay current.
frost No thoughts on Hobson?
GregMastin Hobson can play. Third round to Fourth round
Guest30 Greg are there going to be good guards in the fourth and fifth round?
Gridiron Rien Long? If someone takes him in the 1st, they are making a misktake IMO.
GregMastin Long is weird. Looked terrible at the combine by most accounts. But on film he does the job.
petedogg51 thanks for answering my questions i am out
Guest30 Hobson plays what position?
GregMastin OLB
Guest30 thanks
GregMastin but has the size to move inside
laxplaya7137 Greg, do you see Mike Doss as an impact player in the NFL? Where do you see him going in the draft.
frost But not as fast as some would like, from what I understand, re Hobson
Guest325 even before the draft
GregMastin Impact player as in Roy Williams? Maybe not, but I think he, like Polamalu has his limitations, but is a player. I wouldn't balk at taking him in the late first round or early second round.
GregMastin let me catch up here
Guest325 Greg, in your opinion is the team the Browns will field in 2003as talented as the team this upcoming season
GregMastin Browns as talented, right now? No, but they have holes they will fill. I think its a mistake to invite a quarterback competition, though. If it gets mishandled it can be a disaster.
Guest30 Greg, what is your feel for Tebucky Jones S/CB new England?
GregMastin Jones will get plenty of action when the tag gets removed. Arizona and Minnesota both still have tons of cap room and DB needs. They will probably fight over him. Minnesota doesn't seem to interested in spending the dollars though.
GregMastin Still stunned at what the Falcons gave Corey Hall. Yikes!!
Guest49 Thanks Greg I'm out
newdawg the grass is always greener on the other side.
GregMastin true enough, especially at 2.5 per
Guest30 Is there any play or interest in Jamir Miller ?
GregMastin A little, but he is facing a thick LB market. Peterson just signed with the Jags and Colvin with the Pats, so interest may increase soon for him.
chuckwildcats what round for a groom? And the first punter?
GregMastin Probably no better than 5th, but usually once the first team breaks the ice on a K or P, then teams panic if they want one.
Guest30 Would you take Groom in the fifth?
GregMastin If I needed a kicker, taking one in the fifth isn't a bad round to do it.
Guest158 Greg, how long would you go with the huge cap hits of Couch, Brown, and Warren before making a change?
GregMastin 158, you keep them until you can't have them anymore. Warren deserves more time, definitely. Brown one more year before you consider making him a June 1. Couch, don't know the numbers, but he better step up.
Guest30 Greg do you see this as a solid draft through the fourth round
Guest30 Any good guys in the early fifth round?
chuckwildcats what about breedlove G from georgia?
GregMastin I haven't really mocked this out that far yet, there is good depth at certain postions, guard is one of them from late 2 on back.
Guest30 Greg where is your mock draft?
Guest30 and site?
GregMastin On my work computer. lol. I haven't had time to post it with all the stuff I am doing for Bernie's Insiders and other things. It will be in the magazine.
Gridiron 30, Greg posted on on the BengalsInsiders site.
Gridiron one
GregMastin If you can stomach trolling with the unwashed, I put something up on the bengals insiders page at the end of February.
doggyballs I haven't washed myself in months.
Guest30 I browsed that earlier today, did not see it, I guess I will have to look harder
Gridiron It's there.
Guest30 Thanks Grid
CP well, Greg has been gracious enough to give us an hour and a half of his time, and he is very free to continue to do so, but I think now is a good time to end the official chat... thank you Greg for being such a great guest and for answering everything that has been thrown at you
DawgHowl Greg: so who is ur favorite team?
Guest30 Thanks Greg
Gridiron Thanks Greg.
laxplaya7137 thanks alot greg
CP I'm sure we can get Greg back in here again before the draft, but we'll see how that works :-)
newdawg Greg, do you think Tory James is a worthy starter. I mean besides compared to Burris?
GregMastin np, thanks guys.
CP be sure to check out Greg's work for the Insiders, both online and in the magazine
GregMastin Yeah, James is a starter. He did a good job in Oakland last year.
Guest325 thank you Greg and CP

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